jeff the killer vs

Normal people vs.Creepypasta Fans

Normal people:FOR PETE’S SAKE!

Creepypasta Fans:FOR ZALGO’S SAKE!

Normal people:SHUT UP!!

Creepypasta Fans:STOP BEING A TOBY!!

Normal people:Scream HELP when being chased.

Creepypasta Fans:Scream JEFF!!WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?

Normal people:Just turn off the the game if it glitches

Creepypasta Fans:Tell BEN to stop Fucking around with the game.

Normal people:Organs are gross!

Creepypasta Fans:JACK!!I got a kidney for you!

Normal people:Could you please stop giving orders?

Creepypasta Fans:STOP!being a Slendy!Please!I beg you!!

Normal people:Ignore this.

Creepypasta Fans:Copy and paste this onto their profile.


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Sometimes I think know it’d I’d be better if I could forget you.

5/1/2016 (71/?)

They’re more than narrators Part 2

Here’s the link to part 1

Creepypastas/horror stories narrated AND written by the narrator.

1. “Don’t Attempt Brain Surgery on your Son” written and narrated by creepsmcpasta

2. “Jeff the Killer vs. Jane the Killer” written and narrated by themrcreepypasta

3. “Shot Nerves” written and and narrated by barnabasdeimos

4. “Buddy” written and narrated by creepypastajr

5. “Rest Stop” written and narrated by dimensionbucket

6. “The Orange Ball of Light” written and narrated by GettinSpooky

7. “Yellow Steps” written and narrated by theevilblackbunny

8. “Yellow Halogen” part 1 written and narrated by Scary Story Time with Liam