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Last night the Academy hosted a tribute to Producer / Director Richard Donner, who helmed such films as The Goonies, Superman, Lethal Weapon, and many others. On hand to praise him were those who have worked with him and those who have been inspired by his work. Top photo (l-r) Corey Feldman, Joseph Mazzello, Mel Gibson, John Savage, David Morse, Rene Russo, Lauren Shuler Donner, Richard Donner, Danny Glover,Geoff Johns, Carol Kane, Ke Huy Quan, Brian Helgeland, Kevin Feige and Jeff B. Cohen. 

Soccer Showdown by virusgarua
Xiaolin Showdown vs. The Last Airbender?
Whoever wins, this is going to be an awesome game!!! #SaveXiaolin 📣📣💥

I Challenge You… By Surfer Draik (deviantart)
I’ve always enjoyed all the creative showdowns this show came up with! From the “Space Jam” basketball showdown, to the “truth or lie” game, and who could forget the Jurassic Chess game with the British T-Rex? #SaveXiaolin 🔥💨💦🗾