jeet kun do

When creating a monk character, if you’re going to base them or have them be inspired by a real-life martial artist, learn what that martial artist’s primary martial art was and study its movements and philosophies for better roleplaying. For example, if you base your character off of Bruce Lee, take a look at some Jeet Kune Do moves and base your character’s fight moves off of those. This also works with fictional characters if you know what martial art they’re using.

Detective Conan Chapter 1000 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • R: No-no-no-no! I can’t!!~

  • So: What! Right when Sonoko-sama finally decided to take a lovey-dovey shot…
  • R: Let’s take one with everyone!

  • So: No-o way! What about the ho~ot kiss?
  • So: Missus <3
  • R: Ehh?!

  • So: Go-go!
  • R: Kyah!
  • [Sonoko is approaching a blushing Ran… and behind her… could it be?!]

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