Tachyon at the ALA

Jill Roberts and Kelley Armstrong (photo: Jacob Weisman)

The annual American Library Association conference was in San Francisco, June 25-30. While Tachyon didn’t have their own table (the Legato Publishers Group exhibited several of the recent publications), it didn’t stop publisher Jacob Weisman and managing editor Jill Roberts from enjoying the festivities.

Jacob Weisman, Jill Roberts, and Legato President Jeff Tegge (photo: Rina Weisman)

For more information on LED ASTRAY: THE VERY BEST OF KELLEY ARMSTRONG, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover by Elizabeth Story.

For more information on THE ESSENTIAL W. P. KINSELLA, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover art by Thomas Canty.

Cover design by Elizabeth Story.

For more information on THE VERY BEST OF KATE ELLIOTT, visit the Tachyon page.

Cover art by Julie Dillon.

Design by Elizabeth Story.


Leaked October Marvel Titles that’ll start after Secret Wars (full list here)

Hawkeye #1
W: Jeff Lemire A: Ramon Perez
“Hawkeye vs. Hawkeye”

New Avengers #1
W: Al Ewing A: Gerardo Sandoval
“Avengers Idea Mechanics. We A.I.M. To Help.”
The lineup looks to include Songbird, Hawkeye, Wiccan, Hulkling, Squirrel Girl and Sunspot.

A-Force #1
W: G. Willow Wilson CA: Victor Ibanez
“A-Force to be reckoned with…”

Ultimates #1
W: Al Ewing A: Kenneth Rocafort
“Ultimate problems need Ultimate solutions.”
Roster looks to include Black Panther, Spectrum, Blue Marvel, Miss America and Captain Marvel, as well as Galactus