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This masterlist contains imagines of the following:

* 13 Reasons Why

Alex Standall
Clay Jensen
Hannah Baker 
Jeff Atkins
Justin Foley
Montgomery de la Cuz
Tony Padilla
Zach Dempsey

* Arrow

Oliver Queen

* Celebrities

Grant Gustin

* Glee

Finn Hudson
Sebastian Smythe

* Riverdale

Jughead Jones III

* Stranger Things

Dustin Henderson
Jane Hopper
Mike Wheeler
Steve Harrington
Will Byers

* The Flash

Barry Allen
Cisco Ramon

** I am currently writing 13 Reasons Why imagines using this prompt list

*** Make sure to check out my fandoms list and remember that I don’t write smut before requesting an imagine.

**** Requests are OPEN, so send them in!

***** Read at your own risk and have fun!

* 13 Reasons Why

Alex Standall

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* Boyfriend Material (Head Canon)

* Fix You

* Blood And Kisses

* Flawless

* If I Die Young

* Milkshake

* My Life

* Limits

Clay Jensen

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* I’m Here

* Safe Haven

* Project?

* Things That Mattered

* Falling Star

* Rescue You

* Tolerance

* Grenade

* Knock Knock

* Rainy Afternoon

* All About Us

* Make Me Cry

Hannah Baker

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* Save Her

* Compliments And Complements

Jeff Atkins

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* Sharing Is Caring (Part 1)

* Busted (Part 2)

* First Date

* Beautiful Girl

* Quite A Vexer

* Stop

Justin Foley

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* Falling Deeper

* Brave

* Video Games

* Flatterer

* Crying Shoulder

* Thief

Montgomery de la Cruz

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* Frenemies

* Proud

* Truth And Dare

* Doubts

* Avenger

Tony Padilla

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* Dream Boyfriend (Head Canon)

Zach Dempsey

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* Love Letters

* Night Changes

* Leave Me Breathless 

* Home

* You

* Family Dinner

* Knock You Down 

* Friends 

* Arrow

Oliver Queen

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* Where Were You?

* Let It Go

* Surprise

* Blood Is Thicker

* Battle Scars

* Reunited

* Irascible

* Celebrities

Grant Gustin

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* Nevertheless (Part 1)

* Malapropos Questions (Part 2) 

* Period Emergency Kit

* Glee

Finn Hudson

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* A Lovely Night

Sebastian Smythe

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* I’ll Stand By You

* Over Again

* Slushied

* Tricked

* Fooled

* Ohio

* Riverdale

Jughead Jones III

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* Ruined?

* It Ain’t Me

* Can’t Help Falling In Love

* Annoying

* Stranger Things

Dustin Henderson

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* Protection

Jane Hopper

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* Promise

Mike Wheeler

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* Between Us

* Blame

* Sick

* Doctor Love

Steve Harrington

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* Every Breath You Take

* Caught 

All Of Me

Will Byers

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* Siblings’ Love

* The Flash

Barry Allen

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* Million Reasons

* Soon To Be Parents

* Not-So-Secret Admirer (Part 1)

* Secret No More (Part 2)

* Little Things

* Hangover

* Oops

* Stress Reliever

* Please Don’t Go

* Life Is Worth Living

* Cheater

* Disappointment

* Shut Up

* One Last Time

Cisco Ramon

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* Requited Love

Connor’s dad

It is completely foul of Jeff to think that Connor is slumming it for being in a relationship with Oliver. It may not seem it to him at this very moment, but overall Connor has become a better person because of Oliver…however Jeff is choosing to turn a blind eye to his son’s matured reality and flag their relationship as a burden to his son’s alpha male lifestyle.

In a weird twist, Jeff’s opposition mostly stems from a deep rooted feeling of wanting to still live vicariously through the Connor of yesteryear. Jeff needs to move the hell on, be happy with his man and stop acting like a disgruntled stage mom.

I truly hope Connor doesn’t take to heart his dad’s misconceived thoughts on Oliver and does something wildly impulsive. He needs to stick to his words because he knows deep down that this relationship is the real deal! 💚


ParaNorman (2012) Dirs. Chris Butler and Sam Fell, Cin. Tristan Oliver

“They did something unforgivable because they were scared- just like you.”


I/II Two years ago world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz published the latest in her long-time series of Disney-themed celebrity portraits.

- Keira Knightley as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (with Jeff Koons)

- Rachel Weisz as Snow White 

- Beyonce, Oliver Platt, and Lyle Lovett as Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, and the March Hare

- Olivia Wilde and Alec Baldwin as the Evil Queen and Magic Mirror from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

- Penelope Cruz and Jeff Bridges in Beauty and the Beast

- Queen Latifah as Ursula from The Little Mermaid 

- David Beckham as Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty 

- Jennifer Hudson as Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

- Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gisele Bundchen, and Tina Fey as Peter Pan, Wendy, and Tinker Bell

- Whoopi Goldberg as the Genie


its only my style to be Secret please bring me five can of olives


MMPR Season 1 - Unmorphed Badassery

How to Get Away With Murder’s Jack Falahee Has an Idea About Who Should Play Connor’s Mom Now That We’ve Met His Dad(s)

And you thought your family dynamic was intense.

In tonight’s new episode of How to Get Away With Murder, fans finally learned some of Connor Walsh’s (Jack Falahee) history, thanks to the surprising arrival of his dad Jeff (guest star D.W. Moffett) and Jeff’s husband, Ted (Jim Abele). Yes, it turned out that in the Walsh family, all the men really were born that way, only it took Jeff a little longer to figure that out that Connor, as Jeff revealed to Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) that the hunky law school dropout came out to his parents at the tender age of 12, inspiring his dad to finally admit a hard truth about himself. Which he did exactly one week later. As we witnessed throughout the episode, it was a move that’s caused tension between father and son ever since. Understandably so, according to Falahee. 

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