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Triumph | RWBY Volume 5 Opening
Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams
Triumph | RWBY Volume 5 Opening

Triumph - RWBY Volume 5 Opening

Back to the fairytale
Back to the show
Back to the wall and there’s nowhere to go

Hopeless and desperate
All paths adverse
Things lookin’ bleak yeah
And they’re bound to get worse

Helpless and doomed and there’s no way to win
Goals unachievable, faith running thin
Lost and forlorn, impossible odds
That’s when you learn you’ve been messin’ with Gods

Send in your Grimm
Tear off a limb
Strike me with bolts of lightnin’
I won’t die

The battle seems unwinnable
But all we need’s a miracle
We’re goin’ up
We’ll never be denied

Can’t wish away the dismal days
Can’t bring back what is gone
We’ll waste no tears
On yesteryears
Instead we’ll carry on (carry on)

We’ll live for sure
We will endure
And though our goal is far

We’ll be the ones
To touch the sun
And triumph will be ours!

The song in Yang’s Short is called Ignite. Credit goes to FlyntofRWBYNation for getting the official lyrics from Jeff Williams

Hello there, my enemy
Welcome to my punching spree
This is where I lay waste and you go home bleeding
Didn’t have to be this way
Should have stayed out of the fray
Now you’re heading for a beating

Didn’t mother warn you?
Now she’s gonna  mourn you
Being damaged’s how you’ll end this day
You’re a big mess
‘Cuz I’m relentless
I gotta tell you I’m on fire today

Crash and burn
Some lessons are just hard to learn
Scatching eyes that see things from only one side

Yet every misshapen spark
Suffers the judgement and pain

Fool, you shouldn’t stare into these eyes of fire
You’re goin’ to regret this little fight
You don’t wanna mess with me, I’m something higher
Anguish you’ll know for your miserable plight
Soon you’ll bemoan your mistake of a life
You’ll watch yourself suffer
You’ll watch me ignite

Patater Week - Day 3

Feb. 8 - Fake Dating/Secret (?) Relationship - (2K)

“I don’t care, it’s not weird, I’m going to sit on you,” Jeff says, shifting all 200 pounds of his body onto Kent’s lap.

“I wish you wouldn’t,” Kent tells him.

“That’s pretty gay,” an Aces teammate says from where he is sitting on the ground, demolishing his bowl of popcorn that he stole from Kent’s cabinets, even though Kent had specifically told him to not touch his cabinets. “And I have a boyfriend.”

“Shut up, I’m so scared, I’m so fucking scared,” Jeff says, burying his face in Kent’s neck. “Did they make it out of the hallway?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you watch the movie?” Kent says through his teeth as he shoves Jeff off to the side, which is rather difficult considering that Jeff is insistent that he turn into a human-sized suction cup for the occasion. “Seriously, could you let go? I can’t breathe.”

“Why did you pick a scary movie if you’re afraid of them, Jeff?” a rookie asks. He’s lounging on the carpet, his head using Patrick’s lap as a pillow as he scrolls down his phone.

“I’m not scared,” Jeff says, then curses as the woman in the TV screen turns a corner in her hallway and the music grows more ominous. “This is for a team bonding exercise for the rookies.”

“Which you hosted. At my place,” Kent says flatly. “Without consulting me.”

“You’re the captain,” Jeff says. “It should be at your place.”

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OMG! Love it so much already. Can’t wait to hear the full version, in like half a year or more XD Seriously tho, Casey and Jeff killin it. So good.

So about this whole “Bmblb” thing where people are claiming that the entire crew did not know of the song, is ridiculous. Creating music takes time, effort, and lots of resources. They may not have known that Jeff would release the song this volume, but this song still retains its meaning. Jeff makes songs based on what the crew tells him. They give him future information so that he can foreshadow and give us a clue as to what’s coming. This discourse revolves on people who are homophobic or salty, not a single person denied “Boop!” I encourage you not to discredit “Bmblb” because I promise you Jeff Williams did not pull this song out of his ass.


A second video for the release of RWBY Volume 5, a little buzzing Bmblb.

All arguments and shipping wars, I really want this to happen, but I’m scared for when it does. After what happened with Arkos, I’m scared for Blake and Yang.


‘Time To Say Goodbye’

Whoops my hand slipped.

But eeeyy, new op is hype and I love it a lot

Also Yang’s was the hardest but I managed to figure something out because I Burn played and then the line 'You’ll never make me bow’ was heard..

So yeeaahh~

Also thanks to downrightpawnch for Blake’s drawing idea

I decided to Pre-Order the new album and wouldn’t you know it, Bmblb came with pre-ordering it! I don’t want to spoil too much of it but…if this isn’t something to canon Blake and Yang I don’t know what will I will however put the first lyrics and another that caught my ears. 🎶There’s a garden Where I go If you meet me there No one will know In the springtime In the sun We can be alone without anyone🎶 ………………….. 🎶You could be my queen I could be your dream Life’s like a fantasy Baby set me free Let me be your bumblebee 🐝🎶 I’m going to be listening to this along the Let’s Just Live, Bad Luck Charm, and This Life Is Mine If you can preorder it, I say do it!! I’m so happy 💛🖤💛🖤💛 And heck! Even if it doesn’t mean it makes it canon, it’s still a beautiful song and one I can listen to that reminds me of my girlfriend ❤️ Thanks Jeff and Casey!! (Also, my phone did a weird thing when I screenshot it, but I like the way it looks so I kept it lol)

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