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brutalhamster in one of your AUs?

“So you’re from way out there, huh- I guess my life pales in comparison, no puns intended.” Ian watched the stars unblinking, unaware of being the object of complete attention for the boy next to him.

“There are millions of billions of stars- of planets- of systems and black holes- of moons, of bodies of water, of creatures of the known and the unknown and I wouldn’t pick a single other place I would rather be than wherever with you.”

Ian glanced over to him warily, but quickly had to look away from the big old smile Jeff had for him. “Okay, I’ve never blushed because I have no blood but I feel like if I could, now would be the time I would- Just saying that.”

Kai’s Top Picks of 2016!

Our Teen Advisory Board members picked their favorite books/movies/CDS of 2016 and if they were looking forward to anything coming out (that they knew of) in 2017!

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opinion on jeff azoff?

There was quite a lot of discussion about him this week, wasn’t there? Haha.

I think that he’s a polarizing figure. I think people have their own reasons for either not liking him or liking him. I think that regardless of which half of the coin one falls, they’re entitled to their opinion and the reasons behind it and that those reasons shouldn’t be ignored/reduced/diminished/what have you. It’s not fair to anybody, in my opinion. And sometimes those reasons might not make sense, but sometimes *people* don’t make sense – I mean, how many times has anybody, for no reason at all, just had a *feeling* about somebody or something? That something is a little off? And yet somebody else could see that same person in a completely different light and think you’re nuts for your opinion – same idea here, and I think in some cases this fictitious person is as personally known as Jeff is to us, tbh. 

My opinion… I think he’s a very smart manager who, thus far, seems to be handling Harry’s career well, and as somebody who wants to consume that career (give me the albums, Harry), I’m very pleased with that. As long as we see smart promotion that benefits Harry and puts him in positive favor with the industry and allows him to build and be shown respect, that’s ok. x


“E’ stato fantastico riunirsi e sedersi a parlare con @BTS_bighit.
Grazie ragazzi per tutte le vostre parole gentili e per avermi concesso un’intervista così bella”


“Aneddoto divertente: V mi ha detto che adora il mio account twitter! Ahah e ha detto che lo terrà ancora d’occhio! Gli ho detto di salutare pure qualche volta😊”

(N/B:* Parte dello staff di Billboard)

Traduzione a cura del Bangtan Italian Channel Subs (©Mira)