Meet Jeff Wright, a gifted balloon artist and (clearly) a huge fan of the Toy Story series. Jeff created this awesome Buzz Lightyear costume using nothing but an untold number of carefully interwoven balloons.

Click here to watch a brief video of Jeff modeling his suit while impersonating Buzz Lightyear

Jeff and his wife Rachel are moving to Bolivia to serve as volunteers at the Life Center Orphanage in the city of Cochabamba, where they’ll no doubt be entertain the children with awesome balloon creations like this. Visit their website to learn more about their charitable efforts.

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Day 9 of the OTP Challenge: Hanging Out with Friends

errr… right, “friends”

drawing toby in tim’s jacket with a beanie on was probably the best idea i’ve had since kindergarten. what a cutie patootie

also here’s the text in the 3rd panel if you cant read it:

What the fuck did you just fucking say, you little bitch? Listen up, white ass motherfucker, you ever talk to my boy like that again I will choke you with your own nasty ass weave. I will stomp you into the goddamn dirt and set your ass on fire, mark my fucking words you pile of horse shit. You are so dead I SWEAR TO GOD you best keep your triflin self away from my CINNAMON BUN or you gonna get DECKED IN THE FACE.

Behold the inflatable wonder that is Balloon Mario riding Balloon Yoshi. When is Nintendo going to make a Super Mario Bros. game that looks like this?

Remember that awesome Balloon Buzz Lightyear costume we posted about back in May? It was created and modeled by a gifted balloon-twisting artist name Jeff Wright. We just discovered that Jeff made this playful costume too. We are officially impressed.

The only thing missing is a balloon Koopa Troopa shell for Balloon Mario and Yoshi to kick around. That is, assuming Balloon Mario wouldn’t pop himself in the process.

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FXR by Jeff Wright, Church Of Choppers….. I mean WOW!!