Possible spoilers about Community, so be careful, I’m mindlessly typing from here on out.

So, I actually just finished season 6 of the Show Community. If you don’t know whereto find season 6 go to Yahoo Screens. If yahoo is blocked in your country or region, I recomend I promise, it’s worth the watch.

I…the show is very self aware of itself. Especially in this last episode, almost tear jeeringly so. It wasn’t necessarily conclusive, but it was…fulfilling. It wasn’t until about…eh…season 4 or 5 that Abed, one of the main characters, begins to identify each year at Greendale college as a season, which was shocking at first. However, Abed practically worships the fourth wall, and it would make sense, especially after the sudden departure of Troy, Abed’s best friend, and a very important member of the Community cast. To say that one would have seen it coming is a huge…it’s just bullshit, put bluntly. 

Right now, I feel Jeff’s pain, the mainest of the main, the sassiest 7, the realest of the Save Greendale Committee. I feel the hurt that comes with change. Granted, it’s nothing like the feeling of watching everyone you love leave and being stuck in the same place until you die, much like he saw Pierce to be, in which I feel necessary to add that Pierce’s death was caused by dehydration from masturbation. 

I can also relate to Jeff’s yearning…from which he thought was Britta, the socialist activist protester Main character. I feel like he was always trying to close that gap in which he felt for Annie, the best of the female leads. There were many a time where Jeff exposed this love to Annie, whether it be him confessing that she made him a better person, or that he couldn’t stand Greendale if she left, or just straight up kissing her. However, due to their age gap, they never actually…had a fling. Perhaps it was for the best, although the way this last episode ended is unacceptable, as they kissed goodbye, and she flew off to Washington D.C..

I’m rambling at this point though. I wan to say that Community found something inside of me. Each character hit me in some way. For Jeff, it was the ability to love yourself, but also others, against all the odds. IT was to find family where you never thought family could be. It was to take life at whatever angles it hits you with. It was to overcome obstacles, to find the courage in yourself to push through your weakness.(I’m gonna try to go in order of the table here, repeating chairs where necessary).

For Britta, it’s that we always have a voice, and it’s never to late to express that opinion. I hated to see her character become so resolved, but then again, I didn’t. It only showed that we still always have a voice. HSHe was a character who always loved, and was afraid of being loved, but let those in her family love her. Britta was love. 

For Abed, it was the fact that we are unique. The group adapted to Abed, they didn’t force him to change. When Troy left they adapted and helped him cope. When his father wouldn’t let him get involved in film, it was the group that stood up to his dad and made the difference. Abed represented individuality, and I will never ever forget Abed’s message.

For Troy, it was friendship. Tory was a good friend, to everyone. Especially to Abed and Annie. to see Troy go…it was tough. Troy, no matter what anyone says, was probably the glue that kept that community together. Words cannot express the…cult followers love for Troy, and whatever Donald Glover was going through, I hope he found his resolve.

For Chang, well…he didn’t represent much. Perhaps…yeah I don’t know here. He was just a crazy son of a bitch.

For Proffesor Duncan, you don’t count. Ya had a few episodes at the table. Shut up and go home.

For Pierce, he represented self expression, much like Britta, expect on a more….racist and unfiltered scale? He was an odd character, and hard to love. But it sucked seeing him go.

For Professor Hickey, he was just a good character. He represented being shameless in your work, and not letting what other people do get in the way of your dreams. He expressed this through his duck cartoons, in which he replied “They’re interested”. He would also die for his family, whether in real life or in Dungeons and Dragons.

For Shirley, she showed us it’s possible to be nice and positive no matter what the situation. She always found a way to turn the other cheek, and taught us all a lesson about humanity. 

For Elroy, well, he was a good character. I wish there whould have been more of him. I feel like he would have adapted well to the group. Towards teh end though, he showed resolve, and rteally showed us that getting over your grudges from teh past can really help us progress in teh future.

For Aniie, well, you’re just perfet. She showed us that there is a way to reamin childish through hard work and orginization. THat htere is a child taht lives in all of us, although, not to let it get to carried away. 

for Dean pelton, probably the only other character worthy to sit next to Jeff then Annie, he showed us that it’s okay to be who we are. Through his wacky costumes and…open…political stance?…he showed us it’s okay to just…let go. To be a good dean. TO be us.

Anyone, if you managed to read through all of this, thanks. I just…really liked the show. And I hope it gets another season…and a movie.