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Please remember that Deaton is the first one to say that Lydia and Stiles have a strong connection/emotional tether. That’s why Scott told her (to Lydia) that too and Malia agreed too. And I personally think that when Lydia kiss Stiles in 3x09 it’s when it all changed, she starts to see Stiles from a different view and the feeling for him starts there. 

And I sincerely believe the rift didn’t open just because of Lydia. It open because of his best friend/brother Scott, Malia and, of course, Lydia. We can’t deny that Malia and Scott weren’t important in his life! That boy is like family to him and that girl is his first girlfriend (and he had sex with her for his first time). So that’s why I think the rift start opening with all of their memories but because of the strong connection Stiles have with Lydia (and for the purpose of the show/rating/fans) it opens.

And I do remember reading somewhere that Jeff said the kiss wasn’t just a kiss. Like Lydia said, it’s when it all changed. 

I haven’t watched the Mindy Project in a long ass time, but can you not just hear these prime quotes come out of Kent Parson’s mouth:

• Kent: What is to become of me? My modeling days are over.
Jeff: You’ve got nice feet.You could post these on some foot fetish websites.
Kent: Thank you. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.

• Kent: I fell asleep watching the movie Amelie. And when I woke up, I had spilled so much red wine on myself I thought for a second I had been shot.

• Kent: Relax. I’ve been pulled over a hundred times and I’ve never once gotten a ticket.
Tater: How?
Kent: The way I get out of everything: lying and crying.

• Kent: I would never promise that. All I’ve wanted in my life is to abandon all my friends for a boyfriend.

• Kent: Dear Lord, please let this date be good. May he have the wealth of Mayor Bloomberg, the personality of John Stewart, the face of Michael Fassbender… the penis of Michael Fassbender.


some of my mother doodles

NeoGaf user EmCeeGramr posted this pretty thorough checklist of things to expect during this year’s GOTY deliberations. Get ready for it!

“ Guys I’m going to go out on a limb with some predictions

-Alex brings up a game just to mention it

-Jeff decides that a discussion or decision is over without it actually happening

-Brad quadruples down on some point as if it’s religious dogma and then three days later uses the directly opposing argument when it’s convenient

-Vinny concedes a point when he was making the most sense, just to be nice

-Jeff dismisses some beloved game out of hand because it didn’t appeal to his tastes, acts befuddled that other people are nominating it and tries to shut it down and move on as fast as possible

-A category ends with an inexplicable “I have to listen to this to hear how they hell they decided this” decision because nobody can agree on what the category actually means, or they arbitrarily decide that it means something different this year because ???

-Brad goes “Oh come on” and basically argues that he’s entitled to one category win because someone else was happy with an outcome

-Jeff gets a game in a prime spot on the list that only he cares about and nobody really argues against it

-Most Disappointing Game once again devolves into a semantics battle of whether a game is bad or whether it’s just disappointing or whether that matters this year, as well as someone arguing that they personally weren’t excited for it so it can’t be disappointing - the final result is baffling

-Brad’s arguments for or against a game begin to get so heated that he starts exaggerating claims to the point of pure falsehoods

-Someone introduces a joke category purely for a single thing they wanted to recognize

-Drew speaks up once to say his piece and then disappears into the background”

I added to someone else’s post a while ago about music I like with women and girls singing and/or on instruments, but I found more, so here’s an updated list:

Bands with girls on instruments/back-up vocals:

The White Stripes

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Jeff Williams and Casey Lee Williams (technically they’re the theme music for the series RWBY, not a band, but it’s good music, so I’m including it anyway)


Sick Puppies



Female-Fronted Bands:

The Agonist (and with their new singer)

Arch Enemy (with their previous singer)



Tonight Alive






The Distillers

Fit For Rivals

Butcher Babies




The Birthday Massacre


Diva Destruction




Within Temptation

All-Girl Bands:




The Applicators

Care Bears on Fire

Fabulous Disaster

Girl in a Coma






jeff and annie appreciation week
day six: favorite j/a alternate timeline

“How much effort do I rate?”  
              “For you…? I’d… break a  l i g h t  sweat.”

Some more songs for the lovely @sarcasticallystilinski and anyone else <3

Your Flesh is so Nice By Jeff Buckley
2am By Slightly Stoopid
Hall of Fame By The Script
Come Up For Air By Skylar Grey
Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home By Keira Knightley
Cool Kids/Riptide By Less Is More
Words Remain By Moderator
Yes Girl By Bea Miller
Friday Nights By Bitter’s Kiss
Chameleon By Pnau
Janie’s Got A Gun By Aerosmith
One For Me By Ryan Hemsworth
The Right Song By Free n Losh
Valley By London Summers
Roll My Weed By Bridge
So High By Doja Cat
No Police By Doja Cat
Night Job By Bas
Lock It Up By Marc E. Bassy
Shameless By Job Jetson
Skin By Mac Miller
Balmain Jeans By Kid Cudi
Location By Khalid
I Won’t Lie By Falcons
Heartburn By Wafia
Now and Later By Sage The Gemini
Drop That Kitty By Ty Dolla $ign
Say Something Loving By The xx
Just Hold On By Steve Aoki
Neptune By Sleeping At Last
Moio By Myah
Cash By Myah
For the Record By Myah
Circus Freak By Myah
Jenny From the Block By Jennifer Lopez
Promiscuous By Nelly Furtado
Everything I Do By Timeflies
Check It Out - Main Radio Mix By
Who’s Gonna Love You By The Pussycat Dolls
How Far I’ll Go By Alessia Cara
Too Little, Too Late By JoJo
Adore By Amy Sharks
Spirits By The Strumbellas
The Ghost In Your Smile By Jarle Skavhellen
Good Together By HONNE
TBH By Bonjr
Changed My Number By L.A. VanGogh
Onward By Flakes
TBC By Ama Lou
The Story I Heard By Blind Pilot
The Girl By City and Colour
Different Hos By Blackbear
Mothercreep By FKA twigs
Happiest Man on Earth By Broken Back
Recognize By Win and Woo
Arrest Me (Noah Breakfast Remix) By Shy Girls
Nervous By Blackbear
Sleep Deprived By LEON
Two Weeks By FKA twigs
Deadwater By Wet
Sniffing Vicodin in Paris By Blackbear
F**k With U By Pia Mia
Electric By Alina Baraz
Tee Shirt By Birdy
Mr. President By Pia Mia
Switch By Roy Woods
Terrible Love By Birdy
Blue Lights By Jorja Smith
Take My Heart By Birdy
Drive By Oh Wonder
If This Is Love By Xavier Omar
Greetings from California By Neighbourhood