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Let's Just Live
Jeff Williams ft. Casey Williams
Let's Just Live

Let’s Just Live, official lyrics by Jeff Williams

“It used to feel like a fairy tale
Now it seems we were just pretending
We’d fix our world
Then on our way to a happy ending

Then it turned out life
was far less like a bedtime story
Than a tragedy
with no big reveal of the hero’s glory

And it seems we weren’t prepared
for a game that wasn’t fair

Do we just go home?
Can we follow through?
When all hope is gone
there is one thing we can do

Let’s just live
Day by day and not be conquered by our sorrows
The past can’t hold us down
we must break free

Inside we’re torn apart
but time will mend out hearts
Move onward not there yet
So let’s just live!”

Patater Week - Day 3

Feb. 8 - Fake Dating/Secret (?) Relationship - (2K)

“I don’t care, it’s not weird, I’m going to sit on you,” Jeff says, shifting all 200 pounds of his body onto Kent’s lap.

“I wish you wouldn’t,” Kent tells him.

“That’s pretty gay,” an Aces teammate says from where he is sitting on the ground, demolishing his bowl of popcorn that he stole from Kent’s cabinets, even though Kent had specifically told him to not touch his cabinets. “And I have a boyfriend.”

“Shut up, I’m so scared, I’m so fucking scared,” Jeff says, burying his face in Kent’s neck. “Did they make it out of the hallway?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you watch the movie?” Kent says through his teeth as he shoves Jeff off to the side, which is rather difficult considering that Jeff is insistent that he turn into a human-sized suction cup for the occasion. “Seriously, could you let go? I can’t breathe.”

“Why did you pick a scary movie if you’re afraid of them, Jeff?” a rookie asks. He’s lounging on the carpet, his head using Patrick’s lap as a pillow as he scrolls down his phone.

“I’m not scared,” Jeff says, then curses as the woman in the TV screen turns a corner in her hallway and the music grows more ominous. “This is for a team bonding exercise for the rookies.”

“Which you hosted. At my place,” Kent says flatly. “Without consulting me.”

“You’re the captain,” Jeff says. “It should be at your place.”

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Weiss' Charity Concert Solo [ROUGH]
Jeff Williams
Weiss' Charity Concert Solo [ROUGH]

“I’m not your pet
Not another thing you own
I was not born guilty of your crimes!
Your riches and your influence can’t hold me anymore
I won’t be possessed
Burdened by a royal test
I will not surrender
This life is mine!”

Disclaimer: This piece was composed and is owned by Jeff Williams. RWBY is owned by RoosterTeeth, and their parent company, FullScreen. I do not claim ownership in any way, shape or form.

First Impressions - Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Having seen Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 twice, I’ve gotten a good chance to watch this trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. Yes, I know you can watch it on YouTube, but where’s the fun in seeing it on a rinky-dink screen?

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

It looks like Asgardian Hela (played by Cate Blanchett, whom I didn’t recognize at all upon the first viewing) is taking advantage of Odin’s death (see Thor: The Dark World) to wreak destruction upon Asgard. From what I can gather in the brief glimpses that we’re shown, she’s been banished by Odin to some kind of Underworld (or Under-dimension, as the Thor films do not contain magic). With Loki having stolen his identity, all the “enchantments” the one-eyed king of Asgard set into place are gone, including Thor’s Hammer, which she destroys before casting him into one of the lower realms. Captured and forced to battle in a gladiator-like arena, he meets up with his friend, The Hulk! How the plot progresses from there isn’t hinted at.

It’s clear that this storyline is going to be packed to the gills. There’s Loki (Tom Hiddleston) being exposed, we see glimpses of Heimdall (Idris Elba) fighting with a sword, Hela’s introduction, Asgard’s destruction, some family drama with Thor, Loki, and the surviving Asgardians, an untold number of elements pulled from the original Thor: Ragnarok storyline as well as Planet Hulk. I see a lot of new characters here and my concern is that this film has to be all that, and a “conclusion” to the Thor storyline. I think it could be too much for a single film to handle. And where’s Jane Foster? Did we just forget about her?

There’s a lot of stuff here, but it all looks great. Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster is exciting, and appropriate, as he’s always had an alien-like charisma to him. The action we get a glimpse at looks impressive and it all looks very, very stylish. I see a lot of visuals that take inspiration from Jack Kirby’s illustrations, which means the film’ll look like nothing that’s been done before. The cast is full of great actors, what we see of the story is intriguing. With our hero Thor being once again brought down to size and Mjölnir being destroyed (similar to being absent, like it was in the original Thor) it’s bringing the storyline full circle, a sure-fire way to make the final chapter in a trilogy successful. I’m also very pleased to see both Thor and Hulk together, but not for the reason you think. I can’t tell you how many reviews of Captain America: Civil War I had to immediately dismiss because they asked “Where are Thor and Hulk?”, as if Disney and Marvel Studios would just forget about their own characters! Overall, I think this movie is going to be awesome.