jeff the killer vs

Normal people vs.Creepypasta Fans

Normal people:FOR PETE’S SAKE!

Creepypasta Fans:FOR ZALGO’S SAKE!

Normal people:SHUT UP!!

Creepypasta Fans:STOP BEING A TOBY!!

Normal people:Scream HELP when being chased.

Creepypasta Fans:Scream JEFF!!WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?

Normal people:Just turn off the the game if it glitches

Creepypasta Fans:Tell BEN to stop Fucking around with the game.

Normal people:Organs are gross!

Creepypasta Fans:JACK!!I got a kidney for you!

Normal people:Could you please stop giving orders?

Creepypasta Fans:STOP!being a Slendy!Please!I beg you!!

Normal people:Ignore this.

Creepypasta Fans:Copy and paste this onto their profile.


It’s time for another round of Pasta vs Horror. Today’s challengers are Jason Voorhees from the Friday the13th movie series, against the infamous Jeff the Killer.

Both are downright terrifying in their own right, and one is most certainly doomed if they meet one of the two on a dark night, but let’s look at the stats.

Jeff the killer is a serial killer who is skilled with various knives, and uses them as his primary weapon. Just going from his original Cannon, he is a normal human with an abnormal tolerance to pain, and a shocking amount of speed and power. He waits and stalks his victims at night, using fear as another weapon in his arsenal, and when the time is right, he puts his victims ‘to sleep.’ Off Cannon, Jeff’s powers have varied, but he is hunted by Jane the Killer, who has successfully defeated Jeff once before.

Jason on the other hand is an undead murderer who arose to take revenge for his mother. He succeeds mostly. An almost Iron wall, Jason has been shown to take loads of punishment and keep going. Being hit by cars, shocked, burned, and shot, he continued to move. Nothing can stop him except for a few lucky protagonist. Power wise, Jason is near peak physical condition, augmented with supernatural power. His weapon of choice is his trademark machete, though it’s shown that he can use anything as a weapon. Off Cannon, Jason has faced one other horror Icon (Freddy Krueger) and with some help, emerged the victor.

This fight would certainly be one of the bloodiest around. Casualties of war would litter the battlefield, but truth be told, Jason would flatten Jeff. Jeff would inflict lots of damage, but that won’t stop Jason. What do you guys think?

Sometimes I think know it’d I’d be better if I could forget you.

5/1/2016 (71/?) THE LAST STAND OF JEFF THE KILLER, JEFF VS JANE AND TOBY! …..And maybe some robots..from a certain Pizza Place…hit hint