Sunday sandwiches- Jeff Hardy, prompt #9+ # 16

Jeff Hardy

Prompt: #9 “You cant banish me this is my bed too” and #16 “You’re getting crumbs all over the bed”

warnings: Like one swear word?

requested by: @astilinski24

A/N: Its really short, I’m sorry! buuttt I hope you enjoy it!!


Sundays where yours and Jeff’s day off, sunday mornings where usually spent in bed messing around with each other or ya know other stuff. You rolled over in your bed, expecting to be greeted by your husband but instead finding him not there. “Jeff?” You whined loudly, having no clue where he was. A head popped around the door and Jeff gave you a cheeky grin as he walked in with a sandwich. “What time is it?” you groaned, burying your face back in the pillow, “9ish”, you let out another groan, "come back to bed then!“ You heard Jeff laugh and the bed dip slightly, you casually draping an arm over his torso. “You cant seriously be eating a sandwich in bed?!” You sighed with a grin, "Well you where the one that said to come back to bed!“ Jeff playfully argued back "You’re getting crumbs all over the bed!” You cried out and sat up with a mock angry look on youre face.

“Sorry princess” you rolled your eyes and tried to push Jeff off the bed. “Well then this princess is banishing you from the bed, so get out asshole!” You laughed, Jeff rolled his eyes and sprawled out over you. “You cant banish me! This is my bed too”

“Don’t care, now get off me!” You cried and wriggled round trying to get your husband off you. “Nope, now give us a kiss darlin’” Jeff laughed. With one last push you finally got the stronger man off you and onto the floor with a loud thump, “Abuse!” Jeff yelled and looked at you with a mock hurt face. “Tragic” you sassed as you shook your head, a small laugh falling from your lips as the man you loved stared out the window, finishing the sandwich that started all this.

Without warning you jumped onto Jeff, casuing him to fall back and you give him the same cheeky grin he gave you earlier. “Hey there” you breathed as your faces where inches apart, Jeff closing the gap and giving you a sweet and short kiss. “Am I aloud back in the bed now then?” You thought about it for a second. “Nope!”

“Its a good job I love you” yelled Jeff as he walked out the door to go watch TV and leave you alone, knowing you hated him leaving you alone and that you wouldn’t get ready for another hour. “Nnooooo wait come back” you yelled after him, seconds later Jeff came back and jumped back into bed with you where you laid there for a bit, just talking and messing around.

WWE has really raised my expectations in men.

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Final Fantasy XV “Cast”:

Noctis - Gaspard Ulliel

Lunafreya - Ellie Goulding

Ignis - Nikolaj Coster Waldau

Gladio - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Prompto - Alex Pettyfer

Regis Lucis Caelum - Jeff Bridges

Cindy - Scarlett Johansson

Cor Leonis - Gerard Butler

Gentiana - Rila Fukushima

Ardyn - Jason Statham

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WrestleMania, NXT Takeover, after Mania RAW, after Mania SD, all these call ups and returns, the HoF, Taker retirement, etc have had me fucked all week

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