jeff the killer roleplay

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So, I talked to someone by the name of “PinkBelle” on AJ. I talked to them via jam-a-gram. they were roleplaying as Jeff the Killer, I started talking about how Jeff wasn’t that scary..

I log on today, and.

Keep in mind I never insulted them personally. I was talking about how bad Jeff the Killer was. They took this as a personal offense, summoned their friends and their backups and spammed my jam-a-grams and Jammer Wall.

Do NOT attack this user, report them and their backups and friends. Report them, do not engage is conversation, do not spam them. Just report them ‘til you are satisfied.

Also, I’ll point out I never blocked them. Also apparently me saying “Jeff was a bad creepypasta” can put me in jail.. Apparently.

I never “hit” them, so I don’t know what story they told their buddies.


How’s everyone been doing? ;p
((hOLY SHIT GUYS I AM SO SORRY I HAVE NOT CHECKED THIS ACCOUNT IN FOREVER SO I DIDNT SEE ANYTHING OMG IM SOO SORRY!!!! Please ask me lots of questions so I can get in cosplay and start answering them as soon as I get home from school tomorrow! I don’t even care if you go on anonymous or just say ‘hi’ to me, I need to get this Liu ask account more active so ask me anything.*^*))

Ticci:Good morning everyone jeffs still trying to wake up.But I’ll take it from here we are now online guys.Come rp with us or just ask us questions.Let’s just have a ton of fun guys.