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I was watching some of your older videos and I realized I was laughing so hard I stopped breathing for a few minutes. I'm not human anymore

Well jeez, if ya watch my old videos, you might die from the cringiness XC gosh bud!


Wow, a lot of people seem to like my sketches. Since I doubt I’ll ever really clean these fellas up, I guess I can just put em up for viewing. Sorry for the image spam folks but thank you all kindly for the nice comments! 

This was back when I first got into the series. Started with Tales. Done in-between breaks from my Final Year Animation Project in school. Woot!



Okay to fully understand my head canons, we’re going to have to go through what I think the boys personalities are based off the things we’ve seen.


He seems like a book worm. in every promotional art we’ve seen he’s been reading out of the woodchuck guide book.

He probably relies on it a lot during adventures, constantly checking it to see if i can be of any help to them during the adventure. He probably is the type who wonders how thing work, wanting to know more about why something is the way it is. I can also see him wanting to be the one who wants to set up traps (the Fred of the group you could say) always getting excited when they actually work.
and in a post I made about 5 or so days ago, I mentioned how Huey probably doesn’t get angry often, but when he does, he gets angry. (I’m not going to repeat any more information here cause it’s all on the post.) another little thing to note is that Huey is the oldest of the triplets, and Frank Angones did say this was important to how things worked so I imagine Huey will either play the “I’m older” card or be more like the leader of the group that keeps everything in order (or tries to).


By what we’ve seen, Dewey seems very Adventurous and a lot more outspoken than his brothers.

He seems to enjoy danger, seeing as he marks a route right through a bunch of monsters.

he probably believes he is capable on taking bad guys and monsters, but when given the chance he’d probably run.
I can see him not caring how things work, just as long as work then it’s fine.
he also seems to over complicate things and probably over looks the easiest solutions to problems.

“Sure, you wanna do it the easy way”

He probably is also the main plan maker out of the three, quickly being able to come up with plans and execute them. and when it comes to pranks, He tends to make them more elaborate than they have to be, probably making a Rube Goldberg machine just so he can dump water on Donald or someone.
He also seems very confident in himself, which could cause trouble when faces with a nemesis and could be the reason he gained one in the first place. (X X ) (and I talk about his nemesis more here!)


from what we’ve seen, I’d say he’s pretty laid back. He seems a bit Apathetic, not really caring about things that are said about him or happening around him.

“Who’s the evil triplet?” “Louie.” “eh”

But that does not mean he is devoid of all emotion. he still can still be shocked/ concerned about things that happen and he does get excited from time to time.

but still, he seems to just kind of accept what is happening around him rather than worry about it. If something where to work, great, if something doesn’t work, ah well best to move on. he’s probably one who doesn’t dwell on the past but also doesn’t look to the future. his whole thing seems to be “what happens, happens and we should just accept it.”

Louie also seems he might also have a pessimistic humor, as when he finds out Donald is taking him and his brothers to Scrooge Mcduck, the first thing he says is “You’re finally gonna sell us.”

okay so now that their personalities are out of the way, lets get to the part that actually answers the question.
oh boy, first off they of course bond when it comes to pranking their uncle Donald. These kids are confirmed to be masters of mischief and all around trouble makers.  Frank Angones said that the boys each are experts in different forms of trouble. they are considered the “A-team of trouble” and each specialize in a certain kind of trouble. What kind of trouble do each of them do? I’m not really sure. But i have no doubt that they work great together when it comes to causing mischief.

now, if they’re joining the junior woodchucks, I’d expect that they’d bond from that as well. They probably help each other gain badges and probably talk about upcoming activities.

with their different personalities also comes different interests. meaning they could have many different ways of bonding over supporting each others interests and maybe even sharing a few!

of course, the boys can’t get along all the time. There is bound to be some bickering. now bickering cant be directly linked to bonding, but it does show that you’re relationship isn’t perfect. there’s got to be some rough times so that you can enjoy the good ones, right?

and I have no doubt in my mind that they’ll always be there for each other. if one of them is getting picked on, then you can bet the other two will be there to stand up for them! (even if they want them too or not!)

this might change once we get more information, but until then this is all I really got!

(lol sorry for posting this so late! I kind of forgot about it! but better late then never, am I right?)

Age Gap Sentence Starters

Both platonic and romantic options. Adjust pronouns as necessary!

“Why do you want to hang out with an old guy/lady like me?”
“Aren’t you a bit too young for this?”
“Aren’t you a bit too old for this?”
“What can I say? I’m mature for my age.”
“You don’t think this is weird? Us hanging out like this?”
“Yeah, I admit it: I’ve got a thing for older guys/women.”
“Does that make me a cougar/rhino?”
“Mm, I do love me some silver fox.”
“My friends won’t quit making fun of me for ‘robbing the cradle.’”
“I don’t care how young/old you are! It won’t change how I feel about you.”
“We’re both legal, consenting adults. What does it matter?”
“Wait, you’re HOW old?!”
“Jeez, you could be my dad/mom!”
“We’re getting some weird looks.”
“I think they think you’re some sort of old pervert.”
“My parents don’t like us hanging out.”
“I don’t get it! We’re not doing anything wrong.”
“I never got along with people my own age.”
“Nobody cares who you hang out with once you hit 30.”
“We just need to hold off until you’re 18.”
“You’re way too young for me.”
“You’re way too old for me!”

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Whatever pedophile.

YES!!! A hate anon!!! I love tearing these things to bits. Hohoooo look how stupid you look, anon. Just proving my point that some of the people in this fandom are absolutely vile to think that they can call another human being a “pedophile” over a fictional, non-canon, relationship between a GROWN adult woman and a GROWN adult man who have a literal physical age difference of about 5 years, which is totally normal and acceptable. This shit needs to stop. Also…I don’t think you realize how easy it is to uncover an anon message. Smile! You’ve been reported for harassment!! ;)

Crestmont Crier - Montgomery x Reader

Request - “Montgomery x fem!reader where they go to cresmont as a couple to see star wars 7.”

WARNINGS::: Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoilers.

“You want popcorn?” Monty lightly tapped your shoulder to grab your attention, you responded with a nod.

“What if it’s shit?” You worried for the 100th time in the past hour you’d spent with Monty eating dinner. He chuckled again.

“It won’t be.”

“But it might not live up to expectations. Will anything ever be as good as The Empire Strikes Back?” You anxiously took the popcorn from the counter. “Thanks Clay.” You muttered absentmindedly, giving the boy a nod.

“Well we’re going to have to find out, Y/N.” he said, grabbing your hand, and using the other hand to shovel some popcorn into his mouth. Rolling your eyes at his childishness, you two entered the screen.


The screen was relatively empty, and you were sat near the back.

“No! Fuck.” You whispered, squeezing Monty’s hand and trying not to let the tears slip out.
“Not Harrison, anyone but Harrison. Chewie!!”
“Monty I can’t believe he did that. Fucking Ben you asshole.”

You couldn’t hold them back anymore, Han Solo’s death had well and truly ruined you. You began to cry quietly, hoping Montgomery wouldn’t notice, but you could stop the loud sob emitting from your throat, alerting his attention.

“Oh, Y/N.” he whispered, pulling you as close to him as he could over the cinema seats. He let you lay your head on his chest and ruin his t shirt with mascara, while gently soothing your hand with his right, and your side with his left.
He kissed your head gently.

You wept silently for the rest of the film, and when it was time to go, you buried your face in Monty’s shirt to try and clear some of the mess on your face. He gave you a hands up and intertwined fingers with you on the way out of the screen.

“Don’t let anyone see me, Mont. Can we get out of here quickly?” You pleaded.

“Of course, Y/N/N.”

“I just love Harrison Ford so much. And I love Han Solo. And he IS Han Solo. Monty it hurts.”

“I love you, but your weird crush on Harrison Ford has GOT to stop.” He emphasised.

“No! He’s beautiful.” You defended.

“He’s like 90.”

“Jeez, he’s not that old, Mont.”

Once you were in the car, you pulled down the mirror and saw the calamity in front of you.

“Oh my god. You let me walk around like that?” You hit him on the shoulder lightly. He mocked hurt.

“Ow! It’s not my fault you still look gorgeous with mascara smudged all over your face.” He swooned. You hit him again.

“Stop trying to butter me up and just drive, hoe.”

“I love it when you show you love me.”

“Hence why you love me back.”

You and Monty had a best friend relationship. He was your best friend, you were his, and you’d trade nothing in the world for what you had with each other. Often lovingly teasing, but also passionate and sweet, and solemn when it had to be- Monty and you were what some would call an ideal relationship.

The car roared to a start and the boy in the driver seat revved the engine.

“You’re not a boy racer, Monty.”

“Stop it.”

You bickered like kids, but knew underneath how deeply infatuated you both were.


The next day, You and Zach entered the lunch room, discussing the Chemistry exam you’d just completed.

“Why they ever thought that was a good idea i don’t know.” Zach ranted.

You sat together on a circle table, when Monty came up behind you and joined.

“Sup, bitches.” He was juggling an apple in his left hand.

“Stop showing off.” You stole the apple from his hand and took a bite, grinning at his expression.

“So guys, how was the movie? Did it live up to expectations?” Zach asked.

“Well-” you began.

“It was amazing. Cinematic Masterpiece. She bawled her eyes out, man.” Monty cut in. “I swear that shirt is never gonna be the same aga-”

Monty stopped when he saw your face. Your mouth was agape with your eyes wide, and the apple loosely fit in your hand. You remained like that for around a minute, staring him down at his betrayal. Zach began laughing, which of course set you and Monty off as well, and not long after you were all in fits of giggles drawing attention from the entire lunch room. And you didn’t care.


Part 1 of my old Characters/Oc redesign:

- Dollanna (Pilot OC)
- Jazz (Pilot OC)
- Ameiro Kawa (Pilot OC)
- Beari (Pilot OC)
- Purrin Chewa (Pilot OC)
- Ram (Pilot OC)
- Artebien (Pilot OC)
- H.N./Hymn Nyco (Pilot OC)
- Vio (NT4 AU)
- Connatusphobia/Facsimile (NT4 AU)