jeezus this took forever

Okay so this is the last one I remembered getting a request for, though I’m pretty sure there were others. Metagross can only have babies with ditto, so I’m rolling with the idea that Beldum like to take on attributes of other Pokemon in the area to blend in better. Sorry there are fewer than the others, but Metagross is a pain. I’m never drawing the Wrought one again.

It's The Little Things

Your name is Gamzee Makara and you don’t feel like moving.

At all.

You still manage, however, to drag yourself out of your recuperacoon and, with a mighty effort, launch yourself at the floor.

Unfortunately, your floor is covered in horns and you either jab yourself on the metal or set the horns off and scare the shit out of yourself.

You glare out the window at whatever heavenly beings that are making your day suck so badly.

Your name is Tavros Nitram and today is going to be a great day.

You waste no time pulling yourself out of your recuperacoon and changing your clothes.

You quickly climb into your wheelchair and grab a bag of surprise stuff before heading out to see your favorite troll.

Your name is Gamzee Makara.

You can’t decide if you want to lay here on the ground and ponder life, or get up and…. do…. something.

You decide the latter is pointless. You have nothing to do.

In fact, you decide, life is pointless.

You lie there some more and wish for the day to end so this… whatever it is can be over.

Your name is Tavros Nitram and rolling a wheelchair thorugh grasslands and sand is very difficult.

But, you rationailze, it will be totally worth it to see him smile when he sees you.

He doesn’t know your coming. It’ll be such a surprise!

You giggle with anticipation.

Your name is Gamzee Makara and your arm is two inches too short.

Your phone is just out of reach. You can see it. Your arm is reaching for it, but it’s just too far away.

Eventually you decide to just get up and grab it. While you walk to the couch, you log onto Trollian and message your matesprit. Talking to him always makes you feel better.

terminallyCapricious [TC] began trolling adiosToreador [AT]

TC: hEy TaVbRo
TC: :o)



Where the hell is he?

TC: TaVbRo?
TC: ?

TC: :o(

terminallyCapricious [TC] has ceased trolling adiosToreador [AT]

Your name is Tavros Nitram and you are approaching his house.

You hear your phone go off a few times, and read the messages, but decide against responding, since you’re right here.

As soon as you reach the door, you take a deep breath and knock.

You are Gamzee Makara and you are kinda freaking out.

There’s a knock at your door. You contemplate the pros and cons of getting up and answering the door for a while.

The person at the door gets a bit agitated, so you stand up and wait for the world to stop spinning for a minute.

You are Tavros Nitram.

Where is he? He should be here. You here footsteps approaching the door and your hope is renewed.

Your matesprit opens the door and you beam up at him.


You are Gamzee Makara and you are shocked, to say the least.

Your matesprit wheeled his way all the way over here just to see you.

He hands you the bag he brought with him. It’s filled with drawings he did himself. Mostly pictures of the two of you together. He smiles up at you and you smile back and everything is perfect so you kiss him and…

Well, suddenly you think life isn’t all that pointless.