Facts people tend to forget about in the creepypasta fandom

1. Slenderman is featured in many creepypastas but is not an actual creepypasta himself

2. Slenderman and The Operator are two different beings

3. The creator of Ticci Toby asked that Toby only be shipped with his canon girlfriend, Clockwork

4. Masky and Hoody are not creepypasta, they belong to the youtube series ‘Marble Hornets’


6. Jane the killer does not have a crush on Jeff the killer, nor are they in any type of relationship. Jane’s goal is to kill Jeff

7. There is no ‘creepypasta mansion’ or 'slenderman’s house’ in any canon of the more popular creepypasta

8. Many authors of famous pastas have either abandoned the fandom or let the internet take their characters because of how many people obsess over and misrepresent their characters (ex: the author of eyeless jack removed the story from the wiki and said there are much better things you could be reading)

9. Respect others opinions. With thousands of stories, both original and spin-offs, people have different opinions on all of them. (This goes for shipping as well, not everyone in this fandom ships pastas with other pastas)

10. THERE ARE MORE STORIES BESIDES JEFF THE KILLER. Read some and make some, keep the fandom circulating!

Normal people vs.Creepypasta Fans

Normal people:FOR PETE’S SAKE!

Creepypasta Fans:FOR ZALGO’S SAKE!

Normal people:SHUT UP!!

Creepypasta Fans:STOP BEING A TOBY!!

Normal people:Scream HELP when being chased.

Creepypasta Fans:Scream JEFF!!WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?

Normal people:Just turn off the the game if it glitches

Creepypasta Fans:Tell BEN to stop Fucking around with the game.

Normal people:Organs are gross!

Creepypasta Fans:JACK!!I got a kidney for you!

Normal people:Could you please stop giving orders?

Creepypasta Fans:STOP!being a Slendy!Please!I beg you!!

Normal people:Ignore this.

Creepypasta Fans:Copy and paste this onto their profile.

CreepyPastas react to FNAF

Jeff the Killer:

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Ben Drowned:

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Masky and Hoody:

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Ticci Toby: 

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