jeez his eyes


I call these, “psycho cinnamon roll with a pinch of forehead vein”

Favorite Joker Leto Pictures (3-4/?)

#228 Emotional wedding

Dan: You were sat on the very front row at your son’s wedding, anxiously awaiting for your soon-to-be daughter in law to come down the isle. As the piano started playing, your son glanced to Dan for reassurance.

“Deep breath,” he mouthed before smiling softly.

You grabbed Dan’s hand and stood up to watch the bride walk. Dan was all smiles until he glanced back at your son, who’s eyes were brimming with tears.

“Oh man, oh man. I’m gonna cry. I’m gonna cry.” Dan whispered, his voice cracking towards the end.

“What’s wrong?” You squeezed his hand, though your eyes were starting to fill as well.

“He’s just.. All grown up. He’s getting married- he’s just a kid, he shouldn’t be getting married.” Dan wiped his eyes.

“Jeez Dan, you’re making me cry,” Phil chuckled a little, leaning across you.

Phil: The day your daughter announced she was getting married, Phil stayed surprisingly calm. However, her wedding day was a whole different story.

Before the wedding started, Phil snuck to the room she was getting dressed in. “Knock knock, chicken bock,” he said while knocking lightly.

“Dad,” she grinned, opening the door and pulling him into a hug.

He stepped back and immediately his eyes started welling up. “You look stunning. I don’t like it.” He laughed a little.

“Stop it, I spent a very long time trying to look presentable and I’m not gonna let your blubbering ruin it.” She leaned back, trying to avoid the tears brimming.

“Sorry, sorry! You look hideous.” He stepped away.

“Dad! She threw her head back, laugher erupting as she playfully smacked his arm.

Stiles Stilinski is a little shit by WeirdV

Rating: General

Word Count: 3928

They’re sitting at a table together, Stilinski has his feet on the table and is texting someone on his phone.

He might be a little shit, but he’s good at what he does. If he hadn’t been, he wouldn’t still be acting at age twenty five. 7 years in the business, still going strong.

“Stilinski, focus” Chris Argent says, smacking his hand on the table, “This success is on your shoulders. You’d better be scandal free.”

“Jeez” he rolls his eyes, “I haven’t had a scandal since that Heather thing five years ago.”

“You were spotted with a hooker last month” a blonde girl supplies.

“I was not” he rolls his eyes, “That was my friend Erica, she came from a fancy dress party.”

“Yeah right” Derek rolls his eyes in response, and Stilinski shoots him a dirty look.

“Shut the fuck up” Stiles spits, “Who are you even? Some washed up actor? You don’t know the first thing about me, okay? Erica is my personal assistant, she’s also married to my friend, Boyd. So don’t judge me, you little bitch.”