It's Sad

It is sad how people like me don’t get many asks. What I am, a blog on Tumblr that posts many different things of my own interests. The thing is I’m not a fictional character or some famous YouTuber, or anyone popular in general. To be honest I don’t want to be. I just want to have fun and someone to talk to. Now one can never say I don’t do asks as a fictional character occasionally. I roleplay and opened up the opportunity plenty of times, tagged the posts, and even was prepared to do cosplay gifs. Still though I didn’t get anything. Maybe because of my URL now. I didn’t like the attention I was getting as an Ask Jeff the Killer blog. The anon hate didn’t bother me, but what did was the annoying fangirls that wouldn’t leave me alone. No Jeff doesn’t want to date you! No Jeffrey doesn’t want to kill you because he doesn’t exist!~

When I, or other tumblr users, reblog something for our followers to ask questions, whether you follow us or not and you see it, feel free to ask us. We are obviously looking for some social interaction besides reblogging.

The fact that I still get no messages at this point proves follower count is nothing. Some people with only 100 followers get more questions then me someone almost at 3000. 3000 people who don’t bother asking and seem to only care about what I reblog and leave when I post something they don’t like. It’s stupid how Tumblr has always been this way. When I first joined I wanted to make new friends and actually talk to people. I do send messages myself to some people. Some friendly conversation, some asks, even anons. Yet rarely do I ever get anything in return.

Thank you anyone who took the time to read this and please reblog to spread the word. Regular blogs need asks too!