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Evolution of how different boarders draw Peridot.

Note: a rotation refers to a group of episodes (4 in SU’s case), one for each board team slot. Episodes are boarded in a specific pattern with teams, and both production seasons 2 and 3 have 13 rotations


Jeff Hardy/OC- Jeff and reader were “friends” during Ring of Honor and now they are both in the WWE. A little reunion never hurt anybody.

Warning- not really any, spanking, a little hair pulling.

Sidenote- this one is a little bit shorter but for the anon who requested like 12 years ago, I hope you like it.

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As I stood in the gorilla for WWE, I recall the phone call I got from Triple H. I felt a sense of pride rush through me as I remember Hunter asking me to join the WWE. I was wrestling for Ring of Honor, but my contract had expired 3 weeks before Hunter called me. Now I’m standing in the gorilla waiting to join Bayley down at the ring. My music hit as I walk through the curtain and a loud pop came from the audience. I smiled wide as I went through all the memories I had of me wrestling. As I joined Bayley on stage the crowd chanted my name.

Bayley and I were going to be on a tag team with a male tag team and we were just waiting for them to be announced. I crossed my fingers that it would be with the two wrestlers I knew from Ring of Honor. I was close friends with Matt and Jeff Hardy, well Jeff was a different story. Things happened but we never acknowledge the elephant in the room.

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A Dream Come True part four

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My first attempt at a RPF! I love Norman, but am nowhere near an expert on him, like I am with Jeffrey. 😜 So excuse my writing of him.  Also, let’s pretend that Jeffrey and Norman are single, no SO’s, no ties.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader x Norman Reedus ~ This chapter features just Jeffrey x Reader

Word count ~ 3000

Warnings- NSFW, NSFW aesthetic

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Jeff’s road to the WWE Championship was so organic it hurts sometimes. Like, it was one of those underdog stories, but he was genuinely an underdog, Not the way Cena is an underdog, or Bayley is an underdog. It was like the Daniel Bryan story. 

He had literally every strike in the book against him, and he still gave his all for the fans and they gave right back and they genuinely had him WORK for that championship. There were so many points where they put him in the main event and then pulled him back down to the midcard. rinse and repeat. 

And lest we mention how great the story they made between Jeff and Hunter. Jeff’s Genuine respect and paying his dues to Hunter. Hunter’s (kayfabe) respect for Jeff Hardy. And Hunter always played it like his respect for Jeff confused him. Cause it’s in Hunter’s character that these things JEff goes through would piss Hunter off, but Jeff just keeps his chin up and keeps going and it confuses Hunter (kayfabe) but he’s got mad respect for it. 

I do think they drew it out too long (it literally was a plot that spanned over a year) but on one hand, it worked cause it really gave you that sense of euphoria when he finally got it. 

Jeff Hardy A.= Aftercare

After much thought, I decided to write some drabbles from my Jeff Hardy NSFW. If you want to read it just click here.
Also if you want to be tagged in these just let me know.

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A.= Aftercare

 Jeff is always extra caring after sex. He always tries his best to show how much he actually appreciates you.

 You were still straddling his hips as the two of you took a second to catch your breath after your leg-shaking orgasm. Jeff sat up making you whine a little, “You okay baby?” Jeff asked as he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead.

 You felt your whole body blush from his sweet gesture, “Yeah. I’m going to be sore tomorrow.” You looked up at Jeff and smiled a toothy grin. Jeff chuckled and laid his head on your shoulder for a moment before gently rolling you onto the bed. Jeff got up out of the bed and started walking towards the bathroom. You laid there watching him for a moment before speaking, “Hey babe will you maybe just come lay down for a second?” Your voice came out almost like a whisper.

 “Of course I will, but give me a second. I want to start up a bath.” Jeff said as he walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. You smiled into the pillow you were resting on as Jeff got back into the bed. He immediately pulled you into his chest and kissed your forehead again. The two of you laid there in silence for a few seconds before Jeff spoke, “You know I love you with all my heart and soul?”

 You felt butterflies in your stomach because of his words, “You know I love you more than anything in this world.” You said back as you started to gently trace his tattoo. Jeff pulled your chin up making you look up at him. Before he could say anything you placed a soft kiss on his lips, “More than anything.” You said again as Jeff pulled you more towards him.

 “Come here babe.” Jeff said as he sat up and pulled you towards the edge of the bed. As you got to your feet, Jeff held your hand and directed you into the bathroom. You smiled as you saw the bubbles in the tub and gripped Jeff’s hand a little tighter, as a way to say thank you. As you got to the tub, Jeff lowered himself into the water and sighed at the warmth, “Baby are you going to get in?”

 You had stopped to take in your surroundings and got lost in thought. You gave a small grin before stepping into the tub and sitting down. Jeff gave you a big smile, making you giggle and crawl towards him. You straddled his lap and placed your arms around his neck, while you placed a kiss on his forehead.

 You pulled back to see him smiling again, “I love you.” Jeff said as he leaned forward and placed a kiss on your collarbone. 

 You grinned as Jeff’s beard started to tickle you, making you let out a small moan, “More than anything.”

Cleff First Times

Request: Can you do Jeff/Clay first kiss/ first time headcanon please?


A/N: I just compiled a whole heap of ‘first times’ together, I hope that’s okay :)


Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Sexual themes


Cleff First Times Headcanons…


First Date:

  • Okay so they were both super nervous. Jeff had an outfit picked, but couldn’t decide on his hair and accessories. He put a beanie on and off ten times, changed his hair, put on bracelets, no bracelets, worried about his earrings. Clay on the other hand couldn’t pick a shirt. He tried to remember ones Jeff had said he liked, then he wanted to wear a new one Jeff hadn’t seen, but then he worried it was too casual.

  • Jeff was driving for the night, and his breath was shaky when he knocked on Clay’s door. Clay’s heart literally skipped a beat when he met Jeff outside, noticing the boy he’d wanted to date for so long now. He still had a nagging feeling of disbelief, but the way Jeff kept looking at him was easing the feeling. Clay had let Jeff choose their date, and Jeff decided on a movie and then dinner.
  • Clay wanted nothing more than to hold Jeff’s hand in the movie, so he sat there with his hand open with an invitation. Half way through the movie Jeff picked up on the hint, and they shyly held them the rest of the way through the film, and even as they drove to a casual diner for dinner, conversation getting easier with time.

  • Both boys liked the fact that they were never in a pressured environment the whole night. Holding hands became so much more relaxed and natural, and they were back to their usual giggles and gently nudges. They slotted back into their groove of a confident Jeff and a smitten Clay, the pair of them just happy to be with each other exclusively without being confined by school.
  • Jeff of course drove Clay back home, and he got it of the car with him to say goodbye. It’d been a big night, and they both seemed to sense between them that it was too much for a kiss at that time, so they just hugged. The hug was super tight, and Clay loved having his head buried in Jeff’s chest. Jeff loved resting his chin in Clay’s hair equally as much. They both just squeezed tightly at each other, and neither of them wanted the moment to end.


First Kiss:

  • They had spent the whole day together after a breakfast date failed to end. They’d spent a couple hours in Monet’s and then Jeff drove them around town, where they found some fields that Clay wanted to go walking through for a while.

  • Jeff of course would follow the little cutie everywhere, and so they walked side by side holding hands, Clay cuddling Jeff’s arm as they quietly spoke to each other about super random things.
  • They both already felt like a proper couple- like they’d been together for years, they just hadn’t sealed anything with a kiss. It wasn’t anything they were rushing for, just something that they figured would happen on its own when the time was right.

  • The boys had found themselves on a path to a lookout, and once they reached the end the sun had begun to set. Clay was pretty caught up in the view, and Jeff could tell he was excited from the way Clay continued to nudge him arm excitedly. Jeff just knew right then in that moment that he had to kiss Clay.
  • He tilted the shorter boys head in his direction, and they both just froze and stared at each other for a moment. Jeff was super slow as he leant in, and continued to hesitate a few times just in case Clay wanted to back out. When their lips finally met Jeff’s hands were on Clay’s cheeks, and they both pulled apart smiling like idiots.


First Fight:

  • It was actually over a party. Clay really didn’t understand the whole hype about the high school parties, but it seemed that Jeff never missed one.

  • Clay wanted to stay home and spend the night with Jeff, but Jeff had already promised he’d go. Jeff wanted Clay to go with him, but the shorter boy wasn’t having any of it, and quickly became snappy at the suggestion.
  • As fuel was added to the fire and a few accusation were thrown from both of them they were in a full blown fight. Jeff had just wanted Clay to have fun and see a new side of his life, and Clay just wanted to be alone with his boyfriend for the night.

  • Neither of them were wrong, they both had the best interests in mind, and deep down they knew it, but in the moment they were just hotheaded. They ended up not talking as they sat at opposite sides of the room, wishing that the other wouldn’t be so stubborn
  • It was Clay who apologised first. He was pretty upset over it, and the second Jeff realised that he had Clay wrapped up in his arms while he apologised a hundred times. They then needed up in a much fluffier argument, where Clay said he’d go and Jeff said that he’d stay home


First Time:

  • Okay so it wasn’t entirely spontaneous. Jeff and Clay had kind of spoken about it here and there, and they’d fooled around a few times just for fun and to figure out where their boundaries were

  • When the night actually came they’d been prepared for a while, and they were just waiting for the moment to feel right. They were making out on Clay’s bed, and Jeff pulled back to silently ask permission to take Clay’s shirt off
  • They continued like that- taking things step by step, each of them looking for consent before they took it another step further. Once all their clothes were gone they spent time just exploring each other’s body, getting used to what each of them liked

  • When it came to the penetration part of things, they took it incredibly slowly. Jeff had more experience than Clay, and he aimed to use that to help Clay through it rather than to make him nervous. Jeff softly kissed him and caressed his arms while Clay got used to the feeling, and even afterward Jeff still constantly checked up on him
  • Afterwards they just lay tangled together, cooling down and catching their breaths. Jeff would just absolutely collapse into Clay’s chest and just stay there, in such a state of bliss he can’t pick himself up enough to move. He’ll gently caress Clay’s side, and Clay will run a hand through the taller boys hair. They won’t say anything, just lay there half asleep, happy that they get to be together


First Anniversary:

  • Okay but to Clay, every single day he spends with Jeff seems like the first, yet a lifetime all at the same time. This makes it super hard for him to keep track of time in their relationship, and he almost forgets their first anniversary

  • Luckily he has a habit of buying Jeff gifts, so he already has a secret stash stored away for when the day rolls around. Jeff on the other hand has the whole day planed down to each tiny detail
  • They have school that day, so Jeff had a romantic dinner planned for them afterwards. He was going to give Clay gifts and shower him in affection and compliments, and then later on he was going to sneak up into Clay’s window to cuddle with him for the night

  • Clay felt a little bad for not having participated much in their anniversary plans, but Jeff didn’t mind, he’d gotten used to Clay’s mild cluelessness. Jeff was just happy that Clay came along, and he was so glad that Clay enjoyed the night
  • Jeff ended the night on Clay’s doorstep with his parents peeking through the curtains. He gave Clay a bouquet of flowers and a mock present, which was just a gift box of his old shirts and hoodies. Once Clay’s parents were satisfied with Clay thought of up in his room drifting to sleep, Jeff climbed up and snuck into his room, and they spent the night cuddling

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Jeff x Annie Episode Reference Guide UPDATED

Ever felt like binge watching your favourite Jeff x Annie episodes but couldn’t remember what episode that specific shoulder hold/goggly eyed stare was from? Now you have a reference! All episodes featuring significant Jeff x Annie summed up in a few sentences. Under the cut.

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