jeff ratner

Am I crazy? This new theory of mine makes sense, right? 

Either Ratner only discovered that copy of Veronica’s paper on a downloadable college paper website because he was planning on cheating with a downloadable paper himself, or he decided that Veronica couldn’t have possibly earned her best grade in the class and took it upon himself to double-check if she’d cheated?

The first option would not also make him a cheater, but a hypocrite.

The second option would make him a sexist douche, considering that Veronica had already illustrated her intelligence and capability in her Criminology class several times already, and he had literally no reason to think she would have cheated (unless he was a sexist douche who assumed that women aren’t smart enough to earn the highest grade in the class).

Does that change the way you see Veronica not making amends to Ratner when she punished him by planting stolen hotel goods in his car? Because honestly it does for me.

Sunday Snippet, January 17, 2016

“Veronica, I’m going to tell you a story.  Let’s call it a fairy tale.  This young guy—totally green—fresh off The Farm gets sent out into the field.  He has a simple job.  Get the source to tell him a location.”

Veronica nodded, Jeff wasn’t usually the sharing type. “By ‘Farm’ I take it you don’t mean where you milked Bessy and shucked peas.”

“No Veronica, not that kind of farm.”