jeff buckley picture


“Jeff Buckley and Jimmy Page cried when they met one another for the first time, it has been claimed. Chris Dowd explains that the pair were so in awe of each other that their first meeting was an emotional affair. Dowd says: ‘Jeff told me they cried. They actually cried when they met each other. Jimmy heard himself in Jeff, and Jeff was meeting his idol. A lot of people thought Tim was the influence on Jeff, but it was really Led Zeppelin.”


Jeff Buckley, Michael Tighe, Matt Johnson and Mick Grondahl at Robert Rauschenberg’s studio.

“Part of what was so beautiful about Jeff was that he touched everybody; he was very affectionate. His relationship with friends, male or female, lovers, musicians, audience members, it was the same. People got same thing. That’s a beautiful thing and it moves people. That’s the reason why so many people where in love with him, why so many people thought he was in love with them. And i believe he was, wholeheartedly, but he didn’t have enough of himself to give. His inclination was to engage everybody. ”
-Nicholas Hill

Jeff's favorite Tim picture by Linda McCartney

 ’I know that they knew each other, I know it very well,’ he said. ‘My favourite picture of my father is one that she took, and I keep it with me all the time. It’s the one where he’s sitting on a step with his feet like this, all pigeon-toed. Please tell her that I can’t ever thank her enough for that picture.’ Jeff Buckley