Protective Daryl-

“Piss Daryl off like that? He is so loyal and loving with his group — the prison group — and that guy talking about Beth that way? And Daryl is so respectful, you know? I just can’t imagine. I saw him take that knife out of – taking that knife out of the sheath and I’m thinking, ‘Ooh, that guy is gone. That guy is gone!’     – Melissa McBride


                           No One Messes with Rick’s Children

Did we catch a glimpse of Daryl's story?

I don’t know why this isn’t being talked about more, but for the people that watched Walking Dead’s ‘The Grove’, did you notice this?

I think the walker on the train tracks is Joe, the leader of the group that Daryl has 'joined’. I also think the group of burnt men that chase the girls later are the rest of the group. This isn’t the first time the writers have told stories out of sequence, and I think next week we’re going to see Daryl be part of the fire that killed the group. Whether he’s the one that killed them is gonna be interesting to see!

EDIT: Well this didn’t pan out at all, but I don’t mind a bit, because that finale was amazing! 7 MONTHS WAIT, NOOOOOOOO