HERES A MARBLE HORNETS VIDEO!! its been too long since i drew marble hornets stuffs so i figured..Its Time…

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*stamps foot* I don't want Jem and the Holograms to end! I wanna see Dance, Video, Astral, Jeff, Wright, Sean Harrison, Graphix, Shade, Countess DuVoisin and the Mongrels. I wanna see more of Rama and Mads and Lin-Z and the Starlight Girls, and I wanna know what the Fox's deal is! I mean, yeah, we've got the Infinity Crossover and that's cool but how's that gonna pick up the slack? :(

Sorry. Certainly if I had my way I’d keep writing the ongoing until just this side of forever. That said, I’m very excited about the boundaries we’re pushing on the mini-series and the storylines it’s going to open up for us in the crossover and in the future. ;D


Self Defence or Evil?
Susan Wright

On the 13th of January 2003 in Houston, Texas, former topless dancer Susan Wright lured her husband Jeff Wright in to their bedroom. Once inside she tied him up and stabbed him 193 times, Susan buried the body in her back garden but before handing herself in on the 24th of that month she painted their room and filed a domestic abuse claim. 

At trial in 2004, Susan Wright’s defence was claiming that Jeff Wright came back from a cocaine binge and started to become violent and punched their young son. Whereas the prosecution described Wright as a manipulative woman who lured her husband to his death to claim his $200,000 life insurance policy. 

Susan Wright was found guilty of murder in 2004 and sentenced to 25 years in prison. A retrial in 2010 saw another ex parter of Jeff’s claim he was also abusive to her. Susan Wright’s sentence was cut to 20 years, making her parole eligible from 2014.


FXR by Jeff Wright, Church Of Choppers….. I mean WOW!!