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Not My Girl (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

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Word count: ~3,930 

Request: Anon- Jeff request please! “She’s not my girl”, could you make it like something reader overheard? For example she passes her friends, the jocks, on the way to class. But not before she heard Justin say something like, “look Atkins, it’s your girl” And she get’s upset because they’re not dating, but they’re not not-dating either. And she’s upset and mad at school, but he’s her ride home. Then in the car, could reader be petty at first like Jeff asking, bad day at school/practice? And she’s like nope! And he puts his hand on her thigh when he’s driving as she pulls away so he’s like “oh so you’re mad at me?” And he won’t leave until she tells him. 

Warnings: None I don’t think. A little swearing, Justin being kinda pervy, Jeff being too adorable for words. I think that’s it. 

A/N. Thanks for the request! I’m sorry this took me so long, but I loved writing this one :) I summarized the request, but I feel like I got the gist. I should be answering requests a little more frequently now that I’m getting back in the flow so feel free to keep sending them in. Alright guys, you ready? Enjoy!

(Y/n) hummed to herself as she walked down the hallways, practically skipping as she made her way towards her second period class, weaving through the crowded hallways that usually angered her without a care in the world. She had crashed at Jeff’s last night, after a Fast and Furious marathon had run late, and had skipped first to go home and shower. She had been thinking about skipping the whole day, but she had a chem test in third and couldn’t afford to miss it.

Even the thought of covalent bonds couldn’t dampen her good mood. Things had finally happened between her and Jeff last night. The movie marathon had begun as a friend thing, with Clay, Hannah, and Tony over as well to spend the rainy day watching television and hanging out. As the day had changed to night, first Tony, then Hannah and Clay had excused themselves to finish the last of their weekend homework and get to bed early, leaving (y/n) alone with Jeff. He had merely shrugged once the others had left, flashed a breathtaking smile, and asked if she wanted pizza or chinese for dinner.

The two had been casual friends forever, the way kids in small towns all knew each other, but over the last few months (y/n) had noticed things start to change between her and Jeff. He was no longer the awkward, gangly kid with braces who collected baseball cards, and she was pretty sure he had felt the shift too. Suddenly there was a lot more touching, a lot more teasing, late nights spent texting and lunch periods spent sharing inside jokes. It was amazing. Everyone else had begun to notice too, teasing the both of them about the flirting and the ‘eye sex’, which they both resolutely denied. If anyone asked, they were just friends. But obviously (y/n) wanted more. And she was sure Jeff did too.

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Soulmates - (4/?)

Summary: You asked Jeff, a senior you barely knew, for a ride home while he was going on the beer run.

Warnings: Read part 1, 2 and 3 on my page! Swearing. Angst. It’s kind of sad. Also it’s a little different from the show. It will have a continuation. Don’t give up on it just yet, it will be a nice story.


Whatever was it that you guys were painting, it was looking great. It was an explosion of colors. You added the details and painted things with an actual shape, like people and objects, carefully avoiding too much realism so it could match Jeff’s part. His stuff were more abstract, some mixed colors and patterns with an outcome surprisingly beautiful for someone who never painted anything before.

“So… what are you gonna do with your life once you wake up?” Jeff asked.

“I’m not sure” you answered.

“Well… what do you like?”

“Arts. Theater, music, painting, drawing, dancing… But it’s all out of my reach” you pretended to be indifferent, but thinking about that actually hurt you a lot.

“How come?”

“I’m a bad actress. My singing is nothing out of the ordinary, and so is my painting and drawing. And the dancing… well, I’m a terrible dancer”

Jeff wiped the paint from his fingers in his shirt and walked towards you.

“What are you doing?” you asked, as he took you by the waist and held one of your hands. You realized what he was doing and laughed. “I don’t mean that kind of dance”

“I know” he said, but started dancing anyway. There were music playing somewhere, in another room or outside on the street. Some slow song. Barely audible, but it was enough for you to keep up with. “See? You’re good at it. We only tripped twice and it was my fault”

“Like I said, it’s not that kind of dance” still, neither of you stopped dancing.

“Which kind is it?”

“Ballet. Contemporary. Jazz” you explained.

“I think you can do anything you put your mind to. It doesn’t matter if it’s dancing, painting, becoming president or developing a cure for cancer” he said, in all seriousness. You let out a nervous laugh.

“I think you overestimate my capacities”

“I don’t” he shook his head. “I’m just telling you the truth”

“You’re wrong” you reaffirmed.

“You want to go down that road, fine. Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why do you think you can’t do whatever you want?” he asked, patiently.

“It demands hard work, Jeff. Talent. I’m not a hard worker and I’m not talented either. Most of the time I’m just too tired to do anything. Tired of what, you might ask? Breathing, probably. Because that’s all I do. Breath, eat and sleep”

“That’s all fear of exposure. You involuntarily keep yourself from trying because you’re afraid of what people, or even yourself, will think if you fail” he said, looking deeply into your eyes.

“I don’t fear failure. I anticipate failure. That’s different” you tried to argument.

“How can you be so sure you would fail if you never even tried?”

“I tried, Jeff. And I wasn’t good enough. End of story”

“That’s it? You give up? Perfection is not the goal, (Y/N). It’s just a concept that, for whatever reason, motivates people to improve themselves. Think about those people you told me about on the car…”

“Picasso and Da Vinci” you reminded him.

“Take Da Vinci. What do you think would have happened if he reached the so called perfection? If he looked at his first work and thought: ‘That’s it! That’s good enough’? He would never grow, never shoot for the stars. He wouldn’t be known and admired until nowadays, almost five hundred years after his death” he was almost whispering, with a low and sweet voice.

“I get your point” you nodded, but not completely convinced yet.


“But see, the world is a hard place. Even the most competent people struggle to find the place where they belong. Some don’t find it at all. So if they can’t, how can I?”

“The world is a huge place, filled with opportunities, options and places where you can belong. You, an artist, should have that perspective. We are raised to believe there’s only one way to succeed in life, and that success means money, a nice partner, two plain and boring kids and a dog. Do you think that’s all there is?”


“So don’t you think you’re being small minded by saying some people don’t ever find where they belong?”

“I guess…”

Jeff left out a sigh. He softly tightened the grip on your waist and pulled you closer. He leaned his head on your shoulder, his face resting on your hair.

“Whatever you decide to do… You don’t have to be the best at it, (Y/N). You just have to do it”

After that, you just danced around in complete silence. His breath against your neck gave you chills. His hands didn’t leave yours for what seemed like hours. It was perfect.


A week went by and nothing changed. You and Jeff grew closer and closer. You did lots of other things together, such as going to the arcade, watching some movies at the Crestmont (Hannah and Clay being nowhere to be found), visiting museums, animal shelters and parks, and in one particular afternoon Jeff even taught you some baseball moves.

“I miss my family” you said one day, while you two were about to go to sleep at an empty hotel room. It was one of the rare occasions he took his cap off. You admired his dark messy hair. You got so distracted by it that you let that confession slip off your mouth, like a secret revealed by accident. You did miss your family and friends, but wanted to avoid the subject so you wouldn’t hurt Jeff. Too late for that.

His voice sounded weak when he responded.

“Me too” Jeff looked up to the lightbulb on the ceiling. You realized he was trying to hold back his tears.

“Oh god. I’m sorry, Jeff. I didn’t mean to make you cry” you apologized and climbed into his bed. He was sitting by it’s edge, so you hugged him by his side.

“It’s okay. I just…” his blue eyes met yours, and he seemed so utterly hurt that your heart broke. He blinked a few times and shook his head. “I mean, nevermind”

“No, tell me” you held his hand. It was ice cold.

“It’s just that nothing will ever be the same, that’s all. No more baseball, no more anything” he bit the inside of his cheek and his jaw clenched. He wanted to cry so badly.

“It’s okay if you want to cry, Jeff” you said, gently. “I’m here for you”

That triggered something in him. He turned around angrily, not at you, but the situation. Jeff had been suffocating on his thoughts every since the accident and he was finally letting it out.

“These last few days… I wish it could have happened differently. I wish we had met before, and went on all those adventures on real life. I wish I could introduce you to my friends and family, have you cheering for me at my games, cheer for you at your recitals and plays and everything else you’re great at without even knowing. But you know what? I can’t. That night took everything away from me and I’m not ready to lose it all! I’m seventeen, damn it! My life barely began and it’s already slipping through my fingers!” tears now rolled down his face freely, and he was sobbing. “I’ll never get to go to college. I’ll never-”

“Jeff, stop it right now!” you interrupted him and cupped his face with your hands. “Listen, baseball is not the only way to get in college! Weren’t you the one who told me life is full of opportunities and different ways to succeed?”

“I don’t have a life anymore!” he shouted.

“Yes you do! We’ve been through hell and we still have a lot of crap to deal with when we wake up, especially you, but we’re alive! I can survive whatever sequels I get. You can survive with one leg and one hand. It’s not ideal but we can do it!”

He shook his head.

“You don’t get it”

“Maybe I don’t. I don’t know how it feels to lose a passion like yours. But I do know there are thousands of other things out there to be passionate about!”

“(Y/N)! I’m trying to make you understand, but you’re missing the point! I’m telling you I can’t do anything anymore! I can’t just wake up, get up from wherever they put me and do as I please! I can never do the things I could before the accident. I can never do something like this”

Without any kind of warning, Jeff turned around and kissed you. Your chest was about to burst, it felt amazing, but also horrible. He kissed you like it was the first and last time. He broke the kiss after a minute, and pulled away from you.

“Jeff…” you started, after gasping for air.

“Don’t” he asked.

“We can make it work”

“I can’t be with you, (Y/N). What I lost at the accident-”

“Jeff, I don’t care! Okay? I don’t care if you’re missing a leg, a hand, if you’re paraplegic, tetraplegic, brain damaged or whatever! I still want to be with you! I want to support you and help you, be there for you!” You yelled, frustrated.

“I don’t want you to!” he yelled back. You moved away a few inches.

“What do you mean?”

He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Maybe we should go to sleep now” he mumbled.

“I asked you a question”

“And I don’t want to answer”

You closed your eyes, all the frustration from the last days accumulating. You clenched your jaw and took a deep breath. It made sense. Jeff never said he was upset for being unable to kiss you. He was upset for being unable to kiss, period. That kiss between you two was just an impulse from a guy who believed that once he woke up, no one would want him anymore. He didn’t have feelings for you. He was just angry.

When you opened your eyes again, Jeff was looking at you with a deep concern. He seemed to be holding back the urge to touch you. You shook that thought away. He didn’t care. He didn’t want you.

“I’m going home. I’ll crash there. Then I’ll spend the morning watching over my parents. You should go home and do the same. If you feel like it” you emphasized the 'feel like it’, angrily. “you can meet me at noon at Monet’s”

You got up from the bed. Jeff reached for your hand.


You walked away.

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could i request 94 please? thank you so much, i love your blog! x

Thank you so much, lovely! x

94. “I had a bad dream again.”


You and Harry go long way back. You were an intern in Simon Cowell’s label, Syco Music, an aspiring songwriter. You remember helping One Direction in their first ever album, growing closer to the boys as your writing sessions turned to friendly hang outs. However, you and Harry were the closest.

One thing led to another and now, both of you were enjoying your long-term relationship. To say you were proud of Harry taking a step towards his solo career would be an understatement. As usual, you were helping Harry with his writing.

All the nervous sleepless nights were forgotten about once Harry’s single which you both worked on was released, already number 1 in so many countries. You kept telling Harry that this was a good sign and that you were sure everyone would love his album when it comes out.

You were at Jeff’s house along with everyone who was working on the album, enjoying a small party as a kickstart to what fate was holding for Harry and the crew.

“Sleepover!” Jeff shouted, making everyone cheer.

You cheered from beside Harry, raising your red cup before looking at Harry who only cracked a small smile, making your own falter as you rested your hand on his lap. “Easy on yourself.” You whispered in his ear.

Harry only sighed, interlocking both of your hands on his lap before leaning his head on your shoulder.

After all of you watched a movie on the projector Jeff had set up, Harry then found everyone asleep where they were except for him and Glenne.

“Hey, I’m going to bed. You and Y/N can sleep in the guest room. You know where it is.” She whispered, standing up and yawning.

Harry nodded, “Thanks, G. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Haz.” She smiled at him before she started waking Jeff up so they could make their way to their bedroom.

Harry looked at how Y/N slept, the most comfortable she was for months now on Jeff’s couch. He stood up and gathered your body in his arms, carrying you to where the master guest room was. He put you gently on the bed, tucking you in before he took off his pants and getting comfortable behind you, spooning you.

Hours later, you woke up to thrashing beside you, making you turn to see Harry sleeping with a frown on his face, tossing and turning. You knew what this was about. You sat up, gently stroking his hair to soothe him. You knew better than to wake him up all of a sudden and so, you used your tactics that you always used whenever this happened.

Harry’s eyes shot open as he began breathing slowly, his hand on his heart, closing his eyes. “You alright there?” You asked gently.

Harry nodded, his eyes still closed. “I had a bad dream again.” He muttered.

“I know, baby. I know.” You whispered, letting him put his head on your chest as you played with your hair. “Everything will turn out great, Haz. I promise. You got me.”

And so, Harry slept through your promising loving words not only that day, but every day that followed, proving your words right.

Polyamorous Clay Jensen (ft. Tony and Jeff)

• I mean Clay just has so much love to give so why does he have to love only one person?

• Clay and Tony haf been seeing eachother for a while and even though they hadn’t officially defined their relationship they both felt they didn’t really need to put a sticker on themselves.

• They were always comfortable with one another and would listen to the other person’s opinions before passing judgement.

• So it was when they were relaxing in Clay’s bedroom that Clay brought up the subject.

• “Um, so, Jeff asked me out on a date today and - uhh - I said yes”

• Tony’s shock manifested itself in the form of a stunned silence. It took him a few long seconds before he spoke again.

• “Oh, ok, Clay. I mean, if that’s what you wanna do then that’s cool. But if i did anything wrong or put you off in anyway please just tell me.”

• “It’s wasn’t you, Tony! Don’t think that.. You’re going along completely the wrong lines… Yeah, Jeff did ask me out but not just me. He asked the both of us out. As in you, me and him.”

• It was evident from the look on Tony’s face he wasn’t expecting that.

• “We’ve never discussed anything like this before, Tony and i dont see why love has to be just between two people? We both just have so much love to give so why not extend our relationship to another person? It’s called polyamory and i realised a long time ago that i am polyamorous so i just thought maybe you, Jeff and I could give it shot?”

• “Cool, that actually sounds kinda nice, Clay.”

• Tony was so nervous when the day of the date actually came around and Clay held his shaking hand extra tightly as they met up with Jeff in the evening.

• The date went swimmingly and even lead to a couple more before they finally became official boyfriends. This time, putting a big sticker on their relationship felt right.

• Fast foward a year and Jeff had just held the most amazing house party. The boys climbed sleepily into bed and snuggled with one another.

• Mr Long-legs Jeff Atkins would tangle his feet with Tony and Clay would tickle the hair on the nape of Jeff’s neck whilst pressing soft kisses along his shoulder blades. He knew it put him to sleep easily.

• Their days were spent cuddling and kissing and going out on little adventures lead by Tony. Clay would host movie nights and bring home some left overs from the cinema.

• Clay would often just look and his boyfriends and feel as if he would explode if he managed to love them any more than he did already.

• Clay Jensen and his boyfriends are polyamorous and so fucking in love its beautiful.

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Can you do some Kent/Swoops??

Sorry it took a few days! I was looking for the right start. I love this one a lot, I hope you enjoy! MY FIRST KENTSWOOPS

My ask box is really dry, send me prompts! 

Loosely based off:  “I come home and find your cat in my sink after I get home from work”

Swoops thought this was good idea. Him and Kent have been best friends for years, what’s getting matching apartments right next to each other?

Not full time homes or anything, just apartments.

“We can have our space, but not have too much spaces Swoops,” Kent had begged with puppy dog eyes. And how was he supposed to say no to his best friend?

Especially when he had feelings for said best friend and when said best friend looks cute all the time.

Damn Kent Parson.

So during the off season, they would spend a large amount of time in New York, refusing to do touristy things because they ‘lived’ there. They’d go back and forth hanging out at each others apartments and everything was great.

Kent came over to his apartment, insisting to be let in, saying he had a surprise for him. Swoops let him in, only for Kent to drag him to HIS apartment to help him carry stuff. Kent had baked, which wasn’t that surprising. It was that he had cooked AND baked, almost everything from scratch. Which he told Swoops, a billion times from the time they switched to his apartment. It took them a long time to move everything Kent wanted

“Why can’t we just eat at your apartment?”

“Because your TV is better for movies and you can’t get a glare on it,”

“Kent, it’s 9:30 at night, what are you-“

“Just trust me Jeff, c’mon.”

They stayed up till 3, watching movies on the couch and finishing a whole pan of lasagna and half a dozen cup cakes. Swoops couldn’t say no to Kent, even though he had work in the morning. He loved Kent’s laugh and the way he cried no matter what movie they watched. He loved Kent telling him to shut up when laughed at him tearing up during movies.

So it was Kent’s decision to go back to his apartment, giving Swoops a sloppy, obnoxious kiss on the cheek. Swoops heart hurt.

God he needed sleep.

He was out as soon as Kent left, barely being able to make it to his bed. He dreamed of a normal day here in New York, but him and Kent were together.

He felt like he got 3 minutes of sleep when his alarm went off at 7. He normally didn’t have a lot of work during the off season, but ESPN wanted some short interviews from him after a particularly great season. Swoops didn’t mind that much, he knew the Aces fans liked it.

He got ready quickly, deciding in the shower that he wouldn’t wear Aces merch, but just colors. He was out the door by 7:30, not even bothering with Kent, as he loves his sleep.

‘Short interviews’ meant five, hour long sessions about the most random things. He’s lucky he’s a relaxed person and can hold a smile, or else that would have been the longest five hours of his life.

He got to his apartment a little before 1:30, but went and knocked on Kent’s door instead. Kent opened it almost immediately.

“So, I was thinking that we could go get lunch, if you’re not still full from last night, but- hey what’s wrong?” Swoops rambled for a little bit before he noticed Kent’s red, puffy eyes. Kent sniffled and shuffled Swoops in.

Now Jeff’s heart really hurt.

He had only seen Kent upset a hand full of times. Losing important games, when he was missing his family, and the few times they’ve talked about Zimmermann.

Swoops just hopes he didn’t go see Jack again.

He hugged Kent tightly, and Kent stifled some sobs. He wanted to know everything, do everything he could. He longed to make him happy again.

This is why this was a bad idea.

Kent sniffled some more before speaking.

“I lost Kit,” He sounded hoarse and his voice a little nasal from the crying. “I don’t know how, I mean she was here yesterday and I fed her before going to your apartment, but I woke up and she wasn’t here. I looked everywhere for her and I’ve talked to all the neighbors, but” Kent looked down, “no where.”

“Is there anything I can do?” Swoops asked, but Kent scoffed a little and shook his head. Swoops pursed his lips and pulled him in again. “Well, let’s go to my apartment and get some Chinese food from your favorite place and we’ll think of more ways to find her. It’ll be okay.”

Kent didn’t say anything, just nodded against his shoulder.

Swoops got them back to his apartment, Kent still almost crying. They probably needed beer for this.

Swoops sat Kent down on the couch, gave him his drink and just studied him. He was so hurt, it’s like he didn’t know what to do. When he tried to take a sip, his arm shook so badly it spilled all over himself. Kent apologized quickly, but Swoops shook it off. He didn’t care that beer spilled on his couch, he just cared about Kent.

He went into his guest bathroom to get a towel and-

Sitting in the sink. Kit was sitting in his guest bathroom sinking.

She was sleeping in his bathroom sink and Swoops couldn’t help but laugh. He couldn’t breathe, oh it was so weird. Kit woke up and was obviously annoyed for being woken, so he scratched behind her ears and just smiled.

“Kent! C’mere!”

Kent shuffled into his guest bathroom and then almost slipped, his eyes wide.

“Kit! You scared me so bad.” Kent was grinning again, watching Kit stretch and walk across the counter to rub against him. “She must’ve come in last night when we were getting the food here.” Kent said, looking down and petting her.

Swoops nodded. He looked at Kent, happy he was so happy.

“Thank you,” Kent said, “for being there for me.”

“You know I’m always there for you, Kent.” Swoops said, not knowing why he was a little nervous. Kent leaned in and smirked.

“Yeah, I guess you are.” And Kent leaned in and kissed him. Jeff kissed back right away, grabbing him and pulling him in closer.

The kiss stopped quickly, as Kit began pawing at both of them. They both laughed and paid attention to her again.

“Do you think this was her plan all along?” Kent asked, grinning.

“I hope so.” So maybe this had been a good idea.

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If you had to be killed by any serial killer, who would you choose and why?

good question, anon!!! i’d def choose Dahmer, for many reasons. You wouldn’t be in any pain when you died. You’d just get drugged, go to sleep, and never wake up. PLUS before you die, you get to watch a horror movie with jeff dahmer, which is kinda badass. you’d have a pretty good story to tell in the afterlife. You’d be drinking rum and coke right before you drift off, and y’all know rum is my drink of choice, so that wouldn’t be too bad. ALSO jeff was a def leppard fan (my fav band growing up) so i’d ask him to put on hysteria, which isnt a terrible last album to listen to tbh. Lastly, my skull would be used in a shrine, which is really metal 🎸 

Text Imagines Masterlist Part II

Teen Wolf:



The Maze Runner:

Doctor Who: 

Criminal Minds:




Harry Potter:

Night At The Museum: 


Jurassic World/Park:

BBC Sherlock:

Mass Effect:



Until Dawn:

Tomb Raider:


The Martian:

Star Wars:





I have a story for all of you. I was in town with my son who is seven years old now. He’s at the age he doesn’t always want to be around me in public and is wanting to be cool. So he said he wanted to go see IT? I said fuck yeah are you sure buddy? He said yes so we planned to go to down and watch it. But to test him I put on a clown mask and stood outside his window…. So now he’s sleeping in bed with his mom and never wants to see the movie. … but tells me he will want to watch it once it’s on DVD.

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Pastas on a airplane?

  • Jeff has latched onto LJ’s arm. He hates planes.
  • Jane decided to sleep. She’s going to get destroyed by jetlag.
  • Liu is admiring the scenery, the sun is setting and he thinks it’s pretty.
  • Clocky is watching a movie with Kate. They’re watching The Bee Movie
  • Ben’s playing his 3DS. It’s his 21st run-through of Link Between Worlds.
  • Tim fell asleep as soon as he sat down. He organised basically the whole thing, help him.
  • Brian fell asleep with his head on Tim’s shoulders.
  • Toby got pictures. Betrayal.
  • LJ eventually just straight hugs Jeff. He’s never been on a plane and he’s scared stiff.
  • EJ’s reading his book, he’s more into where they’re going.
  • Sally and Laz are giggling, they’re so high up !!! It’s fascinating !!!
  • Lost is kind of terrified, but he’s doing well. He has his Gameboy and he’s trying not to think about the possibility of crashes.
  • Red’s next to him. He snuck BRVR in his bag and is listening to music.

You know what the best thing about The Big Lebowski is?  Technically it’s Film Noir.  Like The Big Sleep or The Maltese Falcon or something of that ilk.  So when you see the rich porno guy writing something down while talking on the phone, you just know The Dude is going to try this trick.  But instead of an address or a bank account number, he gets this.  I’m not usually one for dick jokes, but this one is hilarious.  Especially since Lebowski has taken on the persona of a private dick for this adventure.

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your ask about fics where harry fucked up and didn't apologize enough reminded me of something: i feel like lately i've only read fics where harry is "the bad guy". i'm not good at explaining it, but basically, like, where louis is friends with all of the boys first and they protect him and harry is the new guy and when he fucks up everyone is mad at him. so, my question is: do you know any fics where it's the other way around? (idk sometimes i feel like harry is mistreated in some fics)

hi! i think i get what you mean. the thing is (and you should totally check out addy and lexy’s discussion on this) that the fandom perception of harry and louis changes in waves over time. so fics that were published around the time of louis’ closet coming down hard on him as well as eleanor being shoved into the picture (so about 2013-2014) really showed him as the fandom saw him, which was emotionally distant, closed-off, and sometimes mean to harry. 

then there was a switch, probably late 2014 to early 2015-ish, that saw harry becoming the “problem” in the relationship, and that evolution came from the sudden influx of panic about harry sleeping with jeff, xander, or any other guy he stood next to. when it was a woman he was linked to, it was easy to brush off, but these were new rumors and people took them to heart. 

going into 2016, i think the vibe changed once again as louis’ baby drama started unfolding. fandom wanted (and still wants) to reach out and protect louis, but we can’t, so we do it through fics. and harry is still villainized because, according to general fandom thought at the moment, harry is a big movie star guy and not worried about his old bandmates at all. add to that the massive differences in their current images of louis as the ~average guy laddy lad, while harry is sort of Otherworldly and Special and not like anyone else (which he is! but i’d argue that louis is too, even though most people don’t see him that way). those are both general fandom/pop culture world ideas, and the larrie community generally dismisses that sort of stuff, but it can still trickle in. 

that’s way more than you were asking for, haha, but i think it’s a fascinating phenomenon. it’s almost like when you’re in a TV show fandom, and every new season the characters develop and the fics that follow are completely different than the ones from the year before. we react to what we’ve been shown and what we’ve gone through, and that turns up in our fics. 

as far as some fics where louis is the outsider/one who fucks up: 

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It was a bad idea to break off from her group of friends, but rabbit was at the back of the group anyway. noone would notice she was gone. she just wanted to be home, watching a movie or something. Rabbit stood against the wall, just inside the alley, and she pulled out her phone, Planning to get an uber home.

rabbit would hear laughing as a man in a white hoodie walked past her then turned jeffs wide smile and crazy eyes would pierce her as he held a rag to her mouth and nose soon she would black out to jeff saying “go to sleep~”

Go To Sleep (Let It Go Cover) - Preview
The One Music Maniac
Go To Sleep (Let It Go Cover) - Preview

Go To Sleep (Let It Go Cover) by The One Music Maniac

Original song “Let It Go” from the soundtrack “Frozen” owned by Disney.

Hi guys! Mr. Creepy Pasta asked me a while back to write Jeff The Killer lyrics to go along with the song Let It Go from the movie Frozen. But I don’t think we should let him have all the fun with singing! Once I have time to make a better recording, I will upload the full version onto my channel. Stay creepy! ;)





  1.  A listener said the songs jonghyun chose suits well with jonghyun so jonghyun said “See! writer nuna! they said the songs suit me! Thank you 7***-nim for telling me the songs suit me!”
  2. Jonghyun says he normally can’t sleep at this time. He says he normally search the internet, compose songs or watch movies at this time because he can’t sleep.
  3. A listener said her dad opened her door and asked her why she wasm’t alseep at this time, and then the father stayed with her and listened to the song together. Jonghyun says it’s good to be able to listen to songs together with your parents and told us to listen to the songs together with our family, say i love you and go to sleep.
  4. Jonghyun says at this time, women like to listen to sexy voices so he decided to play Jeff Bernat’s “Call You Mine”. Jonghyun then said “Jeff Bernat is an american singer, He is 24 years old right? Oh, same age as me? or is it not? Since it is american age, but anyway he is a singer from the same era as me, and he sings really well”
  5. Jonghyun said “Jonghyun’s freestyle” section will stop after the song, he said “I spoke alot about myself today but from tomorrow, i want to hear about you guys”
  6. Jonghyun read out a few other messages that praised him for doing well and asked for everyone to listen in everyday.
  7. Jonghyun says there are already alot of submissions of possible closing ment(s) and read out one which said “how about ‘let’s talk on the phone again tomorrow’?”, then he says “Woah! This is not bad, as if we are talking on the phone at this time, just like talking to your lover on the phone, I will discuss this with the PD-nim”
  8. A listener asked, “what will jonghyun’s ending/closing ment be? Will it be "Sleep well? Shall we go to sleep now?” Fix it now!!!“Then Jonghyun says, he have discussed this with the PD, writer nuna and his managers and concluded that since he can’t say "Sleep well~” or “Shall we go to sleep now?”, he decided to ask the listeners for suggestions and asked them to send it through text. So for today there won’t be any closing ment.
  9. Jonghyun was announcing the winners of the event for tonight and said “Don’t we normally have the music like "bam bam bam!” for announcement of winners on radio…?? Oh, since we are blue night, we shall do it quietly…“ㅋㅋㅋ
  10. I’m Jonghyun has ended! Jonghyun’s closing ment was "Until now it has been Blue Night, I’m Jonghyun!”


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@uniotodaki: Jonghyun said he will be playing Onew’s ost for tmrw ending and Taemin’s one the next following day.

PS:someone sent in a message asking “are you shinee’s jonghyun? if not, sorry.” and he’s like “YES I AM SHINEE’S JONGHYUN!!!!”