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I Drew You Once In Art Class
  • I Drew You Once In Art Class
  • Antarctigo Vespucci
  • I'm So Tethered

When will I ever get it right? Maybe I’ll never treat you right. My eyes won’t settle anywhere, my mind is in the atmosphere. When will I ever treat you right? Oh oh, you know, I can be romantic. Oh oh, you know, I can wear nice clothes. Oh oh, you know, I can be romantic. Oh oh, you know…

Felt Just Like Vacation
  • Felt Just Like Vacation
  • Bomb The Music Industry!
  • Vacation

Bomb the Music Industry! - Felt Just Like Vacation

In truth, December destroyed me. January crushed me. By February, I was not myself. March rolled in like beatings and rolled out like a bear hug. In April I stared out the window for a fucking month. I don’t want October. I don’t want November. I don’t want to feel those crippling blows that I can’t explain to myself, my friends or you so I soften them with hours of Nintendo.

I'm So Gross
  • I'm So Gross
  • Jeff Rosenstock
  • Hey Allison! b/w I'm So Gross

My desires are to be smothered ‘til I can fall asleep.

My desires are to pack my days so I don’t have to think.

Get me fuzzy, crush my body, slam my bones in to the sea,

gather remnants, build me better so I don’t constantly BREEEEAAAAAK.


Darkness Records
  • Darkness Records
  • Jeff Rosenstock
  • We Cool?

Burn my Mona Lisa. I would like another chance to put stars in her eyes, fire pipes in the sky, and brass knuckles on her hands. She can breathe. She can see when you’re not watching. Throw away my letters. I would like another shot to put a shine in your smile, make your nights worthwhile like I’m with you when I’m not. I disappear and I reappear. I’m made of magic.

Get Old Forever
  • Get Old Forever
  • Jeff Rosenstock
  • We Cool?

When your friends are buying starter homes with their accomplishments
Drinking at a house show can feel childish and embarrassing
With people glaring because despite what the advertisements said:
Malt liquor doesn’t make you young.

I won’t empty the trash the trash the trash

istening to jeff rosenstock, can’t stop drawing these sad kids from we know the devil. you should go and BUY IT if you haven’t already

written by aevee bee with art by mia schwartz & music by alec lambert it is really really good. go support independent creators and weird creepy queer horror christian summer camp stories