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This mix contains all chill songs for you to listen to. Whether it be for studying, reading, taking a bath, or just simply winding down, this mix is for you. (x)


Erase - Hyorin x Jooyoung // Mileage (ft. YDG) Yonghwa // Gentleman (ft. eSNa) - Mamamoo // Beautiful Tonight - Jonghyun // So Pretty - C-Clown // Just - Zion.T x Crush // Angel 2 Me - McKay x Jeff Bernat // Want U (ft. Beenzino) - Junggigo // Empty - Winner // Rainy Days (ft. Jun.K) - One Way // Drinking Coffee - Urban Zakapa // Come As You Are (ft. Verbal Jint) - Phantom // Coach Me (ft. Jooheon) - San.E x Hyorin // Cold Rain - 4Minute // Love Love Love (Acoustic Version) - EXO // No More - Beast // Pillow (ft. Kihyun) - Soyou x Giriboy // The Promise - Jay Park // Marilyn Monroe - Rain // My Love - Eddy Kim // Flat Shoes (ft. Lovey) - Crucial Star // This is Love - Super Junior // Like a Movie - 2PM // Come Back Home (Unplugged Version) - 2NE1 

Get to know me tag !

I’ve been gone for legit so long lolol bc I don’t have much time to write with school and all that stuff :((( But I was tagged by @insomniac21 :)))

Rules: Answer 30 Questions then tag 20 blogs


1. Nicknames: T, Tantan, Tan-man, Trashvir

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Sagittarius 

4. Height: 159 cm/ 5′2

5. Time: 12:04pm.

6. Birthday: December 1

7. Favourite bands: NCT, Winner, iKon, Blackpink

8. Favourite solo artists: Taemin, Dean, Taeyang, Xia Junsu, Yoo Youngjin

9. Song stuck in my head: Angel 2 me - mckay ft jeff bernat “lady i love uuuu”

10. Last movie watched: Kingsmen 2

11. Last show watched: Attention, Love! (amazing Taiwanese show y'all need to get on!!!!)

12. When did I create my blog: 2014/15?

13. What do I post: Posts make me yell in a bad or a good way, pretty scenery, mostly memes & funny faces

14. Last thing googled: SM fanbook

15. Do you have other blogs: my on the side Tao blog that I last posted like 4 yrs ago hahaha

16. Do you get asks: nope unless its for an imagine req (that i still need to get on 👀🙇🏻)

17. Why did you choose your url: it was minwhores-wife-4-lyfe first bc i love minhoe from winner lolol but then i changed it to chittaphon cause he #1 in ma heart rn besides the 49 other guys in there 🙇🏻

18. Following: 123 (unintentional lolol i don’t follow many peepz cause it floods too much)

19. Followers: 269 

20. Favorite colors: red 👄

21. Average hours of sleep: fluctuates from 6-9 hours lolol

22. Lucky number: 6 or 65

23. Instruments: know the basics of piano, wanting to learn the drums, and i sing lolol but not in a choir anymore and more by myself in the car/at home

24. Outfit atm(made one up cause it was accidentally deleted): grey sweats, grey cropped short sleeve and my famous tri-coloured poncho 

25. How many blankets I sleep with: two on my right side, one huge one on the left to make walls around me so the sun don’t wake me up also bc it makes me feel safe and then one light one over me cause i sweat in the night lolol

26. Dream job: Architect or a chef or a singer or a teacher or all in one lolol

27. Dream trip: Egypt, Greece, Spain, Korea, Thailand, Italy, Taiwan, England & sum more all together. Like take a year or two off just for this

28. Favourite food: Veggie samosas (I’m a vegetarian lol), shahi paneer & naan, mac & cheese, yam rolls, pasta, chole bhature (chickpea stew & thing that i can’t rlly explain in english.) 

29. Nationality: Canadian (i am ethnically punjabi tho but born here lolz ma parents are from punjab😎)

30. Favourite song now: Close to you - Karen Lin, Crazy 4 U - Taemin (iM DAMN CRAZY 4 U TOO HOMIE)

Tag 20 pals! (I don’t have 20 ppl bc i barely have any friends on here lolol buuutttt)

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