Jeff Angelo wants YOU to get married! Yes, you!

Poor NOM. Their supporters just keep peeling off like so many garments at a strip club.

The latest defector: former Iowa Senator Jeff Angelo. Not so long ago, he sponsored an anti-gay constitutional amendment. Not anymore! This week he launched “Iowa Republicans for Freedom,” a group of right-wingers who’ve suddenly noticed that it’s not OK for the government to get all up in gay peoples’ weddings.

“The freedom to marry is an issue of personal freedom,” he says. “The stability and responsibility of marriage and the sanctity of personal liberty are the foundations of conservative values. We should be glad those values are spreading and being embraced in so many walks of life.”

Now, see. That’s what I’m talking about. People coming to their senses!

Marriage is about people and their assets. Everyone needs their assets.

I don’t care if you’re Democrat or Republican. What matters is if you care about the rights we’re entitled to as Americans.

In the “Eleventh Hour”, Moffat introduced us to all these awesome new characters and we never saw them again! I was really looking forwards to watching the Doctor become a part of life in Leadworth instead of just doing what he always does and stealing away one or two people and taking them around space and time.

Look at Doc and Jeff here just browsing the internet, trying to save the world! I can’t tell you how much I wanted to see them doing the same thing a few years later just setting up the Doctors Facebook page or something. We never saw Jeff after that! They mentioned him in “Flesh and Stone”, and we see a picture of him in “The Wedding of River Song”, but other than that, nothing!! And where did Amy’s parents go Moffat?! Where??!!

this is a doctor who thing i wrote...

… for candidlily after eleven’s first episode and i didn’t want to lose it

Jeff convinces the world, just as the Doctor knew he would. He gets whisked off to London and tossed from agency to agency, all while they stuff his head with information that only vaguely makes sense. It seems, to him, that no one really knows who the Doctor is or what he does, besides show up in the nick of time and save the Earth from destruction. For two years, he works in London as an “alien consultant,” which really means nothing; he just talks at people about the Doctor and what (he thinks) he knows about him. It’s not a particularly exciting life, but it’s more exciting than Leadworth (except the day the Doctor came, as he’s taken to calling it).

But after two years of doing this job, Jeff’s nearly sick of it. He knows everyone else is sick of him; he doesn’t know a single thing more than he did when he arrived. But everyone still pretends to listen to him just as much as he pretends to give advice. He’s going to re-evaluate his life, he thinks. He’ll take a step back from it all, for a week or two, as he goes back home to Leadworth for Rory and Amy’s wedding (they’re actually going through with it, can you believe?). And then, hopefully, he’ll be able to give up on all this other-worldly nonsense and find something to do where he actually can make a difference. Screw aliens, he just wants to actually help people.

The day Jeff’s supposed to go home, work runs late. Some scientists had found new parts to Stonehenge and wanted his oh-so-expert opinion on the matter. So he’s running around his (tiny) flat and throwing clothes into a bag, hoping that somehow all the bits will add up to a matching suit. Just as he’s zipping up his suitcase, there’s a knock at the door. He glances at his watch, bugger, he doesn’t have time for this, and he hefts his bag over his shoulder and moves toward the door. Whoever this is will have to wait until he’s back next week (if he even comes back). Jeff pulls the door open and-

“Jeff Angelo?” smirks the man in the long coat standing in his doorway. “I think I’m a couple years late, always meant to find you right after he got to you, but I’m no good with time. Not like him, at least. The name’s Captain Jack Harkness, you’ll want to come with me.”