Dear Fandom:

We are going to explode when the actual series starts.
We’ve seen a 10 second teaser for it, and we are dying and screaming and rolling around on the floor shouting CREAM TEAS everywhere. 
It’s been about 20 minutes and the whole fandom is flailing drooling uncontrollably, and porn is being drawn/written right now as we speak.

Come 2012 we will not survive as we know each other now.
We’ll have warped beyond recognition.
We are a twisted lot.
Good luck.

Tale as Old as Balls

I would like to first apologize and say that I am horrified with myself for this piece of fiction.

I would also like to point out the peer pressure that made me write it.

And finally I would like to reccomend you listen to this great fanmix for my new OTP, Corypheus x Inquisitor

EDIT: Now with a dramatic reading.

EDIT: EDIT: Now with an illustration of Sera narrating this story.

               Haven’s defenses are crumbling. The pretender is fighting, trying desperately to save a battle that is already lost. They call her the Herald of Andraste… how quaint. Her efforts are as empty as her title. He would seize Haven, then the Anchor, and then the world.

               Riding astride his dragon, Coryphytits descends upon the pitiful remains of Haven. He leaps from the beast and lands in the snow heavily, a wreath of fire the augur of his arrival. As he straightens, he sweeps his malevolent gaze across the ravaged village to find his prey. The Herald.

               She is fighting off waves and waves of his minions. She battles like a woman possessed. Her face is a mask of determination, and is smeared with blood and soot. Her attacks arc through the air with grace and precision and—oh no… oh no she’s hot.

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I can not believe that in the year of Two thousand and fifteen of our lord baby be-jeesus christ of bethlehem people are still trying to act like there are situations when blackface cosplay “isn’t racist.”

get your shit together people.

get it together.

get all your shit.

and put it together.

put all your shit in one place

so that it is together. 

All your shit together. 

God damn. 

Britney today:
  • doesn’t really dance (flinging your hands about doesn’t count)
  • doesn’t sing live

LOL why even perform? Just saying. I always excuse her not singing live by saying she dances her heart out. But now that she isn’t really, she should at least sing live. She can do it. Maybe it’s not perfect, but she can. 

I came home from the bar to find Rin’s taped up all over the door. I pulled them down. No thing, right?

But then I walk into the living room???

And the kitchen??

And the TV room??

And the hallway??




there is a mako in the fridge. i am way too drunk for this

There are 56 Rin Matsuoka’s and 1 Mako in my house. My little sister is ridiculous and I am going to sleep on the floor goodnight

anonymous asked:

I had a dream that after Maitho was yelling at Cooper he came out and said "ok so the thing is I'm half ghost" and Maitho was like "????? Prove it????" And Cooper fucking went Kirby and swallowed him and they became a weird fusion with a ghost tail and Maitho was like "jEESUS CHRIST THIS CANT BE HAPPENING" and Cooper was like "oh it's real watch" and they went through a wall to the back ally where Kit and Scotty were making out and Maitho screamed