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This is me when I read this😍 I would love this end. And let’s all thank Garrett Donovan for suggesting this Jeff and Annie end❤️❤️☺️

Why I don’t want Carriet to be a thing:

Sure, the whole ‘devil’/‘angel’ combination has a lot of intriguing appeal, but Iain has already made it clear that, whoever the woman who Cain gets involved with next is, she’s just mile marker of destiny before he reunites with Moira, and there are those of us whom are starved for Harriet to have a storyline that is worthy of her, and, to add insult to injury, Harriet’s last relationship also ended with the guy leaving her for his ex-wife.

… Why can’t they just let Cain go in to protective mode, and have real-life chemistry go to work, and have Cain get Rhona away from Pierce (if they’re not going to let Vanessa do it by herself), and then let Vanessa take over, so he can return to Moira?!

Harriet deserves more than to be just a stepping stone!!!


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dong-lovers-blog  asked:

hm. Jeff and Pierce in the Harry Potter universe. Walking into Hogwarts possibly? Idk, just do your magic.

“Remind me why we’re doing this again?” Pierce demanded, squinting his farsighted eyes at the castle before them. 

“Because it’s the only way to get this stupid spell reversed and finally unattach our hands,” Jeff huffed, his tone annoyed though he secretly enjoyed the closeness and the warmth of Pierce’s palm. 

Pierce snorted and turned his head away, but not before muttering, “Gaaaaaaaaaaaay." 

(Okay… that sucked. -_- Sorry.)