Confession of the day: I’m in love with a Food Network reality show contestant. And I don’t care if he has a wife and babies and stuff, because there are cold hard facts about this man which makes him a sexual dynamo in my eyes and this cannot be denied. He wears funny headbands. He looks kind of like Jimmy Fallon but TALLER. He is extremely funny and has a ridiculous voice. He’s from Chicago. HE MAKES A LIVING MAKING DELICIOUS SANDWICHES.

And I honestly don’t know what else soulmates are supposed to be made of.

i know that i am the only one to blame since i’m the one at home watching food network on a friday night but this fucking HOUR LONG ad for disney cruises disguised as a “special” with a bunch of b-list fn celebs pretending to be thrilled by every little thing on this fucking boat is something no one deserves