jeff and paul


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Jasmine and Jafar talking about tigers, suitors, and…fish-fuckers?

Ja'far returns to the Palace to welcome a very important visiting Prince from the land of Pik-zahr, but wait! Isn’t the Princess known to sick tigers on visiting Princes?! I really hope you haven’t goofed this one up, Ja'far!


i thought this would be a cool thing to make so here

(i won’t be surprised if i got any of these wrong, especially with Lamar and Katie’s slides)


There are so many talented artists on Steven Universe, so don’t take this post as me saying who is better, it’s merely what I prefer.

I’m going to put my favorite interpretations of the Crystal Gems and Jasper on a list!


I prefer Garnet’s design when drawn by Paul Villeco, mainly because I love the cube hair XD.


This is a very difficult choice, but of all Pearl variations I think my favorite is Lamar and Katie’s Pearl. Her nose isn’t too big but is still pretty pointy, and I just think it looks great!


I do love Lauren and Hillary’s Amethyst, but I’ve gotta go with Jeff and Joe. She looks so precious ^_^!

Peridot(My Favorite Character):

Ok, due to my intense love for Peridot, I love all her designs. However, the first design that comes to mind as what I think Peridot looks like is Lauren and Hillary’s! It could be because I’ve rewatched Lauren and Hillary’s episodes with Peridot in them too much, but in my opinion it looks like a perfect DORITO!


Ok I’m the one f*cking person on Earth who doesn’t like Jasper that much, so there’s no possibility of bias like there is with Peridot. I’m going with the creator herself, Rebecca Sugar! Although Paul’s has great expressions, Rebbeca in my opinion portrays the most emotion.

Anyway, remember. All the SU artists are VERY talented people who I LOVE! It’s not a competition. I don’t care who’s storyboarding and who’s writing, what matters is that the product is the Steven Universe I know and love