jeff should be a regular on this show


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these are the statistics they should really be talking about on wolf watch

  • left alive refers to Colton and Adelaide asking to leave the show, and being written off without a character death
  • I know Shelley was only in a couple of episodes, but I believe she’s going to be a regular next season?
  • there were at least four more regular/recurring male characters than female, and this graphic does not include Scott’s father, Deputy Parrish, etc. I may well have missed some others too.

I’m really mad at those hypocrite accounts that continue saying “We care about the show, no the pairings” but as soon as you don’t get what you want. You completely lose it, and start calling out Jeff, and the whole other ships for it, without considering other facts rather than you ship not happening so that’s why the show sucks or have bad ratings.

I’m going to elaborate here some points that I think are very important:

-          I liked this season, I didn’t LOVED it like I did with season 3b. But I’m not going to crucified Jeff for it because he got 2 months (s3b ended on March 24, 2014 and s4 started on June 23, 2014) he had 2 freaking months to elaborate a story for all of us. Practically the cast was filming at the same time an episode aired. And got nothing but 2 months to rest to be back and filming. Jeff and the cast work their asses off this season, and yes it wasn’t the most elaborate story line ever. I think he wanted to elaborate too many stories in only 12 episodes and it didn’t work out. Which made Derek and Lydia have such a small part this season, and I’m agree it was too short for regular characters.

-          Practically Jeff had to re-organize the plots because Crystal, Max/Charlie and Daniel decided to left, so of course he needed characters to fill those spaces. I know Malia’s character wasn’t development as it should have been, but I don’t know if anybody knows that Jeff didn’t know if Shelley was free to do the show as a regular and she signed the contract at the last minute. That’s why she came off adbrutelly on ep24. And the lack of time on s3 maybe was disappointed for that matter. I would’ve liked to see much of her well before season 4.

-          You guys come here saying a show sucks because “oh Stydia is not happening” or “Sterek won’t be canon.” That is ridiculous let me tell you. Especially because most of you fill out their mounts saying how the show is about the characters. The show is not having less raitings because of the pairings, it’s going down because there were 3 characters that people loved and they are gone. Allison was and still is my personal favorite. So was Scallison, but I’m not complaining about Scira, because personally I focus on how Scott’s character is growing up, and how sweet Kira is.

-          Season 5 will air on June 2015, we have literally a 10 months break. Enough time for the cast to rest because they deserved, enough time for Jeff to develop a story line for everybody, and he got 20 episodes to do it! A story line not only for Scott but for Derek and Lydia too. And Malia, Kira, Stiles and everybody involved. Teen Wolf is such a good show compare with a lot of supernatural shows right now. TVD is an example it’s just a failure in everything, even the pointless soup opera writing, the actors aren’t even interested anymore. Jeff tries to give us mystery, romance and action. And the actors enjoy doing what they do, most of you hate on Shelley but she’s so in love with playing Malia.

-          Liam, Kira, Malia, Mason and Brett are such a great additions to the show. People will grow up to love them just like people grew up to love Isaac or the twins.

I’m so tired will the bullshit “I’ll stop watching because the 11th tradition its broken now” “sterek won’t be canon”, cut off with this bullshit. You love the characters for a reason, and the actors work their asses off to make you guy’s enjoy something.