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Some depressive and angsty headcanons of Liu;) ?

- Liu in no way, shape, or form hates Jeff. He actually blames himself for Jeff becoming a killer and the death of his family. Liu was the one to see the signs and he did nothing about it.

- Liu is not a killer. He was admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital for several suicide attempt.

- Liu is permanently in a wheelchair. He paralyzed himself from the waste down in a suicide attempt gone wrong. He jumped off the top of a building injured part of his spine.

(Yes, I’ve decided to change my AU of Liu. I decided I don’t like the “Homicidal Liu” but the tag will still say that.)

Headcanons #special

1) Jeff likes basketball and soccer

2) Liu has a crush on Jane, but she is lesbian so he doesn’t tell his feels to her

3) Ben loves astronomy

4) Toby is really good at chess

5) Clockwork hates candies, she prefers chocolate

6) Masky can ride horses very well, he also played a horse race when he was more younger

7) Hoodie has insomnia, he doesn’t sleep much

8) Ben is not that kind of evil, if you treat him good he will do the same

8) Jane is really friendly, she wants some friends again

9) Eyeless Jack doesn’t kill his victims, he only take away 1 kidney for eat

10) Sally hates being a ghost, she want to be human again

11) With the time Jeff’s sadism calmed down

12) Laughing Jack can drive

13) When you need to fix something you should ask it to Jason

14) Liu can do Beatbox very good

15) Clockwork loves science

16) Eyeless Jack used to like the literature

17) Hoodie know a bit of Russian

18) Toby hates the smell of cigarettes’s smoke

19) Live at the mansion: Jeff,Ben,Jane,Liu,Clockwork, Lj, Ej, Masky,Hoodie,Toby,Jason,Bloody Painter,Judge Angels, Nurse Ann

Live at other dimensions: Slenderman,Offenderman,Splendorman,Trenderman,Laughing Jill,Candy Pop,Lazari,Puppeteer,Lulu and Hobo Heart

Lives in the woods or victims homes: Nina the killer,Nathan the nobody, Zero and Nick Vanill

Finish! Hope you liked them!


Do you guys want to see my sort of “AU” for all the characters? Like, descriptions about their back stories, some “facts” about them, and how they are now? Let me know!

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