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The Party Tour has come to an end, each show to seem to have its own special quality. I’m so proud to be a fan of someone who puts his all in his work and pleases his fans. As I stated earlier, here are my fave looks from the tour. What are yours? 

1. Juun J Hooded Oversized Coat with Bape Combat Boots 

2. Vintage Jeff Hamilton Mickey Mouse Jacket (do your research, Jeff is the GOAT)

 3. Custom Black Pyramid Flight Suit/Jumpsuit/Romper 

4. Heart Patch Varsity Jacket by Heart Clothing.
Trump's Efforts to Curtail the FBI's Investigation Spill Into View
The president’s anger towards a probe into his campaign is poisoning his relationships with top intelligence and law-enforcement officials.
By Matt Ford

From the article:

Like movie trailers before a summer blockbuster, new reports are shedding more light on the increasingly toxic relationship between President Trump and top law-enforcement and intelligence officials ahead of former FBI Director James Comey’s heavily anticipated testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.

In a rapid-fire series of stories on Tuesday evening, The New York Times reported that Comey told Attorney General Jeff Sessions he did not want to be alone with Trump one day after the president asked him to halt the federal investigation into Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national-security adviser; ABC News reported that Trump’s anger at Sessions for recusing himself from the organization had prompted Sessions to offer to resign; and The Washington Post reported that Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats had told associates that Trump had asked him NSA Director Mike Rogers, to intervene with Comey to end the investigation.

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anonymous asked:

irving has connections in the industry everywhere he's been working for over 40 years. all he cares about is making jeff look like he can carry on the azoff legacy with a 70s icon of his own. for years he's been paying to put jeff in iconic/important industry exec lists even though jeff, in his 30s, has little to no experience whatsoever. he couldn't even manage his own website. if they make harry look like a legend they make JEFF look like a legend. that's all it's ever been about.

Yup, that sums it up very well.
I’ve long thought Jeff an inept, coat tail rider with no real proven ability to actually do the job, which was why it was so surprising he landed Harry Styles but then again, with Harry he got a pre-made star, someone who had already made their mark and was massively famous so there was no groundwork to be done. It’s nefarious for sure, but even with that massive benefit, he’s still managed to help turn Harry into an incredibly unlikable figure publicly with the promo and album… ineptitude all around


Wayne is in New York for Kinky Boots today so Jeff and Brad have both joined Colin and Ryan for the taping. {source}

Jeffrey Koval modeling one of his earliest works, GREEN FEATHERS 2010

Jeffrey’s design shown here is perfect for any occasion. Whether it be exercise or meet-ups, this outfit is a must. The black coat and stripes are sure to be an eye-catcher, but be careful not to catch the eye of any naked crawling monsters or the stray murderous and possessed best friend!


On Ice

anisstaranise prompted: Seblaine meeting at an ice skating rink.

“Ugh, come on, Sebastian! It’s going to be fun, I swear.” Jeff nearly pleaded, tugging on his roommate’s arm.

                “What could possibly be fun about going around in circles in the freezing cold?” Sebastian asked the other boy, raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms over his chest, “I’m not even remotely drunk, right now. There is zero chance that I will enjoy going ice skating. Besides, is Nick going?” Jeff immediately looked guilty,

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