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I was just about to post a list of the fics I’ll be writing (right after I do those darn drabbles I always say I’ll finish). But my laptop charger broke, then my laptop died. Good news is that I ordered a new one on 2 day shipping and it should be in tomorrow or Wednesday. But for now, the wrestlers are in the tags.

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a totally regular normal boots club meeting
  • Hana: I don't want to lie anymore.
  • Shane: Hana--
  • Josh: Lie about what?
  • Hana: It's Mai. I've been dating Mai.
  • Jirard: Hana's not the only one!
  • PBG: You're dating Mai, too?
  • Jirard: What? No-- I... Satch has always been my best friend, but now I love him.
  • Nick: Wait a minute... Hana and Mai... Jirard and Satch? You mean... I've been keeping my relationship with Josh a secret this whole time for nothing???
  • Josh: Babe--
  • PBG: (uncontrollable sobbing) I thought I was the only one!
  • Paul: Wait, you have a boyfriend?
  • PBG: Yeah... Jeff, from Hidden Block...
  • Shane: Now wait a second! Is there anyone else who's going to come out?
  • Paul: ...I don't like anyone.

Asagao Doodle Dump #1

× At school this random idea came in my head where the Normal Boots club would perform Rocky Horror. Jared would be Frank N Furter. Mai would be Columbia. PBG as Magenta and of course Shane as Rocky. Maybe I’ll draw the other boys as the rest of the cast.

× Look at that mean bean machine. Shane is my bb and I need to protect him. I definitely related to him the most out of all of them, so he’s high on my list of faves.

× Thanks to Arin, I can’t get my SI ship out of my head. I’ve had the most fun creating her by far. Her and Jeff’s relationship is that type of relationship where they love each other enough to annoy one another.


Hey! I’m 3rd year student at Asagao, and I’m pretty good friends with The Normal Boots and Hidden Block Clubs. I know a lot of folks think they’re untouchable or whatever, so I started this blog to prove they aren’t! If you have a question or something, I’ll get you an answer!

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          “And you think I ENJOYED it?” Jeff never said the words out loud but Rick knew their meaning was implied in his questioning. Even after all those years, he still had a hard time dealing with his own actions. “He was my friend, Jeff. Hell, Shane was like a brother to me! No. I had to do it. He– he fucked my wife, okay? Him and Lori, they were together. He wanted me out of the picture so I HAD to do it. I had to kill HIM before he killed me.”

Happy Father’s Day! (Geez, I’m even later than on Mother’s Day, I’m sorry.)

I decided to draw Jeff and Shane with Wade and Ellie for this, because people seem to forget that yes, Ellie has two dads; Wade, her biological dad, and Shane, her fosterfather. Shane deserves to be celebrated just as much as Wade for being Ellie’s dad, and Jeff celebrated with them as well, of course.