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I really should start choosing between asking anonymously or not but anywayssssss. Amazing blog, a blessing really. Are there any sterek fics (or no pairing if there are no sterek ones) surrounding Stile's jeep, specifically fics about him having to get rid of it. Actually? Okay, that's too specific, I'd appreciate it if you found that but honestly, any fic that's about his jeep or him getting rid of it. Go crazy, i don't know. I suck at asking...

Let’s see what we got. - Anastasia

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Teen Wolf (TV) (1)
(1/? I 1,094 I General I Sterek)

Stiles and Babe, or was it Stiles & Babe. How does it go? Anyways, Stiles and Babe were two peas in a pod. He doesn’t include Scott… Scott doesn’t count, cause, Scott’s his best friend. And that’s different compared to him and Babe and the connection he has with her.

“Babe..?” others would question with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah, like, you know. Babe the loveable blue ox in that tall tale. But instead of ox, it’s Jeep. So Babe the blue Jeep.” he explains and pets the said Jeep on the hood.

Babe toots her horn.

“Oh… uh.. okay.”


It’s a Jeep Thing by riventhorn

(1/1 I 2,629 I Teen I Sterek)

On the day she arrived at the Stilinski home, the Sheriff stayed in the driver’s seat for twenty minutes, fingers kneading her steering wheel anxiously. He had been muttering to himself the entire way back from the lot, all variations on: Am I insane? How can I give this to him? He’s going to kill someone. He’s going to kill himself.

Stiles’s Jeep’s pov on werewolves, hyperactive teen boys, and Derek Hale.

Sparks by Mina Lightstar (ukefied)

(1/1 I 4,672 I Teen I Sterek)

“Come on, let’s go. You can’t fight a twenty-foot tall robot!”

And then Derek just gives him this LOOK, like he COULD, and it sends Stiles into a homicidal rage.

Life seems to be calming down in Beacon Hills, until Stiles’s jeep gets a mysterious overnight paint job. Also, it can drive itself, which is not nearly as convenient as you’d think.

He Calls Me Baby by amayawrites

(1/1 I 5,757 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles’ list of things he never ever expected to happen:

1) Werewolves exist
1) Scott having a girlfriend
2) Werewolves exist
3) Other things that are not werewolves exist as well
4) Jackson is one of the forementioned ‘other things’ (although he probably could of guessed that the retired douchebag would be a lizard)
5) Witches also existed in this strange Supernatural-inspired world – and apparently, they have a sense of humour, which led him to point 6
6) Witches turning my Jeep (my Jeep!) into a living human person

Emmett Cullen - Don’t Mess With The Cullen’s

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Your nerves were definitely acting up, you wished you could contain them but that seemed impossible. You had done many things throughout the centuries, but you still got nervous.

You were to start school with your coven, you had only just decided to join the school as you had basically become bored with all of your adoptive siblings constantly being away, leaving you in the house alone whilst your adoptive parents went to work.

Your boyfriend was the one and only Emmett Cullen, you had known Emmett for the past 20 years or so, and he had been dating you about 10 years before he moved to Forks with the Cullen’s. You had joined the Cullen coven about 6 years ago, it was when you decided to move in with Emmett and Carlisle and Esme were more than happy to welcome you in – they treated you as their own, as legally you were now their adoptive daughter.

Emmett placed his hand on your thigh as he drove, the two of you had taken the sports car whilst the others decided to travel in the jeep, “You alright Babe?” he asked glancing at you for a moment, before he re-directed his attention back to the road “Nervous but still here” you joked.

“You have all of us with you Babe, like we will let anything happen to you” Emmett reassured you “It is just kind of nerve-wracking, I don’t like starting new schools even though it has happened however many times” you sighed as you spoke “It isn’t like many people talk to us, we’re different and they know it – you are my girlfriend, no one will mess with you anyway” he explained making you smile a little.

Emmett pulled into the school car park, parking right next to the Cullen jeep. The two you got out of the car, as did your siblings. Edward came and hugged you before Alice, Jasper and Rosalie followed suit.

You felt an arm slip around your waist and you leaned into Emmett “How are you looking forward to this Y/N?” Rosalie asked interlocking her arm through your free one “I would rather go through the changing again” you answered sarcastically “It won’t be that bad” Alice said, in her usual sweet and soft voice as she held Jasper’s hand.

You knew that people were staring at all of you; you assumed that this was a regular occurrence but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t uncomfortable.

Each Cullen went to their classes, lucky for you Emmett was in every single one – you knew that Carlisle had something to do with it.

Emmett sat down at the back of the room, so naturally you took the seat next to him “Another Cullen” the teacher stated, which caused every single person in the class to turn around and look at you “Miss Y/N Cullen, am I correct?” the teacher asked and you nodded “Yes Sir, I am aware that I am arriving half-way through this course so I have already read up on the information that I have missed” you answered with a smile on your face.

Emmett chuckled next to you, obviously neither you nor your siblings actually had to try in any of the classes because all of you had learnt it over 50 times, meaning it was fully ingrained in your brain – basically, everything was easy as.

“Great, another smart arse in the class” a boy, who seemed to be the popular jock, also known as a stereotypical royal jackass “Might want to take notes whilst you can mate, seems like you can’t afford to fail yet another one of your classes” you commented as Emmett put his arm around the back of your chair.

“Don’t mess with the Cullen’s, you should have learnt that a long time ago”

Tyler Seguin’s Jeep (Requested)

“Babe, can I see the keys to the Jeep?” Tyler gave you a skeptical look, “Don’t worry, you big baby, your precious little car will be just fine. I’m the one here who’s never hit anything.” You laughed as you put your hand out for the keys.

Tyler reached in his pocket and handed you the keys. “Be careful, babe.” He kissed you softly, “And be good to my baby.” He laughed. 

You got in the Jeep and started towards the store. The Jeep was huge, bigger then any car you had ever driven. You were a little scared, but you brushed it off. Tyler’s car had more room for grocery’s, your car was maybe just half the size.

“Fuck.” You yelled as soon as you realised that you’d missed your turn. The rode was pretty empty so you decided to make a u-turn at the stoplight. Just as you were turning the car in the other direction you heard a weird noise and then the Jeep started to flip. You screamed as loud as could. You thought were going to die. It all happened so quick you couldn’t even register what had happened. 

The car had stopped, but it was on it’s side, leaving you against the ground. You heard some voices and different cars stop. “The Police are on their way! Are you okay? How many people are there?” You kept hearing voices but your mind couldn’t concentrate. 

“It’s just me. I’m okay.” You somehow managed to yell. You felt okay, your left arm felt sore and you had a few cuts and bruises but other than that, you were okay. You carefully adjusted yourself so you could slide through passenger door, which was more like a sun roof. 

As soon as you got out of the crashed car, you felt everybody starring at you. You could feel your face getting hot. You wished Tyler was with you. Oh fuck, his car, you thought. You knew Tyler was going to be pissed off, your relationship with him would be done forever.   

You heard the police and fire truck sirens come closer. “Are you okay, dear?” An elderly woman said to you. 

“Yeah, I’m okay. Thank you so much. I don’t know what happened, it just flipped. I’ve never even been in an accident before.” A tear ran down your face, “And it’s not even my car, it’s my boyfriend’s. Oh god, I know he’s going to be so pissed.” More tears followed, the old woman took you into a hug as tears flowed from your face.

“It’s okay, dear, everything will be just fine. I’m sure your boyfriend will be very understanding. Everything will be okay. Look here now, the police and fireman are here.”

“Who’s car is this?” The policemen asked. 

“It’s mine.” You stuttered, walking away from the elderly woman and closer towards the authorities. 

“Are you okay, miss? Do you need to call anybody? We’re going to need a full report of what happened, but if you need to call someone close to come pick you up you can.” The man said with a sympathetic smile. 

“Yes. Can I call my boyfriend, it’s his car. We live only a couple minutes away.”

“Of course, dear. Do you need a phone?” You nodded and he walked you over to the police car to use the phone.

As you waited for Tyler to answer, your heartbeat quickened. You were terrified. 

“Hello?” Hearing Tyler’s voice immediately made you cry. “Y/N? Is that you?”

More tears poured out, “I’m so sorry, Tyler, it was an accident. I don’t know what happened, it just happened so fast.”

“Where are you? I’m coming to you right now, y/n.” Not an ounce of angry was in his voice, but that still didn’t calm you. 

“Right off of Hemlock Street, across the road from Target.” Your voice was shaking, your palms are soaked with sweat, your cheeks are a bright pink still.

“I’ll be there in 5 minutes, baby. I love you.” He hung up the phone. You could imagine him frantically getting into your car and driving as fast as he could to you. 

“Thank you, Sir. He should be here within the next few minutes.” You said, giving the phone back to the policemen. 

“No problem, ma’am. Now can you please tell us what happened.”

“The car. It just flipped. I missed my turn up the street and was going to make a u-turn and the car, it just flipped. There was some weird noise, I don’t know, Officer, it all happened so fast.” You could feel your head pounding, your whole body felt sore.

You heard a car slam on it’s brakes and door close. “Y/N. Are you okay? Oh my god. Are you hurt?” Tyler rushed towards you, hugging you instantly. 

“I’m so sorry, Tyler. I don’t know what happened. I was just doing a u-turn and it flipped. I’m sorry, oh god, i’m so sorry.” 

“Baby, I don’t care about the car, I care about you. Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” Tyler pulled away from the hug to examine your body. 

You looked at Tyler with a blank face. Tyler didn’t care about the car. He cared about you, he cared about whether you were okay. A tear dropped from your eye. “I’m okay, just sore.” You paused, swallowing, “I thought you’d be so mad. I thought you’d hate me, Ty.”

Tyler laughed slightly, kissing you softly. “I don’t give two fucks about that car, all I care about is that you’re safe. That will always be my top priority. I love you, y/n.” He kissed you again. You heard the police officer clear his throat and Tyler turned towards the man. “Oh, Sir, I’m so sorry. I was just so worried, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“No. no, young man, it’s okay. We still have a few questions to ask her and then she’ll be all yours.” The Officer politely spoke. 

Tyler faced you again, kissing you one last time. “I’m glad you’re okay, baby. I love you so much.” 

“I love you too, Ty.” He hugged him tightly. 

As Tyler started to walk away so the Officer could finish questioning you, Tyler turned around and shouted, “I guess we both has hit something now.” The two of you laughed.

Imagine #37 Fishing (Tyler Seguin) *requested*

“To be completely honest, I’m kind of tired of doing the typical dinner-and-a-movie thing with you. We should do something different this weekend,” Tyler said over the phone. He was on his way back to our shared apartment from his morning workout.

Tyler and I had been dating for a year, and it seems that we always did the same thing. We would always go out to dinner and hit the same spots downtown. We were just both really busy for our jobs, we didn’t have much time for creativity.

“I agree, we’re getting kind of boring. What should we do?” I responded.

“Hmm” he thought. “Why don’t we go fishing? I haven’t gone since I was in high school, and I know you haven’t been in awhile.”

I smiled at all the memories that popped into my head. I had grown up on a huge farm in Oklahoma, but since I moved to Dallas to work, I didn’t get much time to do those outdoorsy things.

“Yes! That would be so much fun. Let’s go when you get home?” I asked, really excited.

“Sure thing, babe. I’ll be there in like 15 minutes, I’m going to go steal some fishing stuff from Jamie’s house.” Tyler responded.

“Okay, see you soon. I love you! Can’t wait.” I said, knowing that he could hear my smile.

“I love you, beautiful. I can’t wait either!”

45 minutes later

Tyler and I were driving in his black Jeep Wrangler on our way to the nearest lake. His right hand was resting on my thigh. He was wearing a Costa hat backwards and a long sleeve Realtree shirt. I loved how my Canadian man could pull off that rugged country boy look.

“You know,” he began, looking over at me. “You’re kind of killing me right now in the flannel and shorts. Looking like a little Daisy Duke over there, baby.” I smiled. I was wearing an oversized flannel button down, torn up jean shorts, and a white tank top. My brown hair was down in messy, beachy waves.

“Is that a compliant, Seguin?” I asked. He squeezed my hand and laughed. “Because… we can always turn around and I can put some sweats on?” I said, teasing him.

“Well my girl looks good in anything, but I’m kind of loving this look right now.” He winked.

We pulled up to the lake and unloaded the jeep. “Babe, you should put the top back on the car. It’s kind of overcast outside, I don’t want it to rain inside your car.” I suggested.

“Good thinking, babe.” He said, as he put the top back on the jeep.

Luckily, the clouds in the sky had deterred others from coming to the lake that day. We walked down the dock and sat on the end, baiting our hooks.

After about five minutes of sitting and waiting, I had a bite. There was a lot of pull from the other end, so I stood up to keep from falling in the water. Tyler pulled his line out of the water and set it down, getting up to help me.

“Can my country girl handle it?” Tyler asked with a smile.

“I think so-“ I started, but then I got pulled forward by whatever was in the water.

“Woah there. I think this fish is trying to steal my girlfriend!” Tyler said, coming up behind me and putting his hands on my hands to help me pull the fish out.

We finally were able to pull a huge catfish out of the water. Tyler was still standing behind me and helping.

I turned around into Tyler’s arms, thinking he would let go of me and help me with the fish, since it was still flopping around on the dock. But he didn’t. His hands gripped my waist tightly when I faced him, and he leaned in to kiss me. As soon as our lips met, it started to pour.

I dropped the fishing pole, and my arms wrapped around his neck. He was pulling me closer and closer into him, our kisses getting longer and French. His tongue felt warm and comforting inside my mouth, and the way he sucked on my bottom lip aroused me just enough to let out a small moan.

I dropped down from my tip toes after about five minutes. Tyler took that as a hint, and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my center growing more and more warm and wet.

Tyler pulled back. “I guess it’s a good thing we put the top up on the jeep, huh babe?” He looked up at the sky, referencing the torrential downpour. I laughed and he began to kiss up and down my neck, causing me to tip my head backwards and moan. “Let’s go home” he said. “No, babe.” I said firmly. “I can’t wait that long”. A sexual look developed in his eyes. “To the jeep.” He said.  

How to keep her in love with you.

It’s been four years since nakilala ko yung girlfriend ko na to and marami talaga akong natutunan sa relationship naming dalawa. Ito yung list NA ALAM KO AT NATUTUNAN KO para kahit matagal na kayo ma-inlove parin siya sayo brad.

  • Communication / Trust - wag na wag mong kakalimutang mag “Good morning / Good night” kase it is a sign na inuumpisahan mo yung araw mo na siya ang laman ng isipan mo. Start your day texting her “Good morning, baby ko” at kung ano mang endearment niyong dalawa. Kapag matutulog ka na, syempre mag-Good night ka naman sakanya. Hindi yug basta basta ka nalang natutulog. Ito yung isa sa mga bagay na maipagmamayabang ko sa inyo kase with this na build ko yung trust niya sakin. UPDATE HER ON WHAT YOU’RE REALLY DOING. I mean ganito yun. Hindi ko naman sinabi na bawat galaw guys ha. Yung tipong ganito lang, “Babe, alis na ako ha. Pasok na ako.” Pagka sakay ko ng jeep niyan, “Babe, jeep / FX / Bus na ako ha”, “Babe, FX na ako.” “Babe, office na ako ah. In na ako” Babe, out na ako. Uuwi na ako” EVERYDAY GANUN AKO SAKANYA. Actually naging habit ko na nga siya eh. Kapag aalis naman, “Babe alis na ako ah. Kasama ko si ganito, si ganyan, si ganire. Mga 8PM kami uwi na tapos ako.” Ang resulta, wala siyang nagiging problem sakin when it comes to update. Sakaling tanungin siya kung asan ako, alam niya kung asan ako at sino kasama ko, kahit nakapakit siya kaya niya yang sagutin and with that natuto siyang maging kampante sakin. Ikaw, try mo. Hindi ko alam ang style mo pero yan ang style ko sakanya eh. :)
  • FOOD - Kahit anong mangyare tol, wag na wag mong gugutumin ang girlfriend mo. Pagkain ang pinaka best friend mo kapag nagagalit siya sayo or nagtatampo. Ayain mo kumain. Gumastos ka para sakanya. Kase tol, mas mamahalin ka pa niya lalo kung alam niyang kahit ngayon palang hindi mo na siya ginugutom. Better to give her food than material things. Ikaw bahala pero hindi na ako bumibili ng expensive gifts. Pumupunta nalang kami sa mga resto to eat. Kahit tumaba pa yan mahalin mo parin. Actually, pinapataba ko talaga siya para walang magkagusto sakanya ako lang. Hahahahahaha!
  • Eat Your PRIDE / Burn Your EGO - Yung pride mo ang sisira sa forever mo, ako na mismo ang nagsasabi sayo walang magtatagal sayo kung puro ka pride sa sarili mo. Brad, kapag nag-aaway kayo itatak mo na agad sa isip mo, “BABAE SIYA”. Okay? Hindi mo kailangan ipagtanggol ng ipagtanggol ang sarili mo at magmukhang WWE champion sa away niyo lagi. Let her always win. Depende yun sa sitwasyon pero kung umabot man sa point na mag rereason out ka talaga, don’t shout at her or ipaparamdam m talagang may mali. Explain yourself in a way na kalmado. Hindi yung para kang hungry sa victory palagi. Tsaka text her first. Karamihan kase satin, hindi magtetext. Kung kelan need niya na itext mo siya or tawagan mo siya, hindi ka naman magpaparamdam. aantayin mo munang siya ang unang magsorry. Nakakabkla yun seryoso. Yung aantayin mo pang mag sorry yung girlfriend mo sayo. It’s more sexier kung tayo ang magsosorry kahit sila ang may kasalanan. Ayaw mo maniwala? Edi wag! 
  • Appreciate Her - I-aappreciate mo lahat yung ginagawa niyang efforts, sacrifices niya para sayo. Tanong, may idea ka ba na minsan sa sobrang nasasaktan na siya sa mga katarantaduhan mo umiiyak siya sa gabi kase sa totoo lang hindi niya na kaya yung mga nangyayare? Pero pilit niyang sinasabi sa sarili niya paulit ulit na mahal na mahal ka niya at hindi niya maaafford na mawala ka. Kaya nagtitiis siya  na sana isang umaga magtino ka naman. I-appreciate mo yung mga ganung bagay tol. Masyado kang focus sa iba. Meron ka naman eh nanchi-chiks ka pa eh no. 
  • Make Her Laugh - Kahit hindi ka pogi, pero araw araw mo siyang pinapatawa. Brad, kahit may kotse pa yung pumuporma sakanya at kahit isaw lang kaya mo ipakain tas masaya siya sayo IKAW ANG PIPILIIN NIYA. Sure yan unless bitch yung babae. 
  • Worry / Concern / Being thoughtful - Kapag umuulan, a simple reminder na “Magdala ka ng extra shirt at payong baka magkasakit ka” Kapag gabi na at nasa daan ka na, CALL HER, “Asan ka na? Nakasakay ka na ba? Bahay ka na ba? Update mo ko ha pag nasa bahay ka na. Ma make sure ko lang na safe kang nakauwi.” Mga ganung bagay lang pre, panalo ka na niyan.
  • Selos - Yup! Alam na alam ko to. Haha! Seloso kase talaga ako eh. pero ganito yan. Sa sobrang kampante nating mga lalake minsan na mahal na mahal ka ng girlfriend mo, tol nakakalimutan mo na mag effort. Importante din ang selos lalo na kung tama sa lugar. Way din kase to para maparamdam mo sa girlfriend mo na ayaw mo siyang mawala. Na nagsisikip dibdib mo kapag may kasama siyang iba. Hinahanap hanap din ng girls yun minsan. Yung magseselos ka kase cute na cute sila dun eh. 
  • Effort - Ito yung nawawala na sa relationship kapag kayo na lalo na kapag matagal na kayo. HINDI PO EFFORT AT PAGTETEXT AT PAGTAWAG, UTANG NA LOOB WAG NIYONG TAWAGING EFFORT ANG PAPINDOT PINDOT SA PHONE. “Nag effort naman ako ah, nagtext ako sakanya ng nobela” king ina hindi effort yun tanga! Minsan mag offer ka naman na susunduin mo siya sa school or work tas kumain kayo. Effort yun kase susunduin mo siya eh, magttravel ka para sakanya imbis maglalaro ka ng basketball o DOTA. Kapag gumagawa ka kase ng effort, ibig sabihin nun nagbibigay ka ng oras para sa taong mahal na mahal mo. Sometimes, make a letter. Make a poem, make a song. Anything na may extra energy ang needed is considered effort wag lang text pota!
  • Love and Prayer - Lastly, mahalin mo siya ng buong buo. Mag focus ka lang sa pagmamahl niya at hindi sa pagmamahal ng kung sino sino lang. Yung totoong in love, araw araw nagbabago yun. Araw araw nag ggrow sa pagmamahal. Kase nga kung hindi ka napapabago ng pagmamahal o pag ibig niya, HINDI KA NAMAN TOTOONG IN LOVE PAG GANUN. Pray for each other. It will always strengthen your relationship. Ask God to be the center of your love. Make the most of everything and purely love each other.