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Jasmine and Jafar talking about tigers, suitors, and…fish-fuckers?

Ja'far returns to the Palace to welcome a very important visiting Prince from the land of Pik-zahr, but wait! Isn’t the Princess known to sick tigers on visiting Princes?! I really hope you haven’t goofed this one up, Ja'far!

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30 Day Starkid Challenge- Day 20: Fave Twitter/FB Photo

because choosing one is impossible, I chose 30 XD

Neglecting Stalia

Okay I know that when this is posted there is no doubt going to be an army of Stydia supporters coming at me with pitchforks and knives, but I need to get this out…
Malia was Stiles’ first for a lot of things, as was Stiles for Malia. The fact that he had been obsessed with one girl (Lydia) since third grade and then found Malia shows how much Malia must mean to him. I know I’m not the only one that has had a crush on someone and been gutted when they don’t notice me. That’s what happened to Stiles with Lydia. Whereas Malia was always there for him and still is. Stiles was always there for her and still is. He stood up for her when everyone else was questioning her. Malia never judged Stiles. Malia was the first girl that Stiles had a proper relationship with, not his relationship with Lydia that is always one-sided. Malia found comfort in being with Stiles. He pretty much gave her a family. He helped her believe that murder doesn’t run in her family. He noticed the little things about her and knew her better than the others. She never judged him when he was VoidStiles or when he killed Donovan. She only wanted him to be okay. When she said “It didn’t matter to me.” I feel like she meant for it to come across as “It’s okay. I know you’re not a bad person.” Especially since he never judged her about the bad habits she had.
Let’s not forget the time that Malia ran off to find where the noise was coming from and Stiles - the boy who never leaves his jeep behind - was going to ditch fixing his jeep and go after Malia.
Stiles felt like crap when Malia found out about Peter, and Malia felt like crap when he broke up with her in the car.
When someone has been in a relationship for as long as they were, they can’t just neglect the whole situation. I don’t care about the whole Stydia situation happening in season 6, but I am annoyed at the fact that Jeff Davis seems to think that it should be so easy for Stiles to move on from Malia when they were each others’ first for a lot of things including their all mighty v-card. No matter how stubborn both characters are, they aren’t the type to just move on so casually. Jeff Davis I hope you don’t ruin and neglect Stalia, but instead make it something memorable just like they are.


Nick Lang: “This is the last day of our summer season. And thanks for making… it’s been 5 years now. Thanks for giving us a reason to keep coming back!”

You welcome Nick =) Always…

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starkid 30 day challenge: day 30

why you love starkid

There is no real way to describe why I love team starkid….. it is one of  those things you cant find a fault in, the musicals are amazing and are so well written as well as performed.The songs are brilliant I’m always singing one in my head. Some of the songs make you laugh, some of them make you tear up and I can relate to so many of them . All the team are wonderful, they’re kind, talented and just a mix of all sort of good. Their friendship makes me so happy, they’ve achieved so much, they started as a small group of college friends who wanted to make a parody musical and now thousands of people know their names.It gives me hope that one day I  will find great friends like them and I will achieve something awesome. starkid cheers me up when I’m depressed, I listen to a few songs or watch a musical and I feel so much better. Even though none of my friends love them,I do and so do many others and I can share my love with the fandom. starkid is a part of me and I will always remember them, how they made me laugh, cry and  made the world a little brighter.

And that is the end of the 30 day challenge.

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myself and the-perks-of-being-in-wonderland (Emma) have decided that we’re gonna pursue the idea of StarKid performing a play about StarKid but instead of playing themselves, they play each other (even though it’ll never happen)

Joseph Walker as Lauren Lopez
Lauren Lopez as Jim Povolo (on stilts)
Brian Holden as Brian Rosenthal 
Brian Rosenthal as Brian Holden
Jim Povolo as Meredith Stepien
Dylan Saunders as Joe Walker (I can imagine him bursting into the room w/ blowup muscles and being like “i am joe walker and i am strong”)
Chris Allen as Darren Criss 
Joey Richter as Denise Donovan (i like this idea a lot)
Denise Donovan as Nick Strauss
Meredith Stepien as Nick Lang
Nick Lang as Matt Lang
Jeff Blim as Dylan Saunders
Tyler Brunsman as Jeff Blim
Liam White as Julia Albain
Julia Albain as Liam White (so they can have witty banter)
Jaime-Lyn Beatty as Joey Richter
Corey Dorris as Jaime-Lyn Beatty 
Matt Lang as Tyler Brunsman
Nick Strauss as Corey Dorris
Joe Moses as himself (he can be like guys what the fuck are you doing)



Following my post about the Starkid Women Appreciation Day, there was an idea that it should be for an entire week. Whilst I think this is a great idea, I think a week might drag on too long for some people. So, Starkid Women Appreciation will begin on the 20th of April and end on the 24th. 


20th: Favourite Female Character 

21st: Favourite Female Song (Solo or group) 

22nd: StarKid Female Friendships (Selfies, quotes, cute convos between them etc)

23rd: Favourite Female StarKid 

24th: General StarKid Women Appreciation

Can’t wait to see who takes part! Love y’all. 

- thewalkerqueen