VARIETY ARTS / SCENE ONE - 432 Hudson Street - 1979

This was one of the first Variety Shows I produced back in 1979. It featured legendary magician Jeff Sheridan, hysterical street vent David Strassman, Mark Stolzenberg (the clown from Brooklyn - he was one of the first really from Brooklyn) and myself performing as MC and doing a few of my mime routines.

We had a packed house at Scene One and I ended up producing quite a few more shows under the “Hudson Street Studio” banner.

212: Talking Trash with Steve Trash

MAGIC Magazine cover boy, Steve Trash, has been my guest in a previous podcast here on The Magic Word. In this podcast, Steve is recorded as he pontificates and waxes eloquent about street magic, character development, and more. He has a lot to say and he says a lot during our chat. This is not “trash talking” in the sports analogy vernacular, but this is Steve Trash doing all the talking and I did most of the listening. Hence, Talking (Steve) Trash..

He was performing in Houston along with Robert Livingston and he stopped by my home to chat and have a martini or two. After asking a couple of questions, I just sat back and listened and learned. It was like a magic mini-lecture…well, maybe not so “mini” as he talked for nearly an hour and a half. Or at least that’s all I recorded. There was more before I turned on the recording device. I think this may become one of my more favorite podcasts. Let me know what you think.

Please take a seat, relax, and feel as if you are with us, enjoying a martini and the smooth jazz in the background as we talk about the early history of street magic in New York City (well, in the 1970’s), the importance of pauses, performing “jazz” magic, reading the crowd, dealing with hecklers, knowing who you are on stage (your performing persona), and much more.

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PA court decision clears path for corporate takeover of York schools

The citizens of York, Pennsylvania don’t want it!

The city’s elected school board voted against it!

And Pennsylvania’s new incoming Governor doesn’t support it!

However, outgoing Governor Tom Corbett is still moving forward with plans to initiate a corporate takeover of all of York’s public schools. Read, share, spread the word. Read more at Education Votes!


Sheridan Course in Card Manipulation

Seriously man, card manipulation is sexy.