jeff mueller


James Comey seems like the kind of guy who might be intimidated by Trump and Jeff Sessions, but Robert Mueller looks like he means serious business. If I were on the Trump administration, I would be troubled af. This cat is NOT gonna back down

And reportedly, some of the best criminal prosecutors possible are being assembled 😊😊

Bonus: the news of the obstruction of justice investigation dropped on Trump’s birthday 😊😊😊

Extra Bonus: it’s a safe bet that Robert Mueller isn’t gonna stop at Trump. This means Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions are probably being investigated too 😊😊😊😊

Okay, take my hand and come with me on this one guys…. 

On top of the various congressional, FBI and state level investigations, we have Robert Mueller. 

Mueller is the Special Counsel appointed by the Justice Department to run an independent investigation into the Russian Connection, Flynn, Comey’s firing, and now, it’s been reported that he is looking into POTUS for Obstruction of Justice. 

A Special Counsel normally reports to the Attorney General, who would present the findings to Congress and the nation. 

Except, Jeff Sessions has recused himself because of his attachment to the Trump Campaign.

Which means Mueller now reports to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. 


Rosenstein wrote the memo that White House claims is the reason Comey was fired.  

Which means the investigation involves him. 

Which means he will need to recuse himself. 

Which means…. 

Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand may be about to become the person responsible for all of this mess.