Man Kills Entire Family - The Story of the Powell’s.

At first, the entire Powell family — Susan, Josh Powell, and their sons Charlie and Braden (ages 4 and 2) — were reported missing on Monday, December 7, 2009. The police broke into the home, fearing that they might be victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. They found no one inside.
Later that day, at about 5 pm, Josh Powell returned home with the two children but without Susan. He asserted that he left his sleeping wife at their home at about 12:30 am on December 7, to take the children on a camping trip on that snowy night to Simpson Springs Campground in western Utah. Susan Powell did not show up at her job at Wells Fargo Financial on December 7; her purse, cell phone, and car all were left behind at home; and she never contacted the police or anyone else.

Police and neighbors labeled Susan’s disappearance “suspicious” and authorities began investigating. Authorities searched the Powell home on December 9, Among the findings during the investigation were traces of Susan’s blood on the floor of the home, life insurance policies on Susan for US$1.5 million, and a handwritten letter from Susan describing a turbulent marriage and expressing that she feared for her life.

Police interviewed Josh Powell and their 4-year-old son, Charlie. The child confirmed that the camping trip Josh described took place;however, unlike his father he stated that Susan had gone with them and she did not return. Weeks after her disappearance, a teacher reported that Charlie said his mother was dead.The parents of Susan Powell said that while at daycare several months after Susan’s disappearance, Braden drew a picture of a van with three people in it, and told caregivers that “Mommy was in the trunk.”

West Valley City Police Captain Tom McLachlan initially told the media that authorities planned to re-question Josh Powell. By December 24, the police considered Josh Powell to be a person of interest in the investigation. On December 14, Josh Powell retained an attorney in connection with the investigation, and police said that he grew increasingly uncooperative with the investigation.

In late 2010, Josh and Steven Powell claimed that Susan had abandoned her family due to mental illness, and also that she had left with another man. Susan’s family rejected these claims as being unsupported by any evidence.

By the end of September 2011, West Valley City had spent more than half a million dollars on the case. On September 28, 2011, Mayor Mike Winder indicated that he felt that the case was worth the expense. He said that “we feel that we are getting to that tipping point where we have more hot evidence than we have had in the past two years” and that the case was moving forward.

On February 5, 2012, a social worker called 911 after bringing Braden and Charlie Powell to a supervised visit at their father’s house in Graham, Washington. The woman, who was supposed to monitor the visit between Josh Powell and his children, said he grabbed the children and would not let her in the door. Soon thereafter, the house exploded, killing Josh and the two children. Local authorities treated the case as a double murder-suicide,saying that the act appeared to have been deliberate. The official cause of death for Josh and the two boys was determined to be carbon monoxide poisoning, though the coroner also noted that both children had significant chopping injuries on the head and neck. A hatchet was recovered near Josh’s body, indicating that he had attacked the boys with it before being overwhelmed by smoke and fumes. The fire investigation also found two five-gallon cans of gasoline on the premises, as well as evidence that gasoline had been spread throughout the house. Friends and relatives of Josh Powell told authorities that he had contacted them by email minutes before the incident to say “goodbye”. Some of them, including his pastor, received instructions on finding his money and shutting off his utilities. Records also showed that Josh had withdrawn $7,000 from his bank account and had donated his children’s toys and books to local charities the day before the incident.

My Paragraph of Fame in the Latest TAPE OP

I’m super excited to see this little blurb  I sent in actually get printed in this month’s tape op! Their interview with Jeff Powell [producer of Big Star, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, many others] was really touching & struck a loud chord with my own views & mantras on the art of making records, making a blatant point that the only thing that really matters is the artist & the song. Cheers Jeff & TapeOp! 

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Jeff Powell is Helping Military Veterans Start Their Own Business

Jeff Powell is Helping Military Veterans Start Their Own Business

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Jeff Powell and his book that helps Military veterans start a business

What would you do if you were disabled and then honorably discharged from the Military? Would you take a bow, graciously acknowledge you’ve served your country, completed your Tour of Duty to the best of your ability, and now comfortably (or not) relax while relying on others to take care of you? (more…)

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"Yesterday's" Comic> Street Sharks V2 #3

BW’s “Yesterday’s” Comic> Street Sharks V2 #3

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The Sharks’ rave got a bit out of hand.

Street Sharks #3


Archie (August, 1996)

“Age Of Aquaria” part 3: “Smoke On The Water” WRITER: Evan Sklonick PENCILER: Nelson Ortega INKER: Jay Oliveras COLORIST: Kyle Hunter LETTERER: Jeff Powell EDITOR: Freddy Mendez-Gabrie


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#SCBDEvent: Beer Dinner .@HyattMorristown #SPON

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If you’re looking for a great event to attend this Fall where you can enjoy some great food and Troegs beer.The Troegs Beer Dinner at the Morristown Hyatt on September 22nd is the way to go! They will be serving up a delicious 4 course meal with beer pairings for a perfect balance! Why have a night in when you can have a wonderful night out!

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For more information on this event follow the link…

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Jeff Powell World Cup pahlawan: No 7 - BOBBY CHARLTON
Mengherankan, Brasil 2014 menjadi Piala Dunia 12 ditutupi oleh Jeff Powell taranya. Inilah upeti untuk ketujuh terbesar pemain yang telah bermain permainan yang indah di panggung global… Inggris Bobby Charlton. Sir Bobby Charlton telah dijelaskan oleh lawan ikon dan teman sekarang seumur hidup dengan siapa ia diperebutkan salah satu paling dongeng persaingan dalam sejarah Piala Dunia, Franz Beckenbuaer, sebagai ‘berdiri dengan Pele sebagai salah satu pemain sepak bola terbesar dua generasi mereka.’ Legenda Manchester United didukung bahwa penghargaan dalam kemuliaan hanya Inggris, Piala Dunia 1966 di negara ini. Mata menggembirakan Charlton berjalan pada pertahanan dari lini tengah, bahwa rambut yang mengalir dalam angin tetap lambang tak terlupakan hari terbaik dalam sejarah sepak bola negara ini. Charlton mencetak pertama dalam kelompok menang 2-0 atas Meksiko, dan kemudian dua gol di semifinal kemenangan atas Eusebio di Portugal. Profesional lengkap serta salah satu tokoh-tokoh yang paling romantis di dunia permainan, ia kemudian dikorbankan permainan sendiri di Final ketika Sir Alf Ramsey memintanya untuk menetralkan Beckenbauer. Kontribusi, meskipun kurang glamor, itu penting untuk Inggris di kemenangan 3-2 di perpanjangan waktu. Ketika ia dan Beckenbuaer bertemu lagi, pada akhir di Meksiko kuartal Piala Dunia empat tahun kemudian, substitusi Charlton ketika Inggris dua sampai diaktifkan Der Kaiser untuk mengendalikan dan mengatur 3-2 balas dendam, lagi dalam waktu ekstra. Sir Bobby tetap Inggris 49-tujuan rekor gol terbanyak. Paul Trevillion Master gerakan pameran ini diadakan di London Strand Galeri antara 18 Juni dan Juli 5
Six North Carolina Judges Have Resigned to Avoid Conducting Homosexual Weddings

Six North Carolina Judges Have Resigned to Avoid Conducting Homosexual Weddings

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God’s design for marriage contains truths that society cannot ignore without suffering serious consequences. (rkirbycom/

Since gay marriage was legalized in North Carolina on Oct. 10, at least six North Carolina judges have resigned from their benches because they do not want to go against their Christian faith and conduct wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples.


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chaoschronicler asked:

Hi Mr. Clevinger, if you don't mind me asking how do you go about writing a script for a comic? Mostly formatting or what to include in the script. I'm trying to do a month long challenge and one of my set goals was to write a script for the first chapter. If you can help me out I would deeply appreciate it.

We keep meaning to add a page to that goes into our process in detail, but for now this’ll do you good: Comic Script Basics by Nate Piekos.

Our letterer, Jeff Powell, and I worked up our own script format for Robo over the years. It was so identical to the one linked above that it was a little eerie. I think the extent of the differences were that we didn’t bother with #1, our indent for #11 was different, and we use a different font.