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Age Gap Sentence Starters

Both platonic and romantic options. Adjust pronouns as necessary!

“Why do you want to hang out with an old guy/lady like me?”
“Aren’t you a bit too young for this?”
“Aren’t you a bit too old for this?”
“What can I say? I’m mature for my age.”
“You don’t think this is weird? Us hanging out like this?”
“Yeah, I admit it: I’ve got a thing for older guys/women.”
“Does that make me a cougar/rhino?”
“Mm, I do love me some silver fox.”
“My friends won’t quit making fun of me for ‘robbing the cradle.’”
“I don’t care how young/old you are! It won’t change how I feel about you.”
“We’re both legal, consenting adults. What does it matter?”
“Wait, you’re HOW old?!”
“Jeez, you could be my dad/mom!”
“We’re getting some weird looks.”
“I think they think you’re some sort of old pervert.”
“My parents don’t like us hanging out.”
“I don’t get it! We’re not doing anything wrong.”
“I never got along with people my own age.”
“Nobody cares who you hang out with once you hit 30.”
“We just need to hold off until you’re 18.”
“You’re way too young for me.”
“You’re way too old for me!”

Jeez. Turns out that memeufacturing kid deleted after being called out for sexual harassment and there are posts floating around with their sexually charged conversations with other minors. I feel like I don’t have to say this for my mutuals but please don’t put any sexually explicit conversations between minors on my dash ok? Ok.


Wow, a lot of people seem to like my sketches. Since I doubt I’ll ever really clean these fellas up, I guess I can just put em up for viewing. Sorry for the image spam folks but thank you all kindly for the nice comments! 

This was back when I first got into the series. Started with Tales. Done in-between breaks from my Final Year Animation Project in school. Woot!



if you guys dont know about this game. please check it out(its a really good game) and maybe support the creator on patreon if you can. I REALLY DO LOVE THIS GUY

anonymous asked:

Do you have/need a second job?

And by a little, I mean a lot. College is so freakin’ expensive dude! Like???There’s no way I’m paying off my tuition, especially through babysitting jobs.

I really need another job but with college and babysitting taking up most of my time, I think I’ll die if I do another job. At this rate, I’ll be working until I’m frickin’ 1,000 years old! Jeez…

I don't understand

I work at a small local restaurant and usually open, so I get to work at 6am. When I get there the new is usually on for the few old guys that are there before we open. One such regular only comes in on Monday and today (10/31) there was a blip on a college student who got into trouble for wearing blackface at a frat party. The customer is probably 65-70 years old.
My only comment was “Oh jeez” and he sighed and in summary said “People can’t do anything anymore” and “Political correctness has to end somewhere” and I was like ??? But it’s BLACKFACE? That thing we learn about in school as being very bad because it mocked black people for being people for entertainment? I was so fucking confused and I felt like I was going crazy. What the hell?