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So that last photo I posted was real. Here is the video of it. It will explain anything you need to know. Awesome video btw. Shout out to @jeepofficial #jk #cherokee #jeep #jeeps #lionsback #daredevil #jeeplife #JEEPFLOW

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Jeep Mudding Tips

Jeeps are made to be able to plow through mud without any problems but here are some quick tips from the Jeep community online.  Here are some quick tips from “Nineseven”

  1. Don’t get too deep in the mud.
  2. Don’t mud alone.
  3. If you think there is a chance of getting stuck, have a companion vehicle with recovery gear ready.
  4. Don’t park your Jeep in mud, drive through it.

Washing the mud off instantly isn’t always necessary as some members recommend letting the mud dry as it is personally easier for them to clean by tapping it off.  Although mud has the potential to cause wear and tear if left on too long, especially since not all mud is created equal.  Gritty mud can potentially be the most problematic of muds and has the potential to do some scratching.  One Jeep owner jokes that mud is a great way to cover up all the scratches on his current Jeep though!

Certain mud also tends to dry up like cement and can be very difficult to get off, so washing any mud off instantly when in this kind of mud is recommended! Thankfully, any Jeep purchased at Harr come with a lifetime of free Harr express car washes to handle this issue!  

📷: Lisa P. IG: jeepofficial