So right off the bat I love Don’t Starve, and I’m from the Caribbean. Naturally I jumped for joy when the Ship Wrecked expansion came out! Caz omg it’s like a Caribbean Don’t Starve! How could I not like it right?

Anyway me and my friends play Don’t Starve Together all time (Totally waiting and hoping the Shipwrecked expansion comes to DST) and when they released the Shipwrecked crockpot menu I just thought man it would be cool if they actually had some Caribbean food that we eat down here. I also really enjoyed Warly because he actually looks like he’s from the islands! So i thought what if he had, certain dishes that only he could make with his special crockpot… like he’s the restaurant owner of the Don’t Starve world, anyway before I go blabbering on

So heres some Don’t Starve Shipwrecked food fan art! lol

Thanks to the amazing @jeffagala  and Klei for this game and the art style I just love. 

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