fun fact: when I was little I used to think that the only place where God couldn’t see me was behind a chair in the living room.

another fun fact: miss shadow lovely is the only person with a full nose on this page.


Normal people vs.Creepypasta Fans

Normal people:FOR PETE’S SAKE!

Creepypasta Fans:FOR ZALGO’S SAKE!

Normal people:SHUT UP!!

Creepypasta Fans:STOP BEING A TOBY!!

Normal people:Scream HELP when being chased.

Creepypasta Fans:Scream JEFF!!WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?

Normal people:Just turn off the the game if it glitches

Creepypasta Fans:Tell BEN to stop Fucking around with the game.

Normal people:Organs are gross!

Creepypasta Fans:JACK!!I got a kidney for you!

Normal people:Could you please stop giving orders?

Creepypasta Fans:STOP!being a Slendy!Please!I beg you!!

Normal people:Ignore this.

Creepypasta Fans:Copy and paste this onto their profile.