jeff the killer and me


The answer is yes

Here is what they say btw:

Toby: Highly Gay
Ben: High and Gay
Kagekao: Spooder
Eyeless Jack: Hentai Material
Jane: THICC Queen
Smile: Urban Dictionary
Jeff: Miss America
Liu: My Bro Was My Plastic Surgeon WBU?
Puppeteer: B My Fren
Bloody Painter: Van Gogh
LJ: Monochrome Toothpick
Tim/Masky: This is David
Brian/Hoodie: Lowkey Dead ( ;) )
Clockwork: WHORE


I don’t get it. I made the living room a mess, which was making it clean, which made Slenderman clean the living room, but that really means he’s messing it up. But the opposite of clean is filth, which means filth is clean, that means Slenderman is really making the living room a wreck, but I normally wreck the living room, which means Slenderman is being the opposite of Slenderman which means he’s Jeff!
—  Jeff the Killer
  • Nina: Does anybody here care about me?
  • BEN: Not really, You scare me.
  • Sally: Daddy said you're like Jeff, But worse...
  • Jeff: What?
  • Eyeless Jack: Not really.
  • Laughing Jack: I don't know you.
  • Lazari: I eat people like you.
  • Clockwork: Nah.
  • Liu: ....I only care about Nat so...
  • Toby: Wow, You guys are pretty fucking rude.
  • Masky: Would you be her friend Toby?
  • Toby: No.
  • Jane: Ignore them kid, They're all assholes. They don't know friendship when they see it, You're always welcome to be my friend.
  • Nina's thoughts: Holy shit I'm in love-