possibly an unpopular opinion but i actually really like jeff mauro.

like sure he can be kind of loud and obnoxious but it seems to be in a kind of harmless “embarassing dad” kind of way, which is kind of endearing. and he seems to have a good heart.

plus in all honesty for someone whose show is all about one type of food, he has a really wide breadth of cooking skill when he’s on other shows.

Confession of the day: I’m in love with a Food Network reality show contestant. And I don’t care if he has a wife and babies and stuff, because there are cold hard facts about this man which makes him a sexual dynamo in my eyes and this cannot be denied. He wears funny headbands. He looks kind of like Jimmy Fallon but TALLER. He is extremely funny and has a ridiculous voice. He’s from Chicago. HE MAKES A LIVING MAKING DELICIOUS SANDWICHES.

And I honestly don’t know what else soulmates are supposed to be made of.

  • Jeff Mauro:So how do we kill this guy before we eat him?
  • Marcela Valladolid:We could teach the lobster to drive and wait until it gets into an accident.
  • Jeff Mauro:Or ... we could hire an assassin!
  • Geoffrey Zakarian:No idiots. You boil lobsters alive.
  • Jeff Mauro:What? That doesn't sound right.
  • Geoffrey Zakarian:Yep. Until he's dead. And then we boil him some more.

jeff mauro’s existence is such a gift to geoffrey zakarian bc jeff like HAS to make sure he can vibe with anyone he’s thrown in with bc he’s still got the ‘new guy proving himself’ thing and geoffrey desperately needs to be thrown a line by someone who’s not going to just defer to him and they are honestly a weird team that somehow works ??

i know that i am the only one to blame since i’m the one at home watching food network on a friday night but this fucking HOUR LONG ad for disney cruises disguised as a “special” with a bunch of b-list fn celebs pretending to be thrilled by every little thing on this fucking boat is something no one deserves


Hungry? Whip up some Greek tacos with Food Network Star winner Jeff Mauro. Don’t forget the recipes.