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Masterlist NHL imagines

I will try my best to write as many imagines about the players. Please be patient, I have exams coming up soon!


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NHL team


I also have a prompts list specially made for the NHL.

* this means there will be an imagine coming soon

Arizona Coyotes

Michael Latta

  • Let’s make a baby! x 

Boston Bruins

David Pastrnak 

  • Secret lovers x

Buffalo Sabres

Alexander Nylander

  • Unexpected love triangle x (with William Nylander)

Calgary Flames

Eddie Lack

  • Push, baby, push! x *

Sean Monahan 

  • My waffle wife x

Carolina Hurricanes

Sebastian Aho

  • Quick peck and secret meetings x

Jeff Skinner

Dallas Stars

Tyler Seguin

  • ‘Let’s live a little baby’ x

Edmonton Oilers

Leon Draisaitl

  •  He did it! x

Toronto Maple Leafs

Auston Matthews 

  • Please don’t cry x

William Nylander

  • Graduation Gift x 
  • Unexpected love triangle x (with Alexander Nylander) *

Washington Capitals

Nicklas Bäckström

Takeout and Netflix

Originally posted by theexpendablegirl

A/N: There is a serious lack of Jeff Hardy Fics! So here is another one! :D

Pairing: Jeff Hardy X Reader

Summary: You and Jeff are watching movies and he recalls something that you said a while back.

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 500+

You said nothing as you opened the door. Jeff stood there a bag of takeout in one hand and an overnight bag in the other.

“You, Me, take out, Netflix, whatca ya say?” You folded your arms over your chest and stared him down for a moment. He tilted his head, raised his eyebrows and smiled. You smiled and stepped to the side. “Get the hell in here.”

Jeff smiled and slipped in the door, dropping his overnight bag and kicking his shoes off. You locked the door and followed him into the living room.

Now you laid beside him on the small couch. One of his arms acted as your pillow while the other was draped around your waist. The containers from your dinner were tossed halfheartedly on the coffee table.

Jeff’s jacket and shirt were tossed over the chair in the corner after he was afraid he would stain them. The throw blanket covering only half of your bodies.

“Oh shit, he’s gonna go in there!” Jeff murmured behind you. You shifted against him, trying to cover your eyes without him knowing.

Jeff felt you shift against him once against. It must’ve been the tenth time in two minutes. “Are you okay?”

“No! This fucking movie is scary, but you’re into it so I’m trying not to scream and- WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? HOLY SHIT!”

Jeff’s eyes snapped up to the TV. “Holy shit is right! That looks amazing!” You pulled the blanket of your eyes. “No, no, no, no, no! NO!” You said. Jeff was laughing behind you as screaming came from the TV.

Still curled up with Jeff, you now watched a movie of your picking.

Jeff leaned forward over your body and grabbed the remote. He flicked the TV off. “Hey! I was watching that!” You groaned, rolling around to look at him. “I watched your whole scary movie! You have to watch mine!”

Jeff settled back into the couch, looking down at you. “Do you remember when we watched that romantic movie in the theater? The one where the guy confessed his love for his best friend?

You nodded your head. “Yeah. Why?” Jeff looked at you, eye flickering over your face. “Do you remember when you said you wanted a man to confess his love for you in that kinda way?”

You titled your head. “Jeff, where is this going? I’m confused.”

“Just answer the question.” You rolled your eyes. “Yes, I remember. Why?”

Jeff took a deep breath. “When we’re together….I feel at home like there is nowhere else I should be or need to be. You’re my home. You always have been. I want to be more than friends with you. I love you.”

You stared at Jeff for a long moment. You watched his face change from one of confidence to one of worry. 

“If you don’t feel the-” Leaning forward, you attached your lips to his, stopping whatever he was going to say. Jeff wrapped his arms around you, pulling you up so you were laying on top of him.

Your lips were locked in a heated kiss. Hand roaming over each other’s bodies. Yours settled on his chest, while his settled on your ass.

You pulled away from him, needing air. Jeff looked up at you, his breathing heavy. “Tell me. Say the words.”

You chuckled breathlessly. “I love you.”

remember that heartbreaking episode of grey’s anatomy after denny died when izzie just laid on the bathroom floor in her prom dress for days because she couldn’t bear to even move?

i want a fic where scott does the same thing. where after allison dies he goes home and locks himself in his bathroom and just cries. and he stays there for days, in the clothes covered in allison’s blood, laying on the bathroom floor because it hurts so much he can’t do anything else

and everyone comes to see him, tries to talk to him, but he won’t open the door for anyone. not his mom, not lydia, not kira, not isaac, not even derek. and he feels like a dick for it, because he knows they’re hurting too, but he just can’t bear for them to see him like this, all weak and raw and broken.

but then stiles finally shows up, and he says “i’m sorry i took so long to come see you, i was just…you know,” and scott gets the unspoken message loud and clear. that stiles blames himself for everything, for allison, and scott’s chest aches.

and he opens the door and lets him in, because it’s stiles, and stiles has seen him at his worst. he was there when scott fell off his bike and had to be rushed to the ER when they were nine, he was there when allison broke his heart the first time, he was there when his dad left him and his mom. he’s always worn his heart on his sleeve for stiles. 

so he lets him in and he sits back down on the floor, back leaning against the bathtub, and he doesn’t say a word, because he can’t. and stiles doesn’t say anything either, he just sits down next to scott and puts an arm around him and lets scott put his head on his shoulder and they just sit there in silence

and awhile later scott tells him “you don’t have to do this, stiles,” because he knows it’s stiles’ m.o. to talk his way through shitty situations and he feels bad for pulling him into this silent pity party

but stiles just shakes his head and says “first of all, i’d do anything for you, period, so don’t give me that. and second, i’m not just doing it for you. i miss her so much it feels like i’m dying, man.”

and then the brave face stiles had tried so hard to keep intact crumbles and he’s sobbing, and scott’s been there for so long that he’s all cried out but he reverses their roles and lets stiles lean into him and he holds him while he cries and his heart feels like it’s going to explode with how much he misses allison and how much he loves stiles

Headcanon No. 30

Fighting and Body headcanons

Jeff: He’s pretty lean. He falls into the ‘Quick Fight’ Category. Which means he needs to be agile and thinner in order to dodge people who try to fight back. But he can easily knock someone out. Of course, he’s stealthy, so he can kill easily without being noticed. In case he needs a quick escape he can jump out the window no problem

Laughing Jack: A tall spindly boi. His ribcage is terrifying. The way his body is built makes him look like a caricature. When he fights he will snake around his victim and use his claws to hold them in place before he eats them. His scent is like that of a carnivorous flower, it draws children near him.  It’s truly a sight to behold. When he eats his victims his jaw will unhinge like a boas constrictor’s. 

Eyeless Jack: He is built. Before he turned into a man eating demon he worked out when he was in college. He likes routine so he maintains his regimen even now that he is a demon. When he is hunting he crawls on all fours. His nails are exceptionally sharp and they help him climb things like buildings. He can’t go up too far though or else his arms will give out. When he finds a suitable meal he while wait till they sleep then stand above them and breathe heavily until they wake up. This is purely to scare the shit out of them. When they wake up he grabs them and knocks them out before biting their wrist and dragging them out of the house. He only acts this way when he hunts. He is rather civilized when he isn’t searching for his next meal.

Jane: She is curvy but fast. She hits hard and is a perfect match in a fight against Jeff. When she fights him or anyone who aids him she is quick to dodge. She uses her surroundings as weapons/protection and utilizes trickery as her main weapon. Jeff lacks intelligence and Jane lacks immense strength. They balance eachother out resulting in hour long fights. 

Masky: He doesn’t like exercising but being on the run all the time makes up for it. Jane likes sleeping on him. She says he is comfy. When he fights he uses what’s around him. A pole or piece of wood works for him. A gun is a rare tool for him because he’s usually caught without one. 

Hoodie: He’s lean like Jeff. His forte is guns and close quarter fighting, small concealable knives work a charm when he gets into a rough situation. He can duck away from punches easily and has a strong left hook that rivals Jeff’s. 

Toby: He has a bit more muscle than Jeff. When he swings his hatchets you better duck because they could take your head off in one swoop. He is what one would call a ‘doesn’t fucking look where he’s fucking swinging’ fighter. He causes a lot of damage in just one fight and his accuracy is off. Most of the time he is enraged at the person he is killing because of whatever the person did. He goes after people like his father. 

Please note that I do not think these headcanons are gospel to the stories. This is just how I first imagined them. I actually like some others’ headcanons and have imagined them like that more than I imagine the Pastas and Hornets as my own headcanons.