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Tectonic (In The Desert)
Jeff Vanwinkle
Tectonic (In The Desert)

Here’s a sample of a new song I’m working on,

its called “Tectonic (In The Desert)”

the song is basically an unfinished acoustic idea that I had from about 2 years ago, that I decided to pick back up and make it electric. 

I hope you like what you hear, and want more!


here are the lyrics for the chorus:

I was born inside this place, but I lacked half a brain

you couldn’t love me if you wanted

So I ventured in this world,

bought a gun and found a girl

now I’m the king of nowhere

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A track from an artist that I feel has the potential to become the next best thing in indie music coming from San Diego.

The Fire That Burned Down Belmont Park
Jeff Vanwinkle
The Fire That Burned Down Belmont Park

I’m performing tonight (Feb 4th) at The Stage Bar & Grill.  Free show, and all ages until like 9pm. I’m on at 6pm and I’m performing with my buddy Drea Marilyn.

You might see me perform a version of this song that I wrote when I was 17, you might of heard of it. It’s called “The Fire That Burned Down Belmont Park

Oh yeah, I just happened to be performing with some great bands tonight, you know, Planewreck and Misc. Ailments

Phantom Song (Working Title)
Jeff Vanwinkle

I’m excited to say that I started a new song today and it’s pretty much almost done. Im so excited that i’m going to let you guys hear the first minute or so of it. 

Jeff Vanwinkle - Phantom Song (working title)

so I rode right into town, to find that only ghosts remain

but I still can hear the sound of their screams..

one asked me

“hey there mister, where you going? Don’t you know the sky is falling?”

Oh my god I’ll bite my tongue,

cause it’s one less man on the boulevard

and they sing

“oh, oh no, oh no. We have got nowhere else to go”

and they sing

“oh, oh no, oh no. You can stay here, but this is our home”


In case you missed my first full band show this past Friday,

here is a video of the “I Got Five On It Intro” into “Moonshine” !