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Our kids are both funny in different ways. They’re inherently weirdos. The littler they are, the smaller the filter on their weirdness. The youngest - she’s just pure, she says whatever she wants. Like if I tell her no to something - ‘No, it’s too late for cartoons, no more cookies today’ - she will very sincerely try to choke me to death. She’ll have her little tiny hands around my throat and I’ll just be laughing.
—  Tina Fey on her weirdo kids

“She starts preschool in a couple weeks, which I think is gonna be real interesting. Once I finally got her into preschool, and it was like a done deal, I was like “Hey, let me tell you some stuff about her…she is not potty trained, she’s allergic to nuts and she bites…so I gotta go…” - Tina Fey on her youngest daughter Penelope, 4.

Ellen: Do you know the sex of the child?

Tina: We decided we are going to wait. We’re going to find out…never.

Ellen: Ok

Tina: Not even after it’s born.

Ellen: Not even after it’s born?

Tina: I’m just going to see what it chooses to wear to prom.

Ellen: Give it time to figure it out. Good for you. Are you exhausted? Is this an easier pregnancy?

Tina: I feel pretty good. I’ve been lucky. Pretty easy pregnancies both times but it’s funny because now I’m oldie, olderson. I have what they call advanced maternal age. They look at me like I’m just going to explode. They treat me very gingerly.

  • Q: Who asked who to marry whom?
  • Tina: Jeff asked me to marry him... We were at a place called Lakeside Inn in Michigan, which was a real nice place.
  • Jeff: A beautiful creepy place, bodies buried all over it...
  • Tina: And uhm...I remember quickly that I came out of the little bathroom going like, 'Ugh, I think I got my period..' And he was like on one knee, he was like, 'No no no..' I was like, 'Oh!'
The other day, [my daughter Alice] came up to me very worried and asked, ‘Mommy, why does Date Night have so much love in it?’ If she sees me doing a scene with a man who’s not Daddy, she gets very upset. It’s nothing against Steve Carrell; Alice is just looking out for Daddy’s best interests.
—  Tina Fey, mom to now 7-year-old Alice, and Penelope, 1, on her daughter’s take on her acting career in 2010
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Tina’s first appearance on a talk show.

She just got engaged with Jeff! :D