• Friend:Why don't you like Teen Wolf anymore?
  • Me:inconsistent writing, multiple new characters with zero characterization added every season, underutilization of characters who actually have a backstory, seemingly important story lines that are all of sudden forgotten, poor or no plot building, unexplained story developments, the baiting of relationships that are never going to happen, lack of emotional connection to characters, overuse of slo-mo for scenes that aren't even dramatic, forced relationships, beloved characters disappearing (some without any reason given), the use of the writing philosophy 'It's okay if it doesn't make sense - we'll just say it's because it's supernatural.'

This is Jeff Davis, openly gay creator of MTV’s Teen Wolf. Over the course of four seasons, he’s had three recurring gay characters, two of which are no longer on the show. Despite the large desire of the fandom to see more of gay character Danny, Davis wrote him out of the show with no explanation. There have been two lesbian characters, one of which was killed almost immediately after she appeared. The other was retconned into being bisexual for the sole purpose of queerbaiting the show’s most popular character Stiles. Davis hinted at Stiles being bisexual for multiple seasons and then backtracked and said there were no plans to continue exploring that aspect of him any further. Davis’ response to the massively popular Sterek ship was to separate both of the characters involved in the ship, keeping them apart until they can spend one meaningful scene in each finale in a blatant attempt to bait Sterek shippers into watching for another season and giving them one-note girlfriends who solely exist to emphasize their heterosexuality. Despite all of this, Davis constantly demands praise for the LGBT inclusiveness of his show.

This is Peter Nowalk, openly gay creator of ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder. In the show’s first episode we are introduced to openly gay law student Connor Walsh, who is seen having sex not only to acquire evidence, but because he wants to. Connor is even seen rimming his partner before the scene cuts away. Nowalk has confirmed that Connor will have a romantic interest starting in the second episode and said “it was important to me to show a gay person as a full-fledged character” when talking about Connor. In addition to Connor, three of the main characters are women of color. Nowalk has yet to demand praise for the show’s LGBT inclusiveness or its racial representation

The fandom and Sheriff Stilinski's name
  • Teen Wolf fandom:I bet it's John
  • Jeff Davis:It's not John
  • Teen Wolf fandom:omg it's so totally John
  • MTV:It's not John
  • Fanfiction writers:That's when the sheriff, John Stilinski, walks into the room
  • Linden Ashby:It's not John
  • Teen Wolf fandom:...
  • Teen Wolf fandom:It's John
A STEREK STORY (and delirium)

Do you remember when Scott thought that Derek died (s03e05) and he wasn’t able to heal because he felt guilty for his death?

Well, after Allison helps him to heal, one of the first things he says is: “Stiles, where’s Stiles?” even if there is no reason to believe he is in danger. It’s like Scott’s last promise to Derek was to keep Stiles safe.


I’ve always believed that (until season 4) it was Derek who acknowledged and understood his feelings for Stiles (Stiles was just…well…Stiles. Kinda lost in his Lydia world, wondering about his sexuality). Scott knew it though, like every body else in the pack, simply because Derek made it very clear to them

But he tried so hard to keep him away. For so many reasons:

1) Stiles is a “child”

2) “I killed my first love”

3) “people I love die”

4) Trust issues

5) He knows and respects the feelings Stiles has for Lydia

“Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are. Even Stiles calls her cold-blooded.”

6) He loves Stiles’ smile. And he knows how dangerous and painful a relationship with a werewolf can be.

But nobody can deny that Derek is totally in love with Stiles, because:

1) He makes him smile:

2) And makes him act like a baby (because he had to grow up so fast that he’s still a child in so many ways, SO BASICALLY WHAT STILES GIVES HIM IS WHAT HE NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO HAVE):

(come on, Derek. No one believes you)

3) This little, defenceless human is a hero, a BAMF and he’s not afraid of him

4) this BAMF is kind and funny and brave and full of love

5) He dreams of him

6) no words needed 

7) Derek kinda freaks out every time Stiles is in danger


And then, finally, it looks like Stiles understands something (and, yes, it looks like our ship is going to become canon)

BUT…Season 3B. Stiles literally loses his mind (STILES WHAT ARE YOU DOING)

While Derek’s still totally and madly in love with him:

And the Nogitsune knows it:

But then season 4 comes, and while Derek finds a distraction (okay, totally fair)…

…Malia decides that Stiles is her mate:

And then Stiles finally gets it:

Because when you’re losing someone… 

…you understand how much that someone is important to you.

And how many lies you told yourself,

how many chances you missed,

how many kisses got lost forever,

and how many “I love you” passed over in silence.

But what’s meant to be will always find a way.

You can call it Fate.

I like to call it Sterek.