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WWE has really raised my expectations in men.

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Honestly, the worst thing ever about being a wrestling fan is knowing that they can take one bad bump and that’s it. They won’t be able to wrestle anymore and that’s honestly heartbreaking.

Imagine your favourite WWE Superstar's face when they find out that you like them..

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Know what? I honestly can’t blame Roman at all for kicking Enzo off of the tour bus. Not one bit. Ever since it was leaked about it happening I’ve been keeping an eye on interviews and that because I was curious as anything because I know it probably takes a lot to piss Roman off because so much people have said he’s such a chill person in real life.

I just listened to the podcast that Roman recently done and he said, “My whole goal is to leave this place better than how I found it and I mean it. This business runs, people can say whatever they want about me, but I was born into this business. This business runs through my veins, if you cut my arm it’s WWE that will leak out of that. I was fed since I can remember from my dad and if my dad wasn’t there, than another man in our family would step up and he was likely making the money through this business. So I’ve experienced a lot of hardships, a lot of great moments through out my life because of this business. But the bottom line is, it fed me my entire life. I don’t care who you are, you will not disrespect it. Not in front of me. Not today, not any day I am alive.”

It’s been obvious since day one that Roman truly cares about WWE and that he wants to make it a better place. Apparently Enzo was bragging about how much money he makes and pretty much ripping the business and being obnoxiously loud whilst doing so and had taken people into their locker room and that’s a major no go zone, what made it worse was that person was apparently taken photographs in the locker room as well.

But Roman and other men have mentioned that Roman will step up without being asked and knows the right way to deal with stuff and that’s why he became a locker room leader.

But just imagine how pissed off and hurt Roman must’ve been, him and the usos knew how much their fathers and families gave up to be in the business and how much they gave up as children for their family to be out in the WWE and how it’s hard on the whole family unit, yet they still do it because its became part of their family. I imagine that this was the RAW face bus, so you also have Dean on the bus as well, and every one knows that wrestling has always been the only thing Dean has been able to rely on his whole entire life, whether that was him as a young child trying to escape his bad reality of a life, to the person he is today where it has bought him a family in the other superstars particularly Seth and Roman, who have became one of the few constants in Deans life. I could only imagine the rage and anger that Dean mustve been feeling at that moment.
There’s Seth as well, who started wrestling at a young age, set up matches in his back yard at 14, left home at 18 to pursue wrestling,became the first NXT champion,tore his ACL,MCL And meniscus and was absoluetly heartbroken because this is what he loved and was petrified that he wouldn’t be able to do it anymore. He set up his and Mereks wrestling school and spends as much of his freetime as he can being there with the students to teach them the safe and proper way to wrestle so they have the best chance out in the wrestling world. He even has a house where his students can live in so they don’t have to spend their lives living out of a car like he had to do.
Then you have The Hardys, two men who lost their mother at just 9 and 12. They loved wrestling from an early age and used it as a coping method when their mother passed, they set up a wrestling company for them and their friends to try and get in the business and would only make less than $50 a night travelling in and around north carolina before they got signed to the WWF/WWE at the age of 16&19 and would do all the jobs nobody else would to prove how much they wanted to be in this business and have been doing it professionally for the past 23 years, Matt was the one who went up to Vince and came up with the idea of the TLC match(so you can thank him for that, considering theres now a PPV based off of TLC)

No wonder Roman would be so angry that he refused to have Enzo be on the bus for any longer, those 4 guys are his best friends in the business and it probably did not help him knowing the hardships they faced getting to the WWE and what they’ve done to change the business and you have someone like Enzo shitting on it. If i was in Romans position i would’ve wanted to beat the living daylights out of Amore for it.