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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: Could you do jeff x reader where they’ve been best friends since they were kids but she’s dating Monty and jeff hates him but doesn’t wanna let her know, so they kinda drifted slightly, then something happens n Monty and her break up and jeff kisses her in the heat of the moment at a party in the middle of everyone
Word Count: 2,023
A/N: Not even going to lie, spent all day on this one! I’m really trying my hardest to get an imagine out a day and it’s so much work lol. Hopefully this is a good one, I have a few other requests I’m going to be working on so if you’ve requested something hang tight please! I’m trying my hardest to get everything out. Sorry for any mistakes, I literally had to retype this like five times. I hope you all like this one, enjoy! :)
Warnings: None
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff, Italicized Bold = Monty

           You and your boyfriend, Montgomery De La Cruz, walked down the Liberty High hallway hand in hand. To you, it was a perfect relationship. You’d always thought that both of you complimented each other perfectly, and frankly you knew you had changed him. Despite what others said about Monty, he was different. Sure, he had slight anger issues, but he could control them. The biggest thing he had learned during your relationship was self control and you were so proud of him. Both of you stopped when you reached your locker, you’d let Monty push you up against the metal and lean in for a deep, passionate kiss. It didn’t bother you that other people were watching, Monty loved showing you off to others so you were used to it. When he pulled away, both of you were out of breath and you smiled. “You know I’m hanging out with Jeff today, right?” His body became tense as he nodded. You knew he didn’t really approve of you spending one on one time with another guy, but Jeff Atkins was your childhood friend and you needed to make time for him too. “Well, he’s coming. We’re going to hang out now babe,” you giggled looking at him. He whined before giving you one last peck on the lips, “Have fun, I’ll call you later okay?” “Okay, love you!” “Love you too.” He walked away just as Jeff had gotten to your locker, you could see them give each some sort of glare, but you just shrugged it off. “Hey Jeff, how are you?” you stood up in front of your locker, grinning up at him. His face started to relax when he looked at you, and you were glad you couldn’t feel any negative tension. “I’m better, now.” You laughed and tugged on his jacket, “You ready?” He followed you out and you both of you started to walk to your house. “So….I was thinking and I can to the conclusion that we should watch something scary tonight, I’m in the mood.” You wiggled your eyebrows and Jeff laughed. “I don’t think your boyfriend would appreciate you cuddling under me, even if it is because you’re scared.” Gasping, you put a hand over your chest, “How dare you underestimate me! I’ll prove to you I’m not a scaredy-cat!” He shook his head, chuckling at your cuteness. Picking you up, he threw you over his shoulder, “Whatever you say princess.” The nickname he gave you stuck with you throughout your childhood, so it didn’t bother you. You kicked your legs and yelled, “Jeff put me down!” Looking around you, it was obvious people thought you guys were a couple. You decided a long time ago that you wouldn’t let things like this bother you because you loved Monty and he knew that, and that’s really all that mattered.
           When the two of you had reached your house, Jeff put you down so that you could open the door. You guys walked in and he immediately laid down on the couch. “It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to hang out. We’re drifting don’t you think?” “Everything happens for a reason.” You eyed him suspiciously, confused about what he was getting at. “What are you trying to say?” “Nothing, what do you want for dinner?” Walking over to the drawer, you pulled out a menu for your favorite Japanese restaurant. You had decided to forget about what he had said earlier but you knew it would bother you. “I think we should order sushi, trust me, you’ll love it.” he gave you a thumbs up, taking the menu to browse his options. “I’m paying!” You both shouted in unison, and you giggled. “Split the bill?” You asked, but of course he denied. Jeff always ended paying for the food. He never let you pay, and at times it made you feel bad. But on the other hand, it made you smile that he insisted on being the gentleman.
Later on, when you both had finished eating, you let Jeff pick out a movie for you two to watch. He picked out a scary movie, as you requested, called ‘The Strangers.’ You were almost positive that you would get scared, but you were determined to prove Jeff wrong. That was definitely easier said than done. Not even halfway into the movie you were shaking, and hiding behind Jeff. He laughed and offered to hold you but you refused saying that you weren’t scared. As soon as the movie was over, you got up to turn the lights on. “That was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” “I knew you’d be scared.” You shook your head while walking back over to him, “It’s late we should get to bed.” “Alright, I’ll take the couch.” Pouting you looked at him, “You can’t make me sleep alone, in the dark.” “Why? You scared?” He smirked, thinking the situation was funny.  “Shut up and hold me.”
           The next morning you woke up with your limbs tangled with Jeff’s. It was weird because you were used to feeling Monty’s body against you. He had a tight grip around your waist and it took a while before he let you get up. He groaned at the lost of contact and you giggled looking at him. “Mom made pancakes; I’ll race you to the kitchen!” You got a head start as he jumped off the couch and ran after you.
           Sunday night approached way too quickly and already Jeff was on his way out of the door. He had stayed at your house for the whole entire weekend. It wasn’t weird at all considering you guys were childhood friends and your parents loved him. They thought it was a good thing that you had put aside time to spend with your best friend. You stepped towards him, giving him a big hug before he left. “I’ve missed you, you know. I’m glad we got to spend time together. Stop being a stranger!” “I won’t, I promise. See you tomorrow.” You waved at him as he left to go home, “See you tomorrow!”
           To say this week had been hard was an understatement. Everything had seemed to be going downhill for you and you were really hitting rock bottom. Your grades were slipping, teachers kept on piling up the homework and not to mention Jeff won’t even look at you anymore. After the weekend you both spent together, you thought he would’ve kept his promise to you. It was weird because you’ve tried all week, but he just wouldn’t talk to you. You had no idea what had happened, because everything was fine when he left your house on Sunday, but now he won’t even give you the time of day. You missed him, you missed your best friend more than ever. The two of you had grown even more distant now, and you had no idea why. 
Staring back at the homework in your lap, you groaned. Sitting on the bleachers, you watched Monty’s baseball practice. He persuaded you to come, but you were tired and ready to go home. You occupied the rest of your time by playing on your phone. Time went by fast, and before you know it, it was time to go. Quickly you packed your stuff and met Monty at the bottom of the bleachers. You leaned in for a kiss, but he leaned back almost instantly. “We need to talk.” Your heart dropped and you played with the hem of your shirt, something you did often when you were nervous. “I think we should break up.” You were confused on where this was coming from. Yes, it was true your relationship wasn’t at its best right now, but it wasn’t burning either. “Why? I thought…I thought we were in a good place.” “I just…I don’t want to be with you anymore. We can still be friends though.” He gave you the fakest smile before turning and exiting the gym. “W-wait!” You called out for him but he kept walking, not bothering to turn around. You stared at the ground for a few minutes before leaving. The guys who had witnessed the breakup tried asking if you were okay, but you ignored them.
           When you got home, you slammed your door and leaned against it. It seemed like nothing would ever get better for you. Things were turning out worse than expected, and you didn’t know how to deal with them. You needed some type of escape from it all, and you decided Jessica’s party would be perfect. The party was tonight, and at first you decided against going, but you thought it would be an event that would help you get over Monty. Even though you knew he’d be there, as long as he didn’t try to talk to you, everything would be fine. Picking out one of your favorite black dresses, you set it out on your bed and went to shower. You did your hair and makeup before getting dressed, and then walked out of the door. Your parents didn’t really mind that you went to parties, as long as you took care of yourself. The first person you saw when you walked in was Jessica. You tried avoiding her, knowing she would ask about Monty, but seeing her was probably inevitable. “(Y/N)! You made it! Why didn’t you come with Monty?” “He didn’t tell you?” She shook her head, and started to look concern. “We um, we broke up.” She gasped, before a look of anger crossed her face. “It’s fine really, I just want to have a good time.” You smiled and she patted you on the back. She sent off to find Justin and you went to sit on the couch. You sat there with a cup of beer in your hand, not really wanting to talk to anyone. It was disappointing because you were supposed to feel better, but seeing all these people together just made you want to leave. The spot on the couch next to you dipped, and you looked to the side seeing Jeff. You sucked in a breath, and continued to stay silent. “Hey, how are you feeling?” You snickered before answering the question, “Shitty. My grades are slipping, Monty broke up with me and I’m surprised you’re even talking to me because you’ve been ignoring me all week.” He looked deep in thought, searching for the right words to say. You got up, deciding that you needed another drink. “Excuse me,” you said, having to walk through a game of 'suck and blow.’ Before reaching the other side, you felt someone grab your arm. You turned around and they swiftly captured your lips in a kiss. You heard people cheering in the background and relaxed into the kiss knowing it was Jeff. When he pulled away you just stared at him, “Jeff, not that I’m complaining, but why did you-” “I love you.” Shocked by his words, you grabbed his hand and pulled him into an empty room. Before you could even say anything, he spoke, “I’m just going to be honest, I hate Monty and the reason we’ve been getting distant is because you’ve been with him. I know it’s bad but I’ve loved you ever since we became friends and I hate the fact that he got to you first.” You knew that you felt something with Jeff, but you weren’t exactly sure if you were ready. Your heart was beating and you started to feel nervous. As much as you did not want to turn him down, you knew that you had to do it. “I don’t know if I’m ready, but I do love you Jeff. I really, really do it’s just…Monty broke up with me today, it’s hard to just bounce back so quick.” Tears ran down your cheeks but he wiped them away. “Hey, don’t cry. I’m going to be here when you’re ready, okay? I’ll wait for you.” You smiled while leaning in to hug him. “I love you Jeff.” “I love you too (Y/N).”


Si te sientes triste

(Imagen: Larisa-K)

Si te sientes triste, no estás en una ‘baja vibración’. No estás enfermo o dañado o no iluminado o lejos del sanar. No estás ‘atrapado en tu ego’ o atascado en el ‘yo separado’. No estás siendo negativo, y no necesitas ser corregido, y la tristeza no es un error, porque es la vida moviéndose en ti, y la vida no puede ser un error, jamás.

Sólo te sientes triste, eso es todo.

Es un estado de sensación desplegándose en la pantalla de la presencia brillantemente viva, eso es todo.

No se trata de un problema que necesite solución, o una tirita. Es una sagrada y preciosa parte de ti anhelando amor, aceptación, un abrazo, un descanso.

Has sido bendecido por la tristeza el día de hoy; fuiste elegido por ella como su hogar; no huyas de tan precioso regalo.

~ Jeff Foster

kakutsus  asked:

How about, Lius and Jeff's lil sis dating jane headcons? :^D

- Jeff is worried that Jane might be using his sister to get to him

- Liu is suspicious but is not acting on it… yet.

- Jane actually did start dating her for that reason but fell in love along the way.

- The sister actually found out and they broke up for awhile, 

- Jeff was happy but Liu could see how upset both girls were.

- He was the one who got them back together.

- Jane is now the best girlfriend ever.

- Jane is less flirty, more seductive when talking to her gf.

- Dates are more formal than other cp might do.

Ma grand-mère a des relations

Comme on est dimanche je rends visite à ma grand-mère qui habite près de Meaux (j'aurais dû sentir la chose venir).

Comme c'est la merde générale on se retrouve à parler de politique (ce qui est bizarrement plus agréable que d'habitude car en ce moment à la table familiale, tout le monde est d'accord pour dire que c'est la merde générale. Un peu plus de poulet rôti ?)

Comme je passe beaucoup trop de temps sur Tumblr en général et ce blog en particulier, je mentionne Jeff Copé. (Un peu plus de sel ?) Point ne soupçonné-je le rollercoaster émotionnel qui s'annonce.

- Mais je le connais bien, Jean-François, me dit-elle (en riant).

- Ah ouais, c'est ton meilleur pote, vous prenez le café, dis-je (en riant).

- Mais oui ! On tractait souvent ensemble à l'époque, me dit-elle (en riant toujours).

- Mamie attends tu déconnes, dis-je (en ne riant plus du tout).

- Mais non. Pas du tout. Je le connais bien. Il est très gentil, me dit-elle (en reprenant des pommes de terre).

- TU CONNAIS PERSONNELLEMENT JEAN-FRANÇOIS COPÉ ? hurlé-je (en projetant le poulet rôti à travers la pièce).

- Mais oui !


- Mais non !


Mamie se demande si j'ai secrètement entretenu une liaison avec Jeff, ou si je fais partie des légendaires 0,3%. Comment lui expliquer que tout est de la faute de Tumblr?

Bref : ils tractaient ensemble et militaient ensemble. Jeff est apparemment un homme “très gentil”, qui “joue brillamment du piano” et qui aurait dû “rester dans la musique.”

Ce blog me doit un poulet rôti.

(SUBMISSION) AJOUT DE L'ADMIN : je te fais tous les poulets rôtis que tu veux, ainsi qu'à ta grand-mère !

The Sculpted. That’s the preferred term, last I heard. Y’know– for Skews. Or Chimmers. Or Geneblurs. Or Hybos or whatever else the progressive and cohesive community comes up with next.

The Spire #1 (of 8)

  • Writer: Simon Spurrier
  • Artist: Jeff Stokley
  • Colorist: Andre´ May

Jane: Claramente, Nina y yo nos uniríamos y ganaríamos al prigao’ ese

Nina: (。♥‿♥。)

Jeff: Me pregunto si hay algún creepypasta que no me odie

*hacer click para mejor definición*
Thor Ragnarok: Spoilers


guys no one told me bruce banner and the hulk were going to make me cry bc of cuteness and bruce’s first reaction to trying to escape was “oh! I’ll just dress like Tony! He wears super-tight boyband pants!” Is just so endearing and it’s very like “oh! Tony would get out of this situation!” 

the scene with Natasha’s mentions were so very precious to me (Yes I Do Ship Them bc i like them) and Thor kept trying the lullabye and Hulk has grown in intelligence and 


also I really liked how they briefly mentioned “hey thor sorry that jane broke up with u” bc i think it’s nice instead of just shoving her to the side and going “hey that never happened ahahaa was her name jamie” like they did with betty ross (I will never be over the fact that they just never explained that) and thor was very confident in himself but at the same time knew his limits???

and oh god, those powers. That was insane. I would never have chosen that. 

AND HELA! oh my goodness, our evil queen. I absolutely loved how it was brought to light that Odin, while a benevolent king, had not always been so. (Brushing things under the carpet, so to say.) She was unrepentant about everything, and she basically just wanted to take over Asgard and rule as a dictator with ruthless efficiency, or something along those lines. 

Taika Waititi, you have done a wonderful job with this film. It was endearingly funny, and the fact that you could have all of these characters interact with different levels of casual-ness was so very nice. Thank you.