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“Am I just an extremely evil person or is it some kind of satanic influence, or what? I have no idea. I have no idea at all. Do you? Is it possible to be influenced by spirit beings? I know that sounds like an easy way to cop out and say that I couldn’t help myself, but from all that the Bible says, there are forces that have a direct or indirect influence on people’s behavior. The Bible calls him Satan. I suppose it’s possible because it sure seems like some of the thoughts aren’t my own, they just come blasting into my head… These thoughts are very powerful, very destructive, and they do not leave. They’re not the kind of thoughts that you can just shake your head and they’re gone. They do not leave.” - Jeffrey Dahmer


Jeffrey Dahmer removing his glasses before trial. It’s said he did this so he didn’t have to see the faces of the victim’s families during court.

“He’s not wearing glasses so that he can’t see people. He panics.” - Jeffrey’s stepmother, Shari Dahmer {X}

“I don’t want to talk to you because you condone murder.”

“You think he’s attractive? You’re sick.”

“Hybristophilia is a disease that needs to be treated.”

“Stop glorifying murder.”


Jeffrey Dahmer Masterpost



  • Home Video taken by Lionel Dahmer (x)
  • First court appearance after his arrest (x)
  • Gives up his rights (x)
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  • Stone Phillips Interview 1994 (x)
  • Inside Edition Interview (x) (x)
  • Childhood videos and pictures (x)
  • “The Milwaukee Cannibal” Documentary (x)
  • Jeffrey Dahmer - The Monster Within Documentary (x)
  • The Jeffrey Dahmer Files (x)
  • Dahmer (2002) Full Movie (x)
  • The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer (x
  • Robert Ressler - The Man Who Lives With Serial Killers (part 5) - the only part mentioning Jeffrey
  • Jeffrey Dahmer - Mystery of the Serial Killer (x) - only part 1 but the other parts should appear at the side
  • Twisted/Born To Kill Documentary (x)
  • Rare Jeffrey Dahmer Documentary (x) - only part 1 but the other parts should appear at the side
  • Late ‘90s Documentary (x)
  • The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer (x) - don’t even bother watching this it doesn’t stick to the facts at all and is kinda terrible all round IMO, Dahmer (2002) is a much better movie


  • Jeffrey Dahmer Victims (x)
  • Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroids of victims - graphic (x) (x) (x) (x)
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  • Jeffrey Dahmer’s complete 243 page confession (x)
  • A Father’s Story by Lionel Dahmer (x)
  • The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer (x)
  • My Friend Dahmer (x)

All I can think of right now, if any more comes to mind I’ll add them, if any links are broken send me a message and I’ll fix it :)


Why I killed Jeffrey Dahmer

“He would fashion severed limbs out of prison food to taunt the other inmates. He’d use ketchup for the blood.”

In a telling interview with New York Post, Chistopher Scarver explains why he killed the cannibalistic serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. The full article can be read HERE.


“He fooled everyone. He fooled me…he fooled his probation officer, his attorney, the police…He had bodies in the next room when the police were standing in his outer room.” - Lionel Dahmer


The only time Jeffrey Dahmer apparently showed any emotion during his trial was when one juror told the court she couldn’t be a member of the jury because she had birds at home to feed, Jeff laughed at her excuse