jeff the killer art

i doodled this in my sketchbook about a month ago. didn’t think i’d digitalize it (let alone post it) but alas, here we are. never thought i’d draw jeff again, either. it’s been a while. it’s been 3 years. 

anyway, that fucker with the beanie is inky. he’s a character formed from my three old personas (before i just made my persona like me); blackie (2012/2013), inkblood - rebirth (nov2013/dec2013) and inkblood - proxy (dec2013/feb2014). he’s just a character, now. not sure wtf i’m going to be doing with him exactly -he’s been dead for 3 years now-, but we’ll see with time.

art and inky are mine / do not use
jeff belongs to his own sweet little ass