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i think im gonna actually get my license and get a jeep. i only just decided 5 minutes ago i want a jeep but i think they are cute and i want one

Road Trips Aren’t That Bad

“I never want to see the interior of that Jeep for so long ever again,” you sighed to Stiles as you hopped out of the jeep onto the side of the road. Looking around there was fleeting streams of sunlight meeting the horizon of the desert the two of you were at.

“I don’t mind that much,” Stiles said, shrugging as he stepped out the the drivers side.

“Well, it’s your Jeep,” you reminded him. “Why the desert again?”

“I thought since we’d just seen nearly every city we could in this state, we deserved a bit of a break,” he told you. “Plus, I heard the stars look really nice from out here.”

“We’re gonna see the stars in the middle of the desert?”

“Better than in the woods.”

For the past month, the Jeep has been the only constant thing you and Stiles have had. The two of you visited any city of interest that you could find in California. Of course, you saw Hollywood and L.A. and the more populated cities, but there were also places that barely had 1,000 people and had a culture way different than the glitzy glam vision of the state. In Stiles’ opinion, eating all the food was the best part about going to these different places, whether it be vegan burritos and bacon donuts or home cooked meals of breakfast at a diner.

Needless to say, after all that sight seeing and eating and discovering, the two of you were ready to go back to Beacon Hills. Tonight would be the last night before you headed home and Stiles wanted to make it special.

He brought out a classic red and white checkered blanket and draped it over the hood of the Jeep since you refused to be on the floor where scorpions were known to be found.

“And she was imprisoned in the stars as punishment for her bragging, forced to spend half the year upside down as she rotated around a single point,” Stiles said explaining the mythology behind yet another constellations. Like many other topics, Stiles found the stars interesting and beautiful, something you loved about him. While your knowledge of the constellations wasn’t the best, you knew enough to keep up with him and really appreciate their beauty.

Above the two of you laid the whole galaxy, untouched by the pollution that clouded the night skies back home and made it so one could see far less of these wonders. They illuminated the quiet desert in the surrounding with a soft glow that was just enough to recognized your figures strewn across the car hood. 

 “Stars shining bright above you,” you sang quietly

Night breezes seem to whisper, I love you

Birds singing in the sycamore trees

Dream a little dream of me.”

Stiles smiled, joining you in the second verse.

Say nighty night and kiss me

Just hold me tight and tell me you’ll miss me

While I’m long as blue as can be

Dream a little dream of me.”

Your yawn cut you off and the two of you retreated back into the Jeep. That backseat was to be your bed and you didn’t seem to have a problem with that. You laid next to him, his arm over your waist and your body cuddled into his before the two of you finally fell asleep. 

When Gary Butler returned home after work on January 25th, 2006, to find his two sons, ages 2 and 4, left unattended, he knew something was wrong. His wife, Teresa Butler, was nowhere to be found, and she would have never left the children alone. Panicked, he contacted police who immediately began working on the case. With no signs of forced entry or a struggle, and with his children having no idea where their mother went or how she went about leaving, it began to seem like Teresa just up and left. There were a few items from the house missing, however, and their absence struck them as strange. 

The items missing included a video camera, a flashlight, Teresa’s purse and cell phone, a PlayStation with games, and lastly, a stereo from the couple’s jeep. The only thing Teresa appeared to have left behind were her wedding rings; Teresa took them off every night and placed them on her nightstand and that’s where they remained, untouched. She also appeared to have left her jacket behind, something you would normally not leave the house without during the cold winter months. 

What makes the case even more puzzling to friends, family, and investigators is that Teresa’s phone made two phone calls since her disappearance, both to two separate people who have never heard of Teresa Butler. And when they answered the phone, no one was on the line. 

Nine years after Teresa’s disappearance, friends and family are still left with more questions than answers. Foul play in her case is suspected. 

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: In Book Three of Legend of Korra, Suyin Beifong lets the Krew borrow a “Jeep”, which is a brand of car made by the Chrysler corporation. So does this mean Chrysler is a seller to the Avatar Universe? Is Chrysler the bridge between universes? Only Jeep, master of the four terrains can restore balance to our worlds.  

Long Way Home (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

 The sun was setting over the water as I sped along the empty road, wind whipping through my hair. I still had a ways to go before I was home and being alone only made it seem longer. After spending the day at the beach, I smelled like salt water and there was sand between my toes. All I wanted was a shower. Just ahead of me, along the side of the road, stood a tall, young boy with his thumb sticking out. A hitch hiker. Maybe it was my inner free spirit that told me to pull over, and maybe I would kick myself later for letting a stranger into my jeep but you only live once right? Pulling over to the side, I leaned across the passenger seat towards the boy, “Get in stranger.” He dropped his arm, flashing me a bright smile. “Thanks,” he tossed his backpack and guitar case into the back of my jeep before climbing into the passenger seat. “Sorry if I leave a trail of sand in your car,” he apologized with a laugh as I pulled back onto the road. “Don’t worry, that makes two of us,” I assured him, glancing over at him. He was quite the site, I’ll tell you that. His blonde hair was tucked under a black snapback, his eyes hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. “So what brings you to this neck of the woods, stranger?” I asked him. “Just trying to get home,” he shrugged, “I was at university but I decided it wasn’t really for me. Kinda felt like a job, you know. And, uh, it’s Luke by the way.” “Y/N. And, I feel you on that one. One of these days I’ll get enough money to get on a plane to L.A, but it can’t come quick enough,” I could feel where he was coming from. College was not for everybody. At least that’s what I tried to tell my mom and stepdad before they kicked me out and told me to get my life together. To them, music wasn’t a reliable enough career and I needed to sort myself out before they would help support me. “You’ve got a shot,” Luke smiled over at me. “What makes you say that? You’ve never even heard me sing,” I shook my head at him. “You look like a rockstar,” he smirked at me, before turning his head and staring straight at the road ahead of us. “Where are you going anyways, Luke?” I asked, glancing at the city signs that were staked along side the road. “Back to Sydney, but I’ll go wherever you go for now before I catch my next ride,” he said, stretching out his arms. “Well you and I have got a ways to go before we get to where I’m headed, so why don’t we get some food, yeah?” I took the next exit, pulling off the freeway and into the parking lot of a diner. “I could eat.”

 The bell chimed as Luke and I walked through the door of the air conditioned diner. I had pulled a t-shirt dress over my swimsuit in an attempt to look more presentable, it wasn’t working. We slid into the booth in the corner, flipping through the menu as we waited for a waitress to get us drinks. Luke dropped his sunglasses onto the table as I pushed mine onto my forehead. “What are you getting?” he asked, glancing up at me. I looked up, seeing his eyes for the first time. And my god they were beautiful. I didn’t have enough fingers to count the variety of blues speckled in his eyes. Waving his hand in front of my face, Luke chuckled, “Hello?” “Oh, sorry, uh, I am getting a burger,” I decided, closing my menu. “A girl that can eat, I like it,” Luke smiled, his eyes flickering across my face and studying my features. “So, what’s in Sydney?” I asked, looking away from his intense gaze. “Family,” he sighed. “You make it sound like that’s a bad thing,” I raised my eyebrows at him. “Well, I sort of haven’t told them about the whole college thing. And about me being in a band either, so I’ve got a shit storm coming for me,” he played with his lip ring nervously, gazing out the window. “A band?” I perked up, leaned forward unintentionally. “Someone’s a fan girl,” he teased, noticing my sparked interest. “I grew up on Nirvana and Blink-182, bands are sort of my thing,” I smiled widely. “I don’t know, my band kind of sucks,” Luke laughed, leaning back in his seat. “I doubt you’re that bad. I know a good lead singer when I see one,” I winked at him. “How’d you know I was a lead singer?” Luke questioned me. “Because I just know,” I wiggled my eyebrows, “You’re a pretty boy Luke, they can’t keep you in the dark.” He couldn’t help but blush at my compliment, turning away with a smile playing on his lips. 

 Luke had plenty of interesting stories to share throughout dinner. I hated having to say goodbye to him whenever we reached my stop. Once we parked outside my apartment complex, Luke grabbed his things out of the back. “Thanks for the ride and the food,” he smiled at me, getting ready to leave. “Yeah, of course. One musician to the other right?” I smiled up at him. “Always. I better get going,” he nodded at me. “Wait,” I stopped him, “Where are you staying tonight?” “I think the motel closes in a few minutes, so I was going to try and get a room there. But, I’ll figure it out,” Luke tried to assure me. “Nonsense, Luke, you can stay with me tonight,” I waved for him to follow me. “Y/N, I can’t do that,” he protested. “Are you going to be difficult?” I crossed my arms. Luke laughed quietly, “I’m not trying to be.” “Then just say yes, that you’ll stay with me tonight,” I straightened my posture, leaning towards the stairs, hoping he would follow. “Alright, why not,” he sighed, lugging his back pack and guitar as he followed me up to my apartment. 

 Kicking the door open, I flicked on the lights. “It’s not much but it’s better than that motel you could have been staying in,” I motioned to the one room apartment we were now standing in. My bed was kicked to the very far corner, well really it was just a mattress on the floor. The kitchen was too the right and the living area to the left. Most of the walls were taken up by large windows, but any empty space was taken up by shelves full of cd’s and vinyls. “I clearly wasn’t expecting guests,” I giggled, grabbing the pile of clothes that was on the ground and tossing it into a laundry basket. “Yeah, as lovely as these are, I don’t think they’re my size,” Luke tease, holding up a pair of my lace underwear between his fingers. Blushing brightly, I snatched them from his hand and tossed them into the basket. “Anyways,” I laughed awkwardly, “You can pull the couch out into a bed or you can take my bed, I don’t mind. Also, the bathroom is just down that little hall,” I pointed towards the kitchen. “Are you suggesting I need a shower?” Luke pretended to be offended, clutching his chest. “Hey, if the shoe fits,” I shrugged, laughing. “Alright well, I’ll take the couch, I’m not going to invade your bed. But first I’m going to shower,” he pulled toiletries out of his bag and disappeared down the hall. 

 Before I knew it he was walking back into the room, sweatpants riding low on his hips and his torso exposed, water still clinging to his skin. Droplets fell from his hair onto his shoulders, sliding all the way down his chest. Fuck, I was definitely staring and he definitely noticed. He laughed under his breath, tucking away his belongings. “Are you laughing at me?” I asked, hands on my hips. “You act like you’ve never seen a guy’s chest before,” he teased. “Yeah, but you have a nice….figure. I was just admiring it,” I stumbled over my words. “I can honestly say that’s one of the weirder compliments I’ve received,” Luke chuckled. “I’m just going to go shower, you make yourself comfortable,” I waved him off and gathered my things before shutting the bathroom door behind me. As I turned on the water, I could hear the quiet strumming of a guitar and Luke’s voice coming through the thin walls. Washing my body and hair quickly, I dried off and dressed myself in a t-shirt and pajama shorts. I waited a moment, leaning my ear against the door to listen to his angelic voice. Opening the door quietly, I expected him to stop but he didn’t. He barely even glanced up. Leaning forward, he scribbled something onto the notepad in front of him. “I was right,” I smiled at him. Luke looked up, “What?” “I knew you were a good lead singer,” I smirked at him. “Oh, thank you,” he played with his fingers, looking away. “You have to remember me when you get famous,” I teased, joining him on the couch. “I won’t forget a girl like you,” he assured me, setting his guitar aside. “Is that a compliment?” I asked, unsure. “Yes,” Luke laughed at my confused expression, “It’s very much a compliment.” “Who knows, maybe one day you’ll need an opening act and you can hit me up.” “I’ll be hitting you up before that, don’t you worry,” Luke winked at me. “Oh yeah?” I leaned forward, resting my arm along the back of the couch. He smelled clean and slightly of after shave, far better than the salt water scent we both had been giving off earlier. “You’re an interesting girl, Y/N. I like you,” he smiled, his fingers tracing over my bare arm. I blushed at his words, since blushing was clearly something I was doing a lot of this evening. Luke suddenly stood up and made his way over the the vinyls that were sitting next to the record player. “The Beach Boys, a classic,” he nodded, flipping through my collection. “No way, you have Nevermind?” he looked back at me, holding up the Nirvana record. He looked like a little kid on Christmas morning. “It was my dad’s,” I smiled, joining him. “Your dad has a great taste in music,” Luke gushed as he continued looking through the various cd’s. “Yeah, he sure did,” I mumbled quietly. Luke’s face looked at me quizzically but he kept his mouth shut. I was grateful for that. I took the record out of it’s case and put it on the record player, letting it play through the small apartment. 

 We spent the rest of the night sitting on the floor and going through music, trying to pick our favorites. We never did come to a unanimous decision considering we both fell asleep in the pile of blankets we had drug onto the floor with us. I woke up with a kink in my neck, stretching out my tired and sore limbs. Luke was still sleeping soundly, the sun coming through the windows and making his hair look white and angelic. I glanced at the clock, seeing it was only eight am. Just as I was starting the coffee maker, Luke stirred on the floor for a moment before sitting up and rubbing his eyes. “Morning sunshine,” I giggled. He groaned in response, flopping back onto the floor. Reaching for his phone, he checked the time. “Shit, I really should get going,” he rolled over and untangled himself from the blankets. “So I was thinking,” I started, pouring coffee into two cups. “I’m not staying here again,” he stopped me. “No. I was going to suggest that I drive you the rest of the way. It’s not that much farther. Only a few hours,” I offered. Luke pondered my request, “You really don’t have to.” While the words he spoke were telling me no, the look on his face and the tone in his voice said he wanted to spend more time with me and he wasn’t quiet ready to part ways. “I guess you can annoy me for a few more hours,” he teased, draping his arm around my shoulders and accepting the cup of coffee I handed him. “It would be my honor,” I rolled my eyes sarcastically. 

 Pulling down the long driveway to Luke’s house, I noticed there were no cars. “Nobody home?” I asked, looking at Luke. “Work,” he sighed, almost relieved he had a few more hours until he had to break the news. I helped him unload his things from the the back of my jeep, carrying them up the front porch. Luke dropped everything in the front entry before turning back to me, “I guess I should let you go, since you’ve got a bit of a drive home now.” “Yeah, thanks for your company,” I smiled, biting my bottom lip. “Thank you for…everything,” he gave me a crooked smile, pulling me into a tight hug, “I’ll call you soon, alright.” “I’ll be seeing your band live soon, I hope,” I teased. “Of course, front row tickets,” Luke promised, pulling back. “Bye Luke,” I waved, backing down the steps. He waved before letting the door shut as I turned my back. 

 Luke unzipped his backpack, in search of his charger when he noticed something that hadn’t been there before. Pulling out the vinyl, he flipped it over to find handwriting on the back of the Nirvana record. 

 You’re going to be quite the musician some day, Luke. Don’t ever stop dreaming kid. I’ll buy tickets to every one of your shows, I promise.

        Y/N xx

Smiling to himself, Luke set the record on the table before throwing open the front door. There was a dust cloud in the driveway and he could see the jeep  disappearing down the road. He ran down the front steps, holding onto his snapback as he raced down the driveway after my car. “Wait!” he shouted after me. I glanced into my rearview mirror to see him sprinting after me. Slamming on my breaks, I climbing out of my car to meet him, out of breath, in the middle of the road. “What the hell are you doing?” I laughed at him as he panted. “Just let me catch my breath for a second,” he leaned over, resting his hands on his knees. “I shouldn’t have done that,” Luke breathed a laugh, “I just wanted to say thank you for the vinyl and the note. It means a lot.” “You’re welcome, but you know you can just call me on my phone and thank me. You didn’t need to run after my car like a maniac,” I held back my laughter, biting down on my lip. “Yeah, but then I couldn’t have done this,” he smirked, leaning his hands against the jeep, trapping me between his arms and leaning in until our lips connected and he pulled me in for a kiss. My hands found the back of his neck as his hands pulled me against his chest, gripping my hips. I pulled back first, not even trying to fight the smile, “Yeah you couldn’t have done that through the phone.” 

a/n: I hope you guys liked it! and I hope you got the little song references I threw in there. 

Unexpected Surprise | Open

Stiles had gone to dust his jeep only to find it gone. He’d panicked and gone running round the house trying to figure out what anyone would want with a dead jeep when he noticed something in the drive from the window. He paused, walking to the window and drawing back the faded curtains and stood in shock for a long minute before he moved out to looke at his jeep - with dents fixed and new fabric on the seats. “Who the hell…?”