jeff gates

When watching a movie, do you find it enjoyable or valuable if the film makes you feel predominantly disturbed?
Uhh, that’s not something I generally look for in a film. I like a good psychological thriller, but I wouldn’t say that I look for movies that make me feel “predominantly disturbed.”

How do you feel about people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos having so much power and control in the world? Do you believe that any one person should have so much power?
If they use it for good then it can be, well, good. I’m not familiar with Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, but I know Bill Gates does a lot of good things with his money. So long as you don’t let it get to your head or use it for the wrong reasons, then I don’t see too much wrong with it.

Have you ever narced on someone? If not, what could someone do that would cause you to snitch, or what is something others might snitch on but you would let slide?
Nothing serious. Just like tattling on my brother if he didn’t do his part of emptying the dishwasher or like telling my mom when my dad lets our dog get on the couch (she doesn’t like that). haha.

Do you enjoy teaching people, particularly about subjects or skills you are passionate about?
I enjoy when others do that with me. I suck at explaining stuff and oftentimes I feel like people aren’t interested in the things I am.

Has your anxiety alone ever prevented you from doing something you wanted to do?
Oh you betcha. It’s prevented me from doing  a lot of things. Still does.

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American billionaires dominate FORBES’ first ever list of the 100 Richest People In Tech. Bill Gates  –who’s also the world’s richest man – ranks number one among tech tycoons, with a net worth of $79.6 billion. Number two on the list is Larry Ellison, founder of database software firm Oracle, with a net worth estimated at $50 billion.The third richest on the list is Jeff Bezos, whose net worth shot up dramatically in July after surprised analysts and reported a rare profit for its second quarter. See the full list here.