Mene tmko dekha tha
Ranjhay ki mohabbat main
Romeo ki ulfat main

Qissay tera parha tha mene
Qais k hawalun main
Farhad k sawalun main

Chahat teri nazar main aae
Pannon ki jaage ratun main
Mirzi ki behki batun main

Fasanae ishq bayan tha tera
Mahiwal ki behti ankh se
Rano ki jalti raakh se

Per to insay yaksar hamko
Alag thalag ab lagta hai
Ye sab pyar ki baazi haray
To to jeeta lagta hai

Tjhko pyar ka roag nhe hai
Tjhko koe gham nhe
Ye sab pagal pyar main roay
Tera koe mausam nam nhe

Qais tha majnoon,laila pechay
Ranjha heer pe marta tha
Sassi sassi karta pannoon
Dais dais bhatakta tha

Teri heer to bethee tanha
Ankhain apni malti hai
Jal thal karain hain ankhain uski
Teri yad main jalti hai

Teri laila pehrun teri
Raahain takti rehti hai
Tere wastay..teri khaatir
Kitnay gham wo sehti hai

Tjhko phir bhi fikr kahan hai
Tere ishq main asar kahan hai
Tu kia janay jalna kia hai
Rano ki maut marna kia hai

Tu bas bolay khud ko ashiq
To bas samjhay khud ko majnoon
Na chal paya tjhpe ab tak
Pyar ka jadu..ishq ka fusoon

Teri chahat ab bhi naqis
Teri bechaini hai kam
Tu kia janay beqarari
To kia samjhay duri ka gham

Chahat karkay..majnoon ban k
Tunay pyar ko shuru kia
Intiha na dekhi tune
Bech main qissa khatam kia

Waqt guzra..saal beetay
Tu nay ishq se jaan churai
Ye sab ishq main dil haray
To jeeta..ban gaya harjai..

Written by: Vsafka

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Healing - Peeta/Jenis

Jenis slowly opened her eyes and saw Peeta beside her. For a second, she thought she was merely dreaming because this picture had shown up in her dreams so many times before. Then she heard the steady beeping of the heart monitor and blinked a few more times before realizing what she saw was real. Peeta had stayed with her all night, just like he had promised. Jenis smiled and looked at the clock. It was past noon and Peeta was still fast asleep with his arms around her. 

The door slowly opened and Jenis recognized the man as the doctor who had brought her to this room the day before. “How are you feeling?” he asked softly, trying not to wake up the poor man who had had to sleep in a hospital bed all night. Jenis took a few seconds and then replied, “better I guess.” She noticed the shaking had stopped and she no longer felt like she was freezing, even without the blankets wrapped around her. “Am I done? May I go home?” she asked desperately. The doctor simply shook his head, “we have a little more work to do. You’ll go home soon, later today. Now, though, you’ll have to come with me for some more tests.”

A team of nurses quietly tiptoed into the room and released Jenis from all the chords and wires and the doctor waved for her to come with him. “Wait,” she whispered, “I…I don’t want to go without him..” she said quietly. The doctor raised his eyebrows slowly but then allowed her to wake him up.  

Gently, she moved her body slightly and kissed him softly as she always used to when she woke up before him, not bothered this time by the oxygen since it had been removed. “Peeta,” she said softly, “Peeta wake up.”

In run-up to assembly poll, political parties are leaving no stone unturned to catch a glimpse of the voters. In one such attempt, the Congress is trying to attract the voters through two cartoon characters “Jeeta” and “Jaggi”.

The party has started a comprehensive advertising campaign by putting up billboards featuring these two characters at various parts of Ludhiana.

Peeta/Jenis - This Calls For A Celebration

Jenis had finally done it. She had finished cutting her first album and it was ready for release. There was a Captiol Couture article about her that would soon be published, and she was beyond excited. They finished for the day and Jenis was given a huge bottle of champagne as a gift from Evie for working so hard. 

After finally getting home, she walked through the door. “Peeta, where are you?!” she yelled with a grin on her face. “My album’s finished!” she exclaimed excitedly. Jenis wasn’t even high and she felt so excited and happy. 

Peeta/Jenis - Mending

Jenis smirked up at him when he winked. She couldn’t help but wonder if Peeta was interested in asking her to marry him so she watched his face carefully, curious. He had made his previous comment, so he must’ve thought about it once.

She watched as he laughed and laughed along with him, grinning and watching him as she sat there on the counter top with her guitar in her hands, her fingers playing idly with its strings. “Oh yes, mentor. Please tell me all you know about boiling pasta!” she grinned,  kicking her legs playfully. 

Watching him as he cut up the chicken, she saw the expression on his face and could tell he was thinking about it. “A funny idea, huh? Us married. Mr. and Mrs. Mellark,” she said as she looked at her guitar, pondering the idea. Jenis, the broken girl, the recovering drug addict, the ex-stripper, a (possibly) soon to be rockstar who came out of nowhere along with Peeta, the broken boy, the man who had won the 74th and survived the Quell,  the man who had been hijaked, the rebel, the Victor, the soldier, the baker. They seemed like such an odd couple from the outside, and Jenis never imagined she would fall so in love with Peeta, but she had and she knew deep in her heart now that he loved her, too. 

She sighed at his question, I can do better than tell you about it. I can sing it for you. Jenis sat there and sang while she played her guitar, playing the song she had written.

“Somebody mixed my medicine
Somebody mixed my medicine

Where you hurt where you sleep
And you sleep where you lie
Now you’re in deep and
now you’re gonna cry
You got a woman to your left
and a boy to your right
Start to sweat so hold me tighter

Somebody mixed my medicine
I don’t know what I’m on
Somebody mixed my medicine
But baby it’s all gone
Somebody mixed my medicine
Somebody’s in my head again
Somebody mixed my medicine again, again

I’ll drink what you leak
And I’ll smoke what you sigh
Straight across the room with a look in your eye
I got a man to his left and a girl to hers right
Start to sweat so hold me tighter

Somebody mixed my medicine
I don’t know what I’m on
Somebody mixed my medicine
But baby it’s all gone
Somebody mixed my medicine

Somebody’s in my head again
Somebody mixed my medicine again, again

There’s a tiger in the room
and a baby in the closet
For another drink mom
I don’t even want it
Then I turn around and think I see
someone that looks like you

Where you hurt where you sleep
You sleep where you lie
Now you’re in deep and
now you’re gonna cry
You got a woman to your left
and a boy to your right
Start to sweat so hold me tighter

Somebody mixed my medicine
I don’t know what I’m on
Somebody mixed my medicine
But baby it’s all gone
Somebody mixed my medicine
Somebody’s in my head again
Somebody mixed my medicine

Somebody mixed my medicine 
Somebody’s in my head again
Somebody mixed my medicine

Jenis looked up at him. “Just reflecting,” she said casually, but knew that Peeta may be bothered by the lyrics.  

Peeta/Jenis - Stumbling Home

Jenis had a very, very long day. She had woken up early to go do a photoshoot in the Capitol. They had her dressed in clad clothing with her dark makeup and looking ferociously at the camera. Directly afterwards Evie took her to the studio and reviewed her lyrics. “Hmm, they’re not quite there. We need crazy, Jenis, you’re a firecracker that can’t be tamed,” Evie said with a sigh. She took a joint out of her purse and lit it up. After taking a puff she handed it to Jenis. “Relax, let your mind get creative,” she said with a smirk. Not about to offer up a joint given current circumstances, she took the joint and they passed it back and forth. They ended up getting stoned and came up with better lyrics. Jenis recorded 4 tracks and realized it was night. Time passed and she didn’t even realize. “Fuck, I need to go, it’s late. Peeta’ll be worried,” she said with a sigh. 

Evie sighed and nodded, figuring she should go home too. She had a life as well, after all. They both left and as Jenis got into her limo to go back to the apartment, she realized how stoned she was and bursted out in laughter. She grabbed some perfume from her purse and sprayed herself, hoping to mask the smell. The door was opened for her and she walked through the paparazzi with sunglasses on. She went up and opened the door. “I’m hooooome!” she sang throughout the apartment, laughing. 


Peeta tried his best to explain love to her. He felt that way about her. That sank in as they were entranced by each other’s eyes. More tears followed and she put her hand on his cheek, the other on his shoulder, “then I do. I…I love you, Peeta,” she shrugged laughing and crying. How had she done it? How had she found love after so much abuse? And how did she end up with Peeta, a Victor, a man who fought in the rebellion. She wiped her eyes and kissed him again so passionately that she felt like her heart was going to burst. Jenis was in love with Peeta and never wanted him to leave her. She needed him. 

Peeta/Jenis - Scared

Jenis felt as Peeta climbed into the bed and tugged lightly at the blanket. She opened her eyes and listened but still the pang, the pang those scared eyes gave her. Was he lying to make her feel better? Maybe he was only trying to use her like all the other men in her life. She shook her head at her own thoughts. That wasn’t who Peeta was. 

She slowly inched up to him, placing her head on his chest. “Never look at me like that again, okay?” she said, avoiding his gaze completely. Jenis was afraid to look into those eyes again. Would that look still be there? A few seconds of quiet passed and then she asked, “are you sure you want this to be your life? Are you sure you wanted to give me that ring yesterday? Because one day I might get pregnant and even want to keep it,” she scoffed and sniffled quietly. Jenis was so deeply in love with Peeta. Seeing him look like that hurt her already bruised heart. 

Peeta/Jenis - The Studio

Jenis’ eyes slowly opened and she blinked a few times to adjust to the sunlight. She rubbed them softly and then saw that Peeta was still asleep. ‘Of course,’ she thought to herself as she rolled her eyes. Once again, Peeta held his protective arms around Jenis and left very little wiggle room. However, she somehow escaped. 

She took a look at the clock and realized it was past noon. They had both slept in late. Jenis remembered why when she looked at her left hand. There, on her ring finger, was a gloriously beautiful diamond ring that he had given her the night previously. Peeta had asked her to marry him and she said yes. Jenis smiled at the ring and a smirk grew across her face.

Taking a running start, she jumped on top of him on the bed and kissed him sweetly. Because her body was so small and frail, it made little to no impact. “Wake up, lazy,” she teased as her lips caressed his face and bare chest. 

Peeta/Jenis - Relapsing

Jenis felt so bad. Nightmares. She knew what they were like, she had them, too. “I have nightmares, too. I guess..” she sighed and caressed his cheek with her finger tip, running it slowly down the side of his face and down his jaw, “I guess in a way we’re both relapsing.” She groaned gently, “I smoked a little, I didn’t take any pills. You can’t even experience physical withdrawal with what I used,” she sighed, “I’m not going that far. I went to the doctor today and met with this guy who’s going to help me. He is. Please don’t imagine me shoving pills down my throat because I’m not,” she said with determination. Jenis was telling the truth and she really hoped Peeta could see that. “Work will settle down now. I don’t have to write anymore all I have to do is sing and do publicity which isn’t that bad,” she shrugged, “the pressure of the album isn’t so strong anymore.”

Taking a deep breath she kissed him passionately, cupping his face in her hands and so happy that he was hopefully beginning to understand. “I love you so much,” she said softly as they broke apart. 


The morning came and for once when the light hit her eyes, it didn’t hurt. Her head didn’t pound. She was a little drowsy, but she figured that would wear off eventually. Jenis was wrapped in Peeta’s arms and she smiled because he was smiling in his sleep. She gave him the softest peck on the lips and carefully got out of his arms. 

Jenis wanted a cigarette. Jenis wanted alcohol. Jenis wanted drugs. She squeezed her eyes shut and slithered out of the bed, walking into the living room. He had to have one. Everyone has one, right? They’re so convenient to have.

She opened what seemed to be like every empty drawer to find none. Jenis laid on the floor and then remembered she had put hers in her purse. She went over to her purse and found it, her beat up tennis ball. Jenis smiled and then she saw them. The drugs she had in her purse, waiting, whispering to her. 

It took all of her strength but she threw the purse across the room, far away. At least she had found her ball. She sat on the floor and quietly bounced the ball off of the wall, catching it, and then throwing it back. This had always helped Jenis keep calm or at least escape from her thoughts. It helped her keep her mind occupied so that she wouldn’t think of the drugs that were only a few meters away. 

Just then, she saw Peeta walking out of the bedroom in his boxers. “Good morning,” she smiled as she continued to bounce her ball. 

Figuring It Out - Peeta/Jenis

The last night, Peeta had returned from the Capitol. He had spent a while trying to figure out the situation with his bakery and Jenis had been busy doing publicity for her new upcoming CD that was sure to be a hit. During the time he was gone, she had missed her period and took a pregnancy test that had come up as positive. Once Peeta had gotten back, they had gotten into a fight and decided to sleep it off. They would confront the issue in the morning.

Now, the sun was shining through the window but they both continued to sleep, seemingly exhausted. The night had been fine but suddenly Jenis was plagued with nightmares. She began to struggle away from Peeta’s protective arm and tears came to her closed eyes. After a few seconds, she screamed with terror, fighting Peeta off of her as she fought through the nightmare. However, her eyes remained closed as the tears met with her pillow. 

Peeta/Jenis - Rekindling

Jenis smirked at his comment about expecting how their date would go. She couldn’t help but smile when he told her about how much in love he was with her. Laughing at his last comment, she rolled her eyes. “I can’t help it, the drugs numbed me for 3 years and now they just are overflowing all the fucking time,” she smirked and kissed him. “I’m glad you’re too hooked on me to ever leave me. Even if I am a little crazy,” she sighed and kissed his cheek. 

“I love you,” she said as she cuddled closer to him. It was nice to just lie on the couch and talk. It kind of felt like their first date wasn’t over. “I should show you my guitar,” she said as she walked over to the case and opened it up, bringing the guitar and a pick with her to the couch. She laid her head in his lap and strummed, calming down more so now. “I still have to write a song about you,” she said absentmindedly, looking up at the ceiling and then into his eyes. “Do you play anything?” she asked, curious. 

@Peeta - The Morning After

Jenis woke up slightly from the noise of vomiting and then shortly after, she heard the shower begin to run. Her head hurt, and she sighed, laying back in her bed. Wait, this wasn’t her bed. This was Peeta’s bed. Jenis had slept with Peeta. “Fuck,” she groaned and rolled over. After putting on Peeta’s teeshirt from the day before and her underwear, she got up and went into another bathroom in the house. She washed off her makeup, all the black and red, and all that was left was a beautifully broken face. Jenis sighed and went back to the bedroom, seeing Peeta in a towel. 

No words were spoken. There didn’t need to be. They both were sober now, and they both knew what had happened. She slowly walked over to Peeta and hugged him. “I know you hate me right now but I wanted to let you know that I hate me, too,” she said as tears welled up in her eyes.

Jenis was a completely different person when she was sober. Her face was clean, she looked normal, but she also realized all of the ridiculously stupid things she had done when she was high and/or drunk. She slowly put her hand up the back of his neck and pet his hair down tenderly. Words couldn’t describe how bad she felt for this poor boy. 

Making It Okay II - Peeta/Jenis

Jenis watched as Peeta’s face flushed and knew immediately that he needed to throw up. She watched him struggle to get to the toilet and sighed, walking in after him. Peeta didn’t seem to stop for a while and it was only then when she realized just how much he had drank. Without thinking, she rubbed his back as he continued to rid his system of the alcohol. He got up and said he wanted to take a shower. Jenis made sure to quickly look him over to see if he was stable enough to shower and nodded, knowing the shower would help.

As he showered, she laid back down on the bed and lifted her shirt to reveal her stomach. She put her hands on it, closing her eyes and imagining a baby inside. “Please, baby, please get grow and be healthy. Please don’t leave us. Your daddy and I really want you…please make it,” she whispered, finishing with a sigh. Jenis rested her eyes, still tired since she had such a hard time sleeping last night. She listened as the shower ran and thought about Peeta, about how much he meant to her, about the wedding. Suddenly, her ears picked up the water turning off and she opened her eyes to Peeta opening the door, a towel around his waist. 

Her mouth curled into a smile and she held her hand out for his. “I’m glad. Though I’m not surprised, I’ve been very helpful and nurturing,” she smirked, chuckling. “I love you,” she said with a smile, for no particular reason except because she truly did and didn’t feel she said it enough. 

“So, we do have to go looking at houses still. Do you want to lay down for a little and then go?” she asked, holding his hand.

Figuring It Out II - Peeta/Jenis

Jenis laughed, “it’s a very big whoop, I never expected my life to turn out this way. Ever. Not even in my wildest dreams,” she admitted, “I thought I’d always be with…him…and that we’d have children who’d be too busy training to try and bring ‘honor to our name and district’ than to talk to me and have an actual childhood. But I’m so happy I was wrong,” she grinned and kissed him again, pulling him closer to her. Jenis smirked into the kiss, “it’s one of my favorite pass times to along with what kissing sometimes leads to,” she grinned and kissed him more passionately, so grateful that her life had turned around. 

She laughed and threw her head back on the pillow, “that is definitely the corniest thing you’ve ever said and while you may be a rebel Victor, you’ve said a lot of corny things before,” she grinned and kissed his cheek intimately. Jenis smiled when he talked about houses in 7 but she had to force her smile to remain on her lips when he also mentioned 10. “Yeah, we should go look at them so I can finally get out of this hotel room,” she laughed, “I’m always locked up somewhere. The apartment, the mental ward, the hotel room…I need a nest, a home,” she sighed, thinking about the Districts and wondering once again if 10 was too close to Katniss. 

Jenis rolled her eyes at his talking about a baby shower. “Well…I don’t think it’ll be much of a baby shower…I don’t have many friends to invite unless you want Evie and Fowley there,” she scoffed, “and I’m not sure how they’ll take the news, either.” Her thoughts wandered to her music career and she sighed, “I guess I’ll have to work out the tour so I go as soon as possible. I don’t need the world to see me when I’m showing and everyone knows they’ll all want to cop a feel of my soon-to-be bulging stomach,” she smirked. “But we should go to the doctor before we get all excited. Can we go now?”